10 Benefits of Using Contact Tracing Mobile Apps in this COVID-19 Pandemic Situation


The infectious and the transmissible virus Covid -19 is till date affecting the people and the society with its pathetic ending that is death. Surviving has become the greatest challenge for each of us. In order to overcome these challenges WHO has outlined certain guidance through which we can protect ourselves.

All information such as on how to deal with this virus, acknowledge the Covid cases, track the information regarding tests and vaccines will be there in the guidance. The technical guidance on mobile apps on contact tracing can help us to monitor contacts in quarantine. 

The novel Coronavirus is an acute respiratory syndrome which was first identified in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It was first introduced as severe pneumonia but after that SARS-Co- V 2 started affecting the individual of all ages. This includes children, adults as well as the older people through tiny droplets which occur through sneezing or coughing. The symptoms include mild fever, cough and cold, throat infection, headache, breathlessness, fatigue and many more.

Nowadays the symptoms are also not properly visible and the individuals are found to suffer from asymptomatic causes. In order to control the spread various strategies were implemented. It includes social distancing, isolation, wearing of mask, face shield, sanitization and other hygienic practices. Public gatherings are also avoided in order to limit the number of close contact among the individuals.

Keeping all these aspects in mind certain contact tracing apps have been created so as to produce fruitful information for the individual and make them aware of their circumstances. “It is a hard time we all are facing, but these mobile apps really are supporting a lot in this pandemic,” says Rahul who is an expert in TopAssignmentExperts

Before providing the benefits of contact tracing mobile apps let us know what it actually is. These are the mobile software applications which digitally inform the individual that how far or near is the affected person available. 

Benefits of Using Contact Tracing Mobile App in this Pandemic

1.Mobile phone apps have no doubt played an important role in mitigating Coronavirus disease. The first national app was introduced in Singapore, which used Bluetooth technology for contact tracing. If someone affected is close in proximity, then the app will show a push notification by alerting them to stay isolated from these sorts of people and further advice to undergo testing. 

2. These apps help to break the chain of transmission. As this app alerts the location of the infected person, therefore, the non-infected gets aware of the fact and tries to stay apart from the infected one. In this way, it helps to reduce the transmission of the virus and keep the individual protected. For example, if a person who got affected by this virus is unknowingly roaming here and there can affect several other people. As sometimes Covid can occur asymptomatically, therefore the person seems to affect others unintentionally. In this case, these mobile apps can save others by providing the alert notification that an infected person is nearer to you and should stay apart from them. 

3. The contact tracing mobile apps is an essential public health tool that controls the infectious disease outbreak through alarming. It sends notifications as well as several messages to alert the individual. People nowadays are found to panic and take a lot of stress after watching the news channels which highlight more and more information about this infectious Coronavirus. But anxiety will only lead to depression and nothing else. Anxiety cannot produce a positive outcome. These apps help to create positivity within these depressed individuals. 

4. Identification of the infected person is the perfect way out of this pandemic situation. This contact tracing mobile apps also helps to identify the infected persons with their identity as well as detailed information with the location. If you get to know about the infected person, identify them properly and keep a safe distance from them. “When installed this app I observed a large number of infected people surrounded by me, then I stop stepping outside,” says Fardin who is an expert in EduWorldUSA

5. This technical guidance also helps an individual to collect information about how this virus is affecting and how it is transmitted. This contact tracing mobile apps also provides detailed information about the disease Covid-19. Through this app, the individual can easily know what this virus is, how it affects our body, which part of our body gets more affected and what the consequences are. After collecting information the individual will therefore choose to stay inside their house and thereby reduce the gathering as well as the spread. 

6. These apps also provide several suggestions of what to do in this pandemic and what not to. How to protect yourself from being affected and what measures should be taken to mitigate Covid -19. Through these tracing mobile apps, the person is able to acknowledge the various procedures through which they can keep themselves protected. For example, by installing these apps a person can not only be able to identify the infected people but also will understand the amount of virus loading inside the non-infected people’s body. 

7. There are four ethical principles of mass surveillance of Covid-19 contact tracing apps and they are: Necessity, proportionality, scientific validity as well as time boundedness. In terms of necessity, the government’s interference into public concern for health interest. The basic advantage of these apps is to provide a blanket population with quarantine measures. This app uses the authentic and ethical privacy preserving options which help to maintain its proportionality. Scientific validity assures the app’s effectiveness and highlights the time and accurate factors. The time boundedness suggests that this app is only for the purpose to serve in this pandemic. So therefore after the pandemic gets over or the infectious disease gets totally cured then this app will also have to end with its valid time. Therefore, the above factors should be kept in mind before using these apps.

8. The contact tracing mobile apps also helps an infected person to get ideas of where to test and how to get the reports. Through messages and notifications, the individuals can now gain the information that if infected where they will visit in order to get proper treatment. It also provides detailed information on how the test is conducted, what is the price charge, how we will reach that destination and other requirements needed for testing. They will also send you messages for the report of the test. Therefore, these apps not only identify and track the infected person but also collect and provide other necessary details to the individual for their betterment to stay safe in this pandemic. “ I have recently installed this app and found it too much effective in this pandemic,” says Sarla who is an expert in assignment help

9. India’s Covid-19 contact tracking app Arogya Setu became the world’s fastest growing application, which even beat Pokemon go with 50 millions of users in the first few days of its release. Scientifically as well as miraculously this app has advantaged a huge number of people who after checking their notification status stop stepping outside. This not only helped to recognize the infected people but also stopped the gathering process.  The battle of Covid-19 can be won by maintaining certain protocols which include: properly wearing a mask, if required use two masks at a time, properly sanitize your hand, social distancing, and avoid gathering. If these protocols can be maintained by us then we are not far from achieving our mission to end Corona. 

 10. These contact tracing mobile apps make us aware of the infected person, after suggesting staying safe at home, also providing suggestions about the medication required struggling with this virus. After getting infected we often worry about where to go, where not to, what basic medicines we will take, and what strategies we will apply. These mobile apps help a lot to guide ourselves towards the right track as it provides a lot of support with the information. Apart from these apps, social media, news channels, newspapers and other mobile apps are also continuously helping us a lot to fight this battle safely. A huge number of people died, we won’t want to increase this number anymore. Better to install this app and stay safe at home. Get the proper medication and get well soon. 


Covid-19 is a dangerous virus which has started its cultivation since 2020, and is still affecting a huge number of the population along with the children. Already two waves of it have passed away; another one is on the way which will have a bad impact especially on the children.

Therefore, we need to be much more cautious about this fact and get these sorts of contact tracing mobile apps for our personal benefits. Through these apps we will be able to trace the infected along with their geographical locations and other necessary information.

Along with this it also provides other basic information which is highly required to cope up with this pandemic situation. 

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