5 Best Educational Websites of 2020

It is never late to learn. Lots of modern students are not sticking to their academic assignments only but are trying to find more information about the most interesting subjects online. There are lots of educational resources available on the Internet. However, it is necessary to get only relevant and up-to-date information. We’ve collected the list of the best educational websites that offer hundreds of courses and videos for plenty of topics. 

Before You Start Online Learning

Even if your area of interest is related to your academic studies, it is always necessary to complete all your homework before switching to something new. Who can write an essay for me? This is one of the most common questions asked by thousands of students. Professional writing apps will help you cope with all the boring tasks and focus on the most exciting topics only. By the way, don’t forget to read essay writing reviews when choosing the platform for your needs. 

Top 5 Educational Platforms You Need To Know 

You can find tons of various educational resources online. We’ve picked up the most reputable platforms that contain tons of useful information in dozens of areas. 


This is one of the leading language-learning services with millions of users globally. The app offers various curious quizzes that are designed to help you boost your vocabulary and learn the grammar basics. It also contains thousands of images, audio records, and word combinations to make your learning process smooth and easy. You can spend only 20 minutes per day learning and significantly improve your knowledge of a foreign language. There is no need to start from the very beginning if you’ve learned the language before. Just pass a test and start with the most fitting level according to your skills. You can choose from German, Spanish, and French language or improve your English in case it is not your native language. 


This is a unique platform with hundreds of classes offered in the most demanding fields, including design, writing, business, film, photography, fashion, games, and lots of others. The most curious thing here is that lots of courses have world-famous instructors. In case you would like to become a skilled cook and enjoy creating culinary masterpieces with Gordon Ramsey, this platform is the best thing for you. As a rule, the classes last from two to six hours, where each lesson lasts approximately 15 minutes. Using the service is very entertaining and allows improving your skills in any area within the shortest terms. 


This platform is also known to be an excellent service for self-education. The number of courses reaches a whopping number of 150,000 making Udemy one of the biggest educational platforms. Among the greatest benefits offered by the service is that it contains courses in various languages. The process of learning is easy and diverse. You will be able to use text, quizzes, audio, and video materials for the best learning experience. The service allows receiving a certificate after completing all the modules from the chosen course. 

LinkedIn Learning 

This is an educational platform provided by one of the well-known services. It allows improving your skills and knowledge according to your profile and is designed to help you boost your career. The number of courses is reaching 15,000, so you will definitely find something special for your particular needs. After purchasing a subscription, you get access to all the courses available on the platform. 


This is one of the less known but still a very handy service for self-education. The platform contains tons of lessons in different areas recorded by professors and industry experts. Here you will find lots of comprehensive information about the most difficult subjects. The prices for using the app a very loyal and will surely appear to be affordable for any student. 

All in all, there are hundreds of other excellent services that are developed for a certain niche. For example, if you would like to become an SEO expert, you might start learning with SEM Rush Academy. There are plenty of web resources for developers, designers, writers, photographers, and other professions. Just choose the most exciting niche and dive into the world of knowledge. Becoming a real expert in a certain area has never been easier! 

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