10 Ways To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

Social media is a key element when it comes to building a marketing strategy for your business. It is powerful and can help your business to expand and grow in numerous ways. But how can you be a successful business owner or a marketer online? Simple. You have to possess credible knowledge about which social media platforms to use. By using the right social media platforms for marketing purposes, you can receive the highest return on investment.

Although Facebook is regarded as the ultimate marketing platform for businesses, many marketers are switching to Instagram but why?

Well, simply because Facebook is becoming outdated and Instagram is more popular among millennials, teens, and adults. Teenagers are abandoning Facebook and messenger for the sake of using Instagram. So, it makes sense to keep Instagram as your top priority to reach the targeted audience.

Instagram is perfect for socially-engaged businesses, especially because it offers you a lot of features such as highlights, stories, IG Tv to promote your products, brand, and services.

Instagram stories became very popular since its launch. Just within 2 months of this feature’s launch, there are 100 million active story viewers.

Using Instagram stories rightly does not only encourage future sales but also build brand loyalty overtime.

But many marketers do not have command on using IG stories properly. So, if you are looking for a quick guide, here are 10 ways to use IG stories to promote your business:

Take Your Fans and Followers Behind the Scenes

You must be surprised how people look to look behind the curtains before the show starts. To build a community, you have to be honest as a brand. That’s why it is always good to peel off some layers and take your consumers behind the curtains.

Behind the scenes could be anything. It could be a little glimpse of your product photography sessions, a glimpse of your office or gym, or even a time-lapse of your achievements within a year.

The more you treat your followers as insiders, the more you tend to grow your business.

Product Usage Guides and Demonstrations

When it comes to memorable Instagram marketing, a little quirkiness and explanation go a long way and consumers love that, especially the ones following you on social media.

Instagram stories are temporary. They get disappeared after 24 hours. So, you can take this opportunity as an advantage and upload your product guide or demonstration to showcase your products in various aspects.

Teasers of New Products/Services

Is your brand launching a new product soon? Tease your followers in the stories and let your fans spread the word for you.

Feed the hype that has been going around for your product. do not kill the buzz. Instead, disclose one or more features about your soon-to-be-launched product and let your followers do the magic.

Promote Events and Seminars on IG Stories

Are you hosting a conference? A webinar? A seminar? A big networking Event? Tell people about it through IG story. IG stories give you a big platform to showcase your event or to call out your consumers, followers, and reputable influencers.

There’s no fuss in stories. They deliver the message loud and clear to your audience. But avoid being promotional or salesy. After all, your goal is to grow your business and you are doing it just right by inviting everyone to your event.

Record Your Event and Upload It

Another way to grow your business using IG stories is to upload behind the scenes and the whole event coverage video for the non-attendees.

There’s nothing better than giving a little peek to the non-attendees so that they can attend the event next time.

Announce Limited Offers and Flash Sales

A great way to grow your business is to announce flash sales or limited offers on your IG stories. The more people see it, the more sales you are likely to make. However, avoid over-mentioning limited offers.

Host Q/A Sessions on IG Stories

A productive and short Q and A session with your followers might boom your business’s sales. Moreover, it also adds a CEO touch to your Instagram page. All you have to do is create a Q/A session, let followers ask questions regarding your brand, services, and products and then answer each one of them using stories.

It does not only show that you care for your consumers but also gives you the opportunity to flaunt your services and products.

Trend Watch

You already know how news spread like fire on social media, especially on Instagram as it is easier to put news using pictures. On Instagram, social commentary, and huge plumes on comments erupt the pages and IG stories in no time.

So, be part of the trending news. Participate in conversations. Comment on the trending news but do not be judgmental.

Moreover, you can also take the biggest news of the month and relate it to your products, brand, or services, somehow.

Reach to industry development and technological advancements as much as you can. Share your thoughts and engage with your audience. This will not only boost engagement but will also help you score more consumers. In general, it is called guerilla marketing.

Collect Customer Feedback

A brand succeeds only when it cares about its consumers. IG stories are the best way to show that you are a responsible and caring brand. Collecting feedback is important. Or else, it will only leave you guessing.

A fun way to collect customer feedback is through IG stories. It is vital to ask your followers and consumers about their opinions once in a while. You can do it using:

  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Story highlights

Flaunt Your Following Count

Consumers do not follow a brand but rather its personality. The more influential you are, as a brand on social media platforms, the more you will grow as a business.

One way to show your worth is to flaunt your following count on IG stories. But what if you have just started on IG?

Well, no worries. Many online platforms, such as Instagrowing are serving big businesses by providing organic IG followers. The more following you have, the more interesting your business will seem to the profile visitors. It is a great path to grow your business, especially if you are new on IG.

Over to You

IG stories do not only give you a fun opportunity to reach out to our followers but also raze the traditional boundaries between the customers and the brand. The key, to grow your business is to stay consumer-focused, no matter what sources you use. Provide value and take pride in what you offer.