5 Working Tips on How to Optimise a Website for Organic SEO by Revpanda

Organic traffic is the ultimate goal of every ambitious digital marketing strategy, and search engine optimization is the best way forward. SEO techniques have advanced over the past several years to cope with the evolving needs of the market. But despite the countless alterations, the basics of SEO are mainly unchanged.

For instance, while focusing on key phrases to improve organic traffic doesn’t cut it anymore, using the right keywords remains a crucial piece of the puzzle. But with so many new SEO techniques on the block, finding the best strategy for your business requires a lot more split testing than before.

Serious questions like: Is link building important for organic traffic? How much time should you devote to on-page optimization? How to write title tags for maximum exposure on SERPs? must be answered along the way. But the most important question of all is: What are the best SEO tips for maximising organic traffic?

5 Tips on How to Optimise a Website for Organic Traffic

Both B2C and B2B segments need more traffic to survive. And SEO strategies in conjunction with short-term promotional campaigns yield the best results. Revpanda lists five key SEO strategies that proved their worth in generating organic traffic. Let’s quickly take a look at the list.

Optimise Your Website for Speed

Page speed is the #1 factor in SEO. You could get away with a slow-loading website even a decade ago. But times have changed and how! Users no longer have the patience to wait for several minutes for a page to load, and that’s a serious red flag in the modern marketplace.

Link to Authority Websites from Your Industry

While some people believe linking to authority websites is a bad idea since it takes readers away from your business, the reality is vastly different. Linking to popular blogs is critical for growth since it’s helpful for the viewers. And if readers find value in your content, they’ll be back for more.

Write for Humans First

Optimising web content for search crawlers is an age-old technique no longer practised by any modern SEO agency. However, old-school marketers continue to write for robots while ignoring the viewers. Search crawlers will neither engage with your brand on social media nor buy your products or services. So, don’t make the same mistake your competitors are making and write for humans first.

Create Unique Meta Descriptions for Every Page

The meta description is the first piece of content that appears on a SERP. Therefore, it’s your best shot at making a lasting first impression. Google generally doesn’t like duplicate content in this section. Therefore, always create unique meta descriptions for every page to increase your chances of bettering your SERP ranking.

Keep Publishing Novel Content to Improve SEO Score

Consistently producing bespoke content that engages the readers is the best way to improve your SEO score. Whether you own a B2B or a B2C business, a disciplined content strategy is critical for keeping the audience interested in what you have to say. If you want to market your business online, creating informative and interesting blog posts aren’t optional. It’s crucial!

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