Blogger vs WordPress which one is better? And why?

Most new Blogger question about that which platform is best blogger or wordpress to start blogging? And which of these two platform is better for blogging? So here seomadtech will help you. In this post we have to guide about these two platform. So let’s talk about that.

Blogger vs wordpress which is Best To Start Blogging?

Here we will tell you blogger and wordpress feature which is best. So after this article you will able to decide which is best platform for blogging and which is suitable platform according to your requirements.

What is Blogger?

As we know that blogger is one of the blogging platform. We have to create blog without any money or investment . It is a Free tool and it is one of the Google product. If you have thinking without any investment you start blog or not? so yes you can start your own blog. Now talk about features.

Blogging Features

Easy to useBlogger is free tool from Google so it’s easy to use. If you don’t have any technical knowledge then you can create blogger very eaisly.

FreeBlogger is a Google form so Free to use. You have to create your account on freely. Blogger doesn’t charges any registration fee, hosting, subscription, domain it is absolutely free of cost.

After creating account you have to create blog on blogger and create sub-domain name on blogspot without any domain. later you can link to blogger which domain purchase by you.

Free Theme and customization-
Blogger is free platform that’s why many different theme are available free of cost. You have to choose any one theme on blogger as your requirement. Apart form this you can customize according to your need. If you have some knowledge about CSS,HTML then you can customize your theme. In this many free templates also available. If you want edit templates then you have to full access to edit templates.

Free Hosting from Google-

The biggest advantage Blogger provides free hosting services. This is a very big advantage in blogger to create website without any investment. So no need to any investment for hosting. And no need to worry about that which hosting services is better. It is very reliable. If your website gets more traffic or an increase traffic so most hosting providers slow down your website and you have to face many problems, But in Blogger all these problems not come. It is very safe platform for your website.

Advantage from Google
Main advantage of Google is that there are many product of Google like Google +,Google webmaster,Google analytics, docs Google, picasa any option to give Google free of cost. Blogger is Google product so it can be easily integrated with Google second platform. We have to use same email Id for all Google services.

No security issue-
Blogger is one of the free and safe platform and easily to use. In that no security issue are created. Google time to time updating algorithm so no need to worry about security issue.

Website indexing
You understand the blogger sites, the search index for Google, are indexed within 24 hours. Faster indexing implies you’ll quickly begin traffic to your blog.

We have just explained blogger now we will talk about wordpress

WordPress and its features-

WordPress is not Google platform. WordPress is self-hosted blogging platform.If you are thinking to start blog on wordpress then you set in mind to buy domain and hosting. WordPress is self hosted means you can access anything on hosting server.

In wordpress we have to buy domain name with best domain providers. If you have create free domain name after you can’t change domain name this is the main disadvantage in WordPress. We have to need some investment to buy domain.

WordPress is self-hosted platform. So we have to worry about that which is best hosting provider and which plan is buy. Some hosting services is so expense and some are cheap. We have must knowledge about hosting plan.

Theme and customization-
There are so many free and paid theme are available on the market. You can used any free or paid theme which is suitable for your blog. If you have too much knowledge about coding means CSS, java script, HTML then you can easily customize your blog.

Now Difference between Blogger and WordPress

Blogger is google product in other hand wordpress is self-hosted platform. In blogger all data save on Google server which means you don’t have much control on database and file. In WordPress you have to buy hosting plan with best hosting provider so you can access all database and file through control panel. You can also store backup and file any time means all your website control on your hand. This is main advantage in wordpress.

Difficulty level-
You can create blog on blogger very eaisly compaird to wordpress. You can create and using blog very few minute. So if you are newbie in blogger so you can start blog on blogger. In other blogger is free hosting platform but in wordpress you have to buy hosting so you have to prepare to investment some amount for this.

There are many tools and themes available on blogger it is less than wordpress. It is more flexible and reliable easy to use. In wordpress thousands of free and paid plugins are available which is very useful for your blog.

Blogger has very limited support as compared to wordpress. In wordpress very active support to help you quickly.

Blogger is Google platform so no need to worry about security. In other hand wordpress is self-hosted blogging platform so your blog security in your hand. You know many hacker hack website but in blogger hacking issue not created. Because your all data on Google server. In wordpress you need to take care of your blog because if your website traffic increase day by day so it will be chances to slow down your site. You can used plugins for this. After this blogger is better than wordpress in terms of security.

Storage Space-
In Blogger, Google gives you 1 GB of room, you need to store it all, but you can readily add it to your Google+ account to make it more room for WordPress. In other wordpress storage space is depend on what you plan purchase. If your plan is unlimited so you can store limitless data and file store in database.

Now we will see Blogger and WordPress looks-


Blogger is one of the best free blog platform. In this you have to many free themes are available. If you have some knowledge of CSS ,HTML then you can customize your blog. Also many free and paid responsive templates are available on the internet you choose best for your blog and create your blog very attractive.

There are many layout present on blogger you have to add one of them for your blog.


On wordpress you can design your blog with free and paid theme. Many free themes are available on market you can download theme and upload theme your wordpress site.
WordPress is self-hosted platform so you can easily manage all things. There are free and paid template so you can choose according to your convenience.

Then if we talk about widgets you gets free and paid plugins for almost everything on wordpress. WordPress gives some free plugins option for you which is best for your blog. So you can add any plugins anywhere on your blog.


Search engine optimization-
SEO is very important for your site. If you are thinking increase traffic on blog or awareness your brand or producorso today’s SEO is important. Without SEO your products is wasted. So you must have to build your website two platform like wordpress or blogger.

In last why and why not used Blogger or WordPress

Blogger why and why not?
Blogger is free tool Google platform. Lots of free theme and templates are available. Without buy domain and hosting you can create blog on blogger. No worry about that domain purchase. It is totally free to use. Anyone can create blog without any technical knowledge.

In blogger hosting services is free from google. No need to buy any kind of hosting service. So blogger is freely from domain, hosting, tools and themes so you can go for it through blogger to start your blogging. Security is best from Google. All data store on Google server so you don’t access all things. In SEO blogger website index very quickly.

WordPress why and why not?
WordPress is self-hosted platform. If you are invest some money to buy hosting services then wordpress is best option for blogging.
Main advantage of wordpress is that lots of free plugins are available so no need to paid plugins. All plugins are very useful for your blog you have to add any plugins and manage all things with this. If you have good technical skills then you have to customize your blog. It is not free platform.

In above article we will explained all that things about Blogger and WordPress. If you are invest some money then wordpress is best for you otherwise blogger is Free platform for startup. We personally created own blog on wordpress
Blogger is must better than wordpress because it is free to use. No invest no money require. So you have to decided your own decision.

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