6 Important Things to Consider When Web Designing and Developing

Are you embarking on a web design and web development project? Typically there is a lot to consider, which might become overwhelming for you. Even though every business has its unique features, you should always consider these six features when working on a web design and web development project.

  1. Usability

Every website should be easily usable for the average user. This is something to factor in during the design and development of every website. A website with a good usability score will easily gain the interest of users. So, make sure the website you are designing has every feature the users would need, and these features should be easily accessible.

One of the factors that affect the usability of any website is the layout of the website. The website layout should allow users to have further interaction with the brand when they view website, like on social platforms. Look into this and other vital factors to ensure your website is easily usable for the average user.

  1. Speed

You need to consider the loading time of the website you are creating, and it should be a fast-loading website. The speed of your website is the difference between a thriving online business and a failing online business. A slow-loading page will easily turn users off, and they won’t want to revisit your website. It is safe to say there’s nothing more annoying than a slow website when looking for information online. Users want to be able to get the information they want on your website as quickly as possible. Typically between 3 to 5 secs is the loading time your website should have. 

  1. Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, the importance of a mobile-friendly website cannot be overemphasized. The use of mobile devices for online activities has grown in the last two years. Currently, about 95% of users of mobile devices rely mostly on their mobile devices to find information about online products and services. About 48% of web users say they won’t revisit a website that cannot be accessed on their mobile device. Also, mobile device users are increasing, and most of these users solely depend on their mobile devices for their online activities.

All these show how crucial it is to have a mobile-friendly website to help you serve your users better.

  1. Effective Security

With every step in technological advancement comes new and advanced online security risks. Hackers, malware, viruses, and so on are some of the security threats every website may face. These security threats put your website users at risk of losing confidential information and properties. These usually translate to loss of users or even lawsuits for you. So it is important to consider building a secure website to protect your users. During the designing and development of your website, you should review the security attributes present in the site’s framework and design. Also, add SSL certificates to the website to ensure optimum website security. 

  1. Compatibility To Multiple Browsers

More versions and brands of internet browsers are being created, and their numbers are fast rising. There’s chrome, firefox, safari, internet explorer, and many more. It is important to create a website that’s compatible with multiple browsers. Your concern should not be mere availability or compatibility. The website should also load properly on the different browsers, especially major browsers. That way, you can be sure that you are not missing out on the large user base of those browsers. 

  1. Effective Color Scheme

The color scheme of a website is important in defining the looks and feels of the website. Online businesses can easily trigger different emotions in users, which can help businesses achieve desired responses from their customers. Different colors can evoke different emotions in website users. For example, yellow and blue: playful and authoritative, and black and orange: lively and powerful. The colors you choose for designing your web pages should also represent your company’s niche, branding, target audience, and so on. 

Generally, when a web user visits your website, you have only about 10 seconds to make a lasting impression. So make sure your website is aesthetically pleasing, plus your web pages should be able to influence your user’s emotions. 

Most businesses nowadays have an online presence, and so web design and web development is a vital part of these businesses. So, there is a need to create websites that will ensure customer satisfaction. Accurate integration of the factors stated above during the web design and development process will help handle this.

If you fail to consider these factors when designing and developing your website, the result may be too costly for you and your business. 

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