11 Best Cool Google Tricks You Must To Know in 2020

Google is a daily source of everyone’s life and its uses of Google searches increasingly day by day but You know that it has some hidden cool Google Tricks. It is one of the enjoyable Google searches, and games that Google has concealed behind its large range of database.

Today in this article I will share with you Google Tricks you need to try once so without wasting time read the Full article.

Best Google Tricks List

1. Do a barrel roll

One of Google’s most common fun tricks is to only say Google to do a barrel roll. Head to Google and enter the search box under “do a barrel roll” to see the wonder. The computer rotates twice and then moves to its initial position. Do give it a shot.

2. Zerg Rush

Check for Zerg Rush and see the answers vanish from Google one by one. The quest should lead you to a google page where you should be able to see alphabets erasing with all scores dropping one by one.

3. Atari Breakout

Just Go to Google images and enter “Atari Breakout.” The images will be turned into blocks where you can play the famous video. and click the Images tab and search for ‘Atari Breakout’ there.

4. Askew

Askew is another enjoyable quest on Google go to the search bar in Google, and type “Askew” to see if the page tilts a little. It doesn’t seem as interesting as the other amusing tricks on Google, but it’s good to see the biggest search engine tilting on your screen a little.

5. Recursion

A brilliant trick from Google’s out there for IT people. “You ‘d come to understand recurrence through recurrence.”

Click Search for “recursion” and you’ll be trapped up next to recursion in an infinite loop. Recursion does require multiplication. Google would be illustrating “what do you mean by recursion?” When finding solution. Finally, it is a good Google activity for all geeks who enjoy the recursion in the first place.

6. Gravity

See the google gravity trick sliding down the toolbar. Go to Google, and type gravity on Search. Ignore the autosuggestions and then tap’ I’m lucky. You can see the whole domain upside down on Google.

7. Thanos

The awesome trick from Google will definitely satisfy all the Marvel fans out there. Check on Google for “Thanos,” then switch to the supervillain biography of Marvel on the right side.

8.  Anagram

Here is one of the classic daddy jokes that definitely aren’t humorous but can make you chuckle. Anyway, here’s one from the engineers at Google.

When the term “Anagram” is checked, Google asks you if you say “Nag A Ram” It’s nothing but a composite phrase, literally an Anagram of the term “Anagram,” get it?

9. Guitar

That you can play the guitar with an instruction set? What you need to do is open this guitar link and enter the alphabets as seen in the google search.

10. Sky

Google Sky is another fun trick on Google which enables users to travel in space. Via Google Space, you can see astronomical objects like stars, constellations, galaxies, planets and the Earth’s orbit.

11. Blink HTML

Another great Google tricks Go to google to check for HTML Blink. You can see all of these words blinking simultaneously.


That’s it Google search is a strong search device you will find anything and any location that you want on the world wide using these 11 best cool google tricks. You must try one by one its very fun Google tricks.

Hope you liked…

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