6 Reasons Why SMEs Need Toll-free Number


The quality of your customers and the loyalty they have towards you plays a huge role in gauging the strength of your business. But this loyalty doesn’t build itself overnight. You need to work smartly to gain it. One of the most effective tips to do that is to maintain a free flow of uncompromised communication with your customers. 

Your customers will face hundreds of occasions wherein they’d want to reach out. And it’s your responsibility to offer them a medium of communication that is not only available 24*7*365 but also doesn’t expect them to shell out money. That’s where toll-free numbers come into play. 

Today we’ll be talking about what are toll-free phone numbers/ virtual phone numbers and why SME’s cannot afford to miss out on them.

What are the toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are a way to prove to your customers that you value them. They’re referred to as freephone numbers as customers can reach out to you using these numbers without having to pay a single penny. These numbers are super adaptable and work with all kinds of phones and landlines. 

See, customers might refrain from reaching out if they are charged for every call they make to your business. And you do not want that. That makes freephone numbers your best bet. Toll-free phone numbers encourage them to reach out in times of queries and concerns. All the incoming charges in such cases are paid by the business. 

6 reasons why SMEs need toll free numbers/virtual phone numbers

1.Builds a loyal customer base: 

In today’s day and age, one-way communication will take you nowhere. It’s not until you establish a relationship with your customers, can you expect them to stay loyal to your brand. And honestly there’s no one-step formula to do that, rather a combination of strategies and smart decisions. Toll-free numbers are a wide leap in the right direction. They not only ensure that you are available for your customers 24*7 but also make sure that you do it for free. So practically you’re sending out a message that you are there for your customers in times of concerns and queries. And that it is your privilege to serve them as they are not required to pay to reach out to you. All this adds up to customer satisfaction and retention, thereby strengthening your brand image and building a loyal customer base. 

  1. Customer’s convenience and intense brand recall value: 

With toll-free numbers, your customers do not have to make efforts of searching your number as toll-free numbers (1800) are easier to remember than random numbers. When you adopt a toll-free number, you’re actually creating and strengthening a brand recall value for your business. When your customers have your number at their fingertips they’ll obviously reach out to you every time they need you. Also, if you zero in on a vanity number, you intensify the whole process because then they do not even have to remember the complete 1800 number. How? Suppose you’re a popcorn business, your ideal virtual phone number can look like 1-800-popcorn.

  1. Gaining credibility: 

Even if you aren’t a big business (yet), who has stopped you from using the tools that they use? In present times, a lot of tools and services that tech giants leverage are made available for SMEs too. Toll-free numbers/ virtual phone numbers are one such resource. You can be working from your living room but can still have a toll free number to build credibility for your business. 

  1. Once yours, always yours: 

Relocation in businesses is a common phenomenon and it shouldn’t be taxing. Toll-free numbers ensures that. No matter how many times you choose to relocate your business, your customers won’t be affected. How? For starters all your calls are smoothly forwarded to your smartphone/any phone irrespective of your location. And the best part is once you purchase a toll-free phone number, it’s yours. You may change service providers or cities, it remains yours regardless. 

  1. Boosts your marketing: 

So, you start marketing campaigns on websites, print advertisements, emails, billboards, etc. And your potential targets start reaching out. But you want to know which of the aforementioned source works best for you. How do you do that? Well, through toll-free numbers. If you associate these campaigns with different toll-free extensions, you can leverage the data (geographical location, calling hours, etc.) you get through it. 

  1. Bonanza: 

Your virtual phone number comes with a wide spectrum of features like call forwarding, call transferring, call recording, IVR, on-hold music, voicemail transcription, and so much more with no added cost.


Toll-free phone numbers/ virtual phone numbers are no longer a pretty alternative. They’ve rightly become a mandate for businesses looking to leap ahead of the competition. If you’re looking to retain your customers, build a credible business, and ease the entire process for customers and yourself, you know the right tools to bank on.