5 Platforms to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Remember how it felt when you first logged on Twitter?

Did you think about that that why the heck anybody would use it and what conceivable advantage it could have for your business?

I did!

And now, Twitter is an established social media site.

And what about Instagram? Did anyone ever imagine that a site which was just considered to be used for self-amusement is also a great tool for promoting your business? The list doesn’t stop here. It goes on like Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook…

In this blog post, I am going to give out all the fundamental elements that how to use social media marketing for your business.

As the social web has advanced throughout the most recent decade, businesses have needed to adjust and incorporate social networks into their marketing strategies. To exploit the intensity of social media marketing, you have to make a solid presence on the web.

This implies having key elements set up so you can use the right social network for the audience you need to develop.

The procedure to start this incorporates information about your audience, a blog/site, and email management services, landing pages for guests to select into your email list, and profiles on the top Social networks.

Choose your social networks by taking into consideration many of the questions like

  • At where and on which platform your target audience spend most of their time?
  • Does your business advance itself to visual marketing?
  • What does my target audience want?

Now, when you get well aware with a sense that what you’ve to focus on increasing your business growth, it’s time to pick where you have to put all of your efforts.

1.  Facebook

In 2020, the Worldwide number of Facebook users is expected to outreach 2.7 billion monthly active users. That’s a huge number! There are a lot of possible chances that your target audience uses Facebook so you should use this platform for promoting your business. You may think your audience doesn’t use Facebook, but I can surely say they do!

2. Twitter

Twitter possessed 152 Million monetization daily active users worldwide in 2019. Twitter is a strong platform for sharing every important news, images, promotional posts about your business to authentic users.  Your target audience must be available on Twitter.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best network for B2B and professional business network because here, a business community is highly available. Publishing your content with an image on LinkedIn will help you stand out in a business community of 722 million users worldwide.

4.  Instagram

If your business is mostly visual-based, then Instagram is the best platform for your business promotion and growth. Many of the artists, designers, filmmakers, travel and fashion businesses can tempt customers by using this social media network. In 2020, 855 million users access Instagram every month. There are many companies available that provide Instagram services. I’ll for sure recommend Nitreo for this.

5.  YouTube

YouTube is the grandpa in the line of social video networks. Live streaming video is the best way to increase your connection and interaction directly with your customer. More than 2 Billion monthly active users used this platform which makes it a highly ranked video social media network throughout the World.


In this new era, Social media marketing is a great way to increase your business growth by just focusing on some of the basic functions easily and by staying connected with everyone worldwide.

If you’re new to this social media world and wants to enhance your business through this, simply start!

The platforms have already a great competition, so you must have to be very consistent, focused on every up to date happening globally so that you can beat your competitors.

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