1and 1 email- Signup Email, Log-in Email and Reset email&passwords &settings

Like Godaddy email and AT&T email, the 1and 1 email is one of the popular email services over the globe. It provides well and secure email services to the users. Apart from webmail it offering domain, hosting, SSL service, cloud hosting, and so on.

If you want to try this 1 and 1 email then here is the simple guide on 1and1 webmail and other related method like create an account, Reset password, and sign-in procedure, and setting up an account on various platforms.

How To Login To 1and 1 Email

1) Open your favorite browser and go to the official website https://login.ionos.com/

2) Next, Enter your “Email Address” and “Password” on the empty field and hit on “Sign in“.

3) After, scroll down and select “Webmail“.

4) Or you can log in https://mail.ionos.com/ and enter your Webmail “Email Address” and “Password“.

5) Check the box if you want to stay login.

6) After hit the “Login” button.

How To Create Account 1and 1 Email Account?

1) Go to your browser and open the official site of https://www.ionos.com/

2) After scroll down the “Email and office” tab.

3) Next, scroll from drop-down menu and select the “Professional Email Address“. Next, click on the “See Packages“.

4) You have the three packages option, two from “Basic Package” and one from “Business Package‘.

5) After clicking on the “Packages” that suit you and fulfill your requirement and then select “Continue“.

6) Enter your desired “domain name” in the field and click on the “check‘ button

7) After clicking on the “Add to cart“.

8) After you need to create an account with 1and 1 email

9) Fill in the necessary information like name, address, country, email, mobile no. etc.

10) After enter the “Password” and Retype it for confirmation.

11) Now the account is “successfully” created.

12) You can choose to have the account automatically forward when it has been created. This will enable you to send emails from 1and1 to your primary email account. If you use Gmail as your primary email account, you can use the forwarding feature to manage your 1and1 emails from your Gmail account.

13) After enable the security settings and select the “Antispam” and “premium virus protection“.

14) Click on the “save” and create your 1and 1 webmail login.

In these simple steps, you can create your 1and 1 email account very easily. In case while login if you have face any issues then you can reset your account so check out the below steps.

How To Reset 1and 1 Email and Password

After creating the 1and 1 email if you have forgotten your password then you can reset the password in easy way. Resetting a password is the best way if you have forgotten a password, lost a password, or hacked so in this case, you can use this method.

1)Go to browser and open https://www.ionos.com/

2) Click on the “Sign-in” from the right upper corner.

3) On the next page click on the “Forgot Your Password“.

4) Now, you need to enter the “Email address, Domain, Customer id“, in the field.

5) After select the request “New Password“.

6) Now, you will receive the password reset link from the secondary email address.

7) Click on the “Link” and create your “New Password“.

8) Enter the password in the field and retype it to “Confirm“.

9) After click on the “Reset Password“. (make your password strong the combination of special char., alphabet, number, symbol.

10) Your password successfully changed for the “1and 1 webmail login“.

Safety instructions for 1and 1 email account secure

Check out the below Safety instructions for 1and 1 email account to stay away from hackers. Keep in mind these tips before enter the password

1)Your password should be 15-20 characters and contain a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

2) Don’t use same password for multiple account.  

3) Avoid the temptation of reusing passwords on multiple accounts. If you use the same password and email for various websites then don’t take a risk because if someone cracks your password on that site, they’ll have your email password as well.

4) Never share your password with anyone.

5) Change the password regularly because its good for you.

What are the Email Settings for 1and 1

The 1and 1 email settings are important so follow the below settings

Incoming Email Settings

  • User Name — full email address
  • Server Name — imap.1and1.com
  • Type — IMAP
  • Port — 993
  • Security — SSL/TLS

Outgoing Email Settings

  • Server Name — smtp.1and1.com
  • Port — 587
  • Security — STARTTLS (if this doesn’t work for you, try SSL/TLS)

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