What are backlinks? 11 ways you have to build link Building

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What are Backlinks?


The backlink is a link when one website connects to another website and link to it. It’s also called “inbound link”, backlinks make a connection through Domain. When you will get backlinks from a high authoritative domain then its good signal for your website to increase traffic and search visibility.

Type of backlinks

A good link drives traffic to your site first and foremost.

No-Follow Backlinks

It is a simple method where we put another site’s hyperlink or anchor text on our page and it will be redirected to another site but a site will not be ranked in this method and NoFollow Back Links will not be given priority by the search engine.

Example “Nofollow” Link Code

Rel=nofollow is an attribute you add to a hyperlink on a webpage:


Do-Follow Backlinks

It is totally opposite to No-Follow backlink. In this process, Do-Follow tells a positive message about our site to search engine and ranked website.

Example “Dofollow” Link Code

<a href=”http://exampledemo.com”rel=”dofollow”>Example</a>

What is Link Building-

Link building is the method of getting hyperlinks to your own from other websites. It’s part of the optimization off-page. A hyperlink is a way for users to navigate between website pages on the internet (also called a link). Search engines use links to navigate the internet; they pass the links between your website’s individual pages and crawl the links between entire websites. Link Building is a backbone of Search Engine Optimization Back Link refers to your link to other famous websites in another word. Links are supposed to help directly generate traffic to your site.

Generally, In SEO when our website is new and needs to rank on search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo at that time link building is important but keep in mind quality backlinks is always work that means which websites have Domain Authority is high that type of backlinks needed and ranked on search engines.

A strong strategy for building links is key to achieving SEO success. There are many different approaches to building SEO links, and we have organized a variety of link building techniques to help you with your SEO strategy.

Why are backlinks important?

Google’s algorithms are complex and constantly evolving, but backlinks remain an important factor in how each search engine determines which keywords rank sites. Many search engines, particularly Google, analyze a website’s relevance by the number of backlinks that a website has.

Google considers that if the other websites have linked the web page many times, it must be of the quality and that is the primary concept of backlinks. Building links is one of the tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO) because links are a signal to Google that your website is a high-quality resource worth citing. Sites with more backlinks, therefore, tend to earn higher rankings.

More organic traffic is the other major advantage of creating backlinks in SEO. As mentioned above, the websites that have greater no. high-quality backlinks are given more emphasis by Google. Thus, that web page with lots of relevant backlinks ranks higher than other search engine websites, leading in increased traffic.

How to improve Link Building?

Improve your link building used these link building tips and tricks. We have to use both methods in the ratio of 80:20 that is “use 80% of Do-Follow and 20% of No-Follow. This link building will make our website a well-trusted site for search engine and help in ranking.

11 ways you have to Build Link Building

  1. Directory Submission.
  2. Blog commenting.
  3. Guest posting / Write to us.
  4. Paid Links.
  5. Web2.0 links.
  6. Social Bookmarking.
  7. Natural Links.
  8. Building links on Q/A sites.
  9. Business Listing.
  10. Sponsored Content links.
  11. Getting positive reviews.

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is one of best off-page method which helps in building links from different sites. If you can put your website in High domain authority directory submission sites certainly have a good ranking on the search engine. In this Directory submission list, we can find multiple URLs for submitting our Root Domain and Internal Pages. Some Directory submission sites provide paid link and free link in a paid link, your link is instantly approved within 24hr that’s why the paid link is useful.

Blog commenting:

Blog Commenting is the best way to encourage engagement. Invigorate it on your blog, sure, but also going out and commenting on other people’s blogs. This process will help in getting #1rank and as well as we can also increase traffic to our site. In Blog Commenting, you can comment on your blog niche and your comment must attractive.

Guest posting / Write to us:

Guest posting is the strongest way to get more traffic to your website. It is nothing but writing articles on other sites with their approval and we get a link to our website from that article. This guest post will take more time to approval. We have to write articles based on the instruction of guest posters. It is a time taking process in link building, but very useful for high priority in Ranking.

These links are attained by paying a certain amount to the third party. It is recommended to work on generating rich content, Create links stick to Google guidelines.

Web2.0 links:

web2.0 websites for our main domain to create a link building. We can create websites for web2.0 and link our main links to our website. This will help with our website ranking.

Social Bookmarking:

We submit our link to various sites in social bookmarking just like the social profile post. In these social bookmarking sites, we can submit any number of links.

Natural Links:

Natural link is a link that you get when your visitor shares your blog or website on his blog or site, or in other blogs etc. This links will high preference for search engines to rank your site on top. Natural links are build based on quality content.

Building links on Q/A sites:

Posting your answers on the Q/A sites with a link back to our main website. We can get more visitors from this Q/A sites.

Business Listing:

We can share all business information on business listings sites. This will help in creating brand/ product awareness.

Getting links for a certain period of time from publications with a contract. Some publications may use the attribute “no follow” without giving your website any SEO value. The link contract will be for one year, and after that time, links will be removed.

Getting positive reviews:

Reviews on a business listing like Google will have a high priority to keep our business brand alive. Keeping positive reviews is an important factor in building connections.

Conclusion: This link building strategy will be very useful for generating more traffic to your site within a short span and also in quick rank in SERP’s.

Hope helpful!!!

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