5 Tips For Connecting With Customers Better

Customer communication is a crucial aspect of customer service to attain business success. With the influx of advanced technology, communicating with customers has become effortless and convenient. Customers can find answers to their online queries with just a click or touch. But what should businesses do to communicate with customers better? 

Below are some important tips for connecting with your customers to improve your brand and benefit your business. 

1. Transform Your Business With Chatbots 

You’re probably used to utilizing contact forms on your website to gather customer information. But you can transform your business by replacing contact forms with chatbots. What are chatbots? Chatbots result from artificial intelligence (AI) with the ability to understand, analyze, and respond to an online visitor’s queries about the company and its services. They typically pop-up on the site’s homepage or are minimized in a corner. 

In case you’re wondering about its pros and cons, you’ll find helpful resources online comparing contact forms and chatbots. The following are the advantages of using chatbots in your website to connect with customers: 

  • Proactive Solution: Businesses can use chatbots as a proactive solution to reach more customers and offer help in real-time.  
  • Conversational: Natural language processing (NLP) provides conversational AI chatbots to mimic human interaction. Customers will experience an engaging conversation as they would with a live representative, thus improving customer experience.  
  • Great Replacement For Rule-Based Forms: Chatbots can replace rule-based forms (strictly conformant to predetermined rules), such as contact forms, feedback forms, and order forms—eliminating error messages when filling forms. 

2. Use The Power Of Social Media 

One of the most dynamic and easiest ways to connect with customers is through social media, a perfect platform for businesses to engage with customers through their interests and preferences. Social media networks serve as a tool for online users to search for companies and buy products, not only as a mere platform for socialization. 

Check out the following ways you can connect with customers using the power of social media: 

  • Post Updates About Business Hours and Services: Let your customers know about any changes in your store hours during holidays or special occasions. For instance, if your store has reduced hours, you can announce this important information to your customers through social media.   
  • Use Polls To Maintain Engagement: Using polls makes customers excited and remain enthusiastic about your brand. It’s a great way to promote products and services, raise brand awareness, and seek customers’ opinions on your new offerings.  
  • Live Stream: Facebook and Instagram enable you to do live streaming, update customers about your business, and get their feedback. Live streaming will also allow you to conduct virtual Q&As with customers in real-time.   
  • Offer Support: Social media enables businesses to offer support through social media groups, answer business-related questions, and even resolve complaints. 

3. Personalize Your Messages  

Whether you’re talking to a customer face-to-face or sending an email, personalizing your messages will make a huge difference in your business reputation. Consumers are keen enough to distinguish generic messages from personalized ones. Establish a customer service department in your company to create personalized emails, direct mails, and chat messages, especially when addressing complaints.

How do you personalize your messages for your target audience? Read the following tips: 

  • Address the customer by their first name. 
  • Craft messages with a casual or friendly tone. 
  • Avoid being too advertorial.
  • Present features and benefits in an amicable way.
  • Use diverse channels of communication. 

4. Incorporate Calls To Action  

A call to action (CTA) persuades prospective customers to take action by either contacting you or purchasing your products and services. Make sure to contact those who have shown interest in your brand through CTAs, such as signing up in your newsletters or leaving their contact details in the contact forms or chats. They’re prospects that need nurturing to convert into regular customers and give you more sales. Dedicate a staff to track your prospects and contact them as soon as possible to avoid missing the opportunity to win their trust and patronage. 

5. Connect With Customers Regularly  

If you want a steady stream of sales, then you’ll have to follow this tip consistently. Regular communication proves how persistent you are in getting your prospect’s buy-in. They might not need your products and services yet. But once they do, your brand will immediately come to mind because they’re already aware of your brand. 

Constant communication with customers is also one way to track the percentage of recipients who respond actively and those who don’t. This way, you can profile and segment your audience for sales and marketing purposes. 


Connect with customers better by replacing contact forms with chatbots—the latest communication solution you can install on your website. Also, it helps to use the power of social media to reach more consumers across various demographics. 

Personalizing your messages makes your brand stand out from the competition by doing away with stiff and generic messages. Follow-up with your prospects promptly to keep them looped with your latest products and services and to convert them to paying customers.  

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