5 Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Off-Page Optimization

There are thousands of talented people around the globe. They develop handy apps, tools, and products, provide useful services, or just share their thoughts and creativity with their communities. But they all struggle with reaching out to new readers and promoting their creations.

Search engine optimization is a process of driving traffic to your website through implementing Google guidelines on digital marketing aspects. We are here to help SEO newbies learn about optimization tactics, as well as contribute to the SEO experience of skilled marketers. 

Define Off-Page SEO 

Marketers categorize all SEO manipulations in two categories: off-page and on-page optimization. While on-page tactics relate mostly to optimizing your website directly (through choosing the right title, adding tags and meta descriptions, improving page loading speed, etc.), the off-page approach embraces everything that happens outside your webspace. 

Both these ways are obligatory for attracting direct organic traffic. However, in this post, we will focus primarily on off-page SEO. Our tips will imply working with content and interacting with other businesses. But don’t worry! We will not make things complicated, and be sure you can fulfill any step from our compilation.

Our tactics will be useful for businesses of all levels and countries. But if you run a startup, we’ve got additional information and advice for you. Visit meldium.com to get deeper into SEO for startups.

Improve SEO for More Organic Traffic: 5 Proven Strategies

  1. Link Building

Building backlinks is one of the main tactics SEO cannot live without. If you notice that many websites link to one page, you will instantly consider it is a trustworthy and useful source of information. And so does Google.

The quality and number of backlinks are essential for search engines to decide whether or not you are worth ranking high. The most powerful dofollow backlinks should appear naturally in the content of authoritative and safe websites that relate to your thematic niche. That means, they require an appropriate anchor text and surrounding context. 

There are dozens of tips on how to drive traffic to your website fast with backlinks:

  • reach out to proven experts to simply ask them to link to you;
  • create content for other blogs (we will talk about it a bit later);
  • find broken links and request to refer to your source with a relevant link;
  • write reviews and testimonials for others;
  • comment on posts and forums, etc.

Some of these tactics are free, other ways to improve SEO require investments. You can also simplify this part of website optimization by reaching out to link building services. Paid traffic is not always costly. Even proven and experienced agencies can offer you cheap backlinks from India or other regions to help you succeed faster and effectively at low costs.

  1. Content Marketing

Content promotion is essential when it comes to building your authority. It is your chance to show your expertise and/or creative talents of yours, such as writing, recording, or editing. If people like what you make and share it with others, then you succeed and get higher rankings.

Content is a foundation for both on-page and off-page SEO. You should care about its quality and technical optimization, but you can also win by encouraging people to share it. For that, write professionally, comprehensively, informatively, and entertainingly. 

The best formats for promotion are ultimate guides, infographics, original studies, surveys, and so on. This kind of content is most valuable for other creators, that is why it attracts shares and backlinks.

  1. Guest Posting

Writing for other bloggers and websites is a straightforward method to get targeted organic traffic. By writing a guest post, you will have a chance to reach out to a wider audience that can be interested in your products or services. Let us split this process into four steps:

  1. Find a reputable website from your niche that accepts guest posts.
  2. Learn about what its audience likes at most (focus on comments and popular posts).
  3. Create a piece of well-researched and professionally written content on a topic that will be valuable and interesting for hosting website visitors.
  4. Insert a backlink naturally.

Guest posting is also a convenient method of earning natural backlinks. You can invest in the best possible backlinks, as you control their placement fully. But besides backlinks, you will also get a fresh audience and new partnerships in the industry.

  1. Social Media

Social media platforms are an enormously rich source of free organic traffic. Your business will look more professional if it has an expert profile on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, or any other platform where your target audience inhabits.

If you consider running a social media account, do not forget about the responsibilities you get with it. Remember to post regularly and create an abundance of quality and aesthetic content on your page. To make sure your audience will more likely become your client, communicate with your readers and viewers. 

  1. Content Repurposing

Working with content does not always mean generating new plots. You are not an idea factory, and it is totally fine. Here is a way out for you if you want to spread your content without creating a fresh one: repurpose it.

Content repurposing means changing the format of your posts and publishing them in different media. Your idea remains the same, but you need to choose another way of presenting it. For instance, you can turn your article into a checklist or infographic, or even a video tutorial. This will save your creative resources and maintain off-page SEO at the same time.

Wrapping Up

For driving traffic to your website constantly, you need to improve SEO and make content creation and inter-business communication routine. This may seem like a lot of work, but do not get frustrated. Pick an approach that matches your need at most, or combine it with other tactics to gain impressive results straight away. 

Also, do not forget about online services that can help you in driving traffic and expanding your business on the web. Educate yourself about new trends and experiences, and you will see your website prospering and your goals really close to being achieved.

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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