5 Things To Look For In A Website Portal Design

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It is customary among the people to “meet by dress”. In practice, this theory shows that this is not entirely correct, and later the opinion about a person can change dramatically. The same thing happens when you go to a web portal – people “meet” it by design. Therefore, the development should be structured, made and worked out for a specific project. Each web portal should have universal formulas, be purposeful, stand out from competitors and be remembered for its bright unique design. To order the development of a web portal, you can contact a professional company: https://fireart.studio/web-portal-design-company/, which has shown itself worthy in the market, has many successful cases and can perform work of any complexity. The development of a web portal has many specific points, so it is recommended to contact experienced specialists.

Website Portal Design

What should you pay special attention to in the first place?

TOP 5 points that should be present and implemented when developing any web portal:

1.Menu (navigation) of an online resource. On the one hand, it is impossible to consider this the primary thing that should be present on a web resource. On the other hand, without that it will be impossible to find anything at all. Modern users are accustomed to the fact that the sites have a navigation or in simple words a search engine that helps to quickly find what is so necessary. Thanks to clear and quick transitions to the necessary sections on the web portal, the user will not only navigate, but will immediately go to the required section.

2. Zonal layout. We are talking about zones on an online resource.” When a developer starts to create an online resource, he starts with a “skeleton”. This level must be passed entirely and completely, and efficiently and accurately so that in the future there are no improvements left. So, a competent layout will help you navigate the web resource and help users focus. And extra elements will be placed in the corners so as not to distract the user from reading the information on the main screen.

3. The logo with the name will attract attention. Of course, the creation and development of these two things is a prerequisite for the existence of a brand, company, etc. It is impossible to imagine a well-known global brand that has not put its name and its emblem, trademark or another logo on the central page of a web resource. Also, all combinations that relate to a brand or company, both graphic and textual, are mandatory factors for people to recognize them. True, something too smart also does not need to be posted, because such a thing will be too hard to perceive. The simpler the logo with the name, the neater its appearance, the more presentable it will all look.

4. Focus point. In order not to be placed on the key-central web page, it is worth remembering that the picture and texts should be as informative as possible. For example, first the name and logo, and below you can already write about promotions, discounts, other relevant offers from a brand, company, organization, etc.

5. Headings. Not every headline you create will be able to attract, and most importantly, keep the visitor’s attention on the web portal. But you can’t do without a title. You don’t need to create an overly pathetic or long headline, it’s better to be short, clear, to the point, intuitive and as attractive as possible.

6. Images, animation, graphic elements. Without design, without graphics, without colors, it is impossible to imagine any online resource. When combining all the specifics of web design development, it should be borne in mind that the golden mean is not empty words. She exists. So, you need to figure out how to make the accent so that all the pictures look friendly, attract website visitors and make users want to stay on the site longer. The same should be done with the background – the best solution is to use a neutral or pastel color that will not hurt your eyes.

It is also important to remember that any online resource should contain not only a “business portfolio”, which will talk about what can be found on the site and what advantages the web portal provides but also about how important information can be found here. This will help grab the reader’s attention.

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