6 Simple Ways to Spy on Phone (2020 Updated)

Thousands of people are searching for genuine ways to spy on someone’s smartphone everyday. However, only a handful of those ways have ever helped someone with their spying dreams. Are you too searching for the best mobile spy software

If yes, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to discuss 6 simple ways to spy on the phone. No matter what operating system they are using, these techniques will be able to monitor them. 

Features of Spy Apps

Whatsapp Spying Solution: You can spy on the most popular messaging application in the world. This feature allows you to access their WhatsApp account and check all the messages that they have sent or received on that device. 

Snapchat Spy: You can also spy on the Snapchat account of the targeted device. It gives you full access to the application without having to touch their phone every time you need to monitor them.

Stealth Mode: This feature makes your monitoring process a secret as it keeps your identity private. It hides the application from their device and they can never know that they are being monitored.

Call Logs Monitoring: You can monitor all the calls made or received from the targeted device with this feature. It is not just about viewing their call logs as it also allows you to record the live calls from their device.

Geo-Location Monitoring: It will help you keep track of the location of the targeted device. This feature will show you all the locations they have visited by marking it on the map.

Browser History: It allows you to monitor the browsing history of the device. You can check all the websites your children or partner have visited with this feature.


Spyine is the first name that strikes our mind when it comes to mobile monitoring solutions. It is a private app that lets you get full access to any smartphone without even touching their phone. Millions of people trust Spyine to provide them hassle-free device monitoring solutions.

Their privacy and popularity made them feature on platforms like Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, etc. There are a lot of features that will help you retrieve every type of data from the targeted device.

How to Spy on a Phone with Spyine

Spying on a phone is no rocket science when you have an amazing application like Spyine. Just follow these 3 steps and you will get access to the targeted device.

spy on phone

Step1: Create An Account – Visit the official website of Spyine and create a free account. Then select a subscription and choose the number of devices you want to monitor.

Step2: Verify the Smartphone – This step includes verifying the targeted phone. You can verify an android device by installing the Spyine application on their phone. On the other hand, you can verify an iPhone by entering their iCloud credentials in your Spyine account.

Step3: Monitor their Activities That’s it. Just go to the dashboard of your account and check all their data with the provided tools. Single click on any feature such as “Whatsapp Spy” and get the information you need,

Note: Almost all the below applications follow the same process to spy on phones.


The best spy solution when it comes to finding out about the activities of your partner or children.

This application offers the highest number of features that allow you to know everything about your loved ones. Neatspy managed to catch some eyes as soon as it was introduced in the market.

It offers some additional features like tracking an iPhone with Phone Number, hacking someone’s Instagram without their password, etc. It is recommended to track your connections.

Advantages of Using Neatspy

Affordable: You can use this application for around $10/month for a single device.

Private: No one other than you can access the retrieved data from your loved ones.

Fast Access: It does not require a lengthy registration process. You can access any smartphone within a few minutes.


ClickFree secured the third rank in our 6 simple ways to spy on iPhone for its easy to use features. Any person with zero technical skills can use this platform to spy on the phone.

They provide a user guide on their website that gives you step-by-step guidance to use this application.

Advantages of Using ClickFree

Partner Tracking: It provides a feature that lets you have control over the phone of your partner. You can check who they are talking to by just logging in to your ClickFree account.

SMS Tracker: It offers the most advanced SMS tracking solution to its users. You can track all the SMS on their phone with just a single click (including deleted messages). 


Minspy is one of the oldest and most popular spy applications you will come across. This platform does not need you to touch the smartphone of the targeted person to monitor their activities. 

spy on phone

You can trust this application when it comes to the privacy of the retrieved data. They claim that they do not handle any user data and no employee has access to your data. Check their website to know more about this amazing spy monitoring solution.


Spyic is another interesting spy solution for smartphones famous for its great features. It comes with a default stealth mode that allows you to monitor the targeted device as long as you want. With this feature, they can never find out if someone is monitoring them or not.

You can also check out their social media tracking feature that gives you access to all the accounts of the user. All this at a very affordable rate makes Spyic as one strong competitor of Spyine.


Spyier is a great application for those who want to monitor their children’s activities. Its parental control feature makes it better than most of the other spy applications. You can check all the activities of any device with this platform.

It also offers different plans for different needs. You can spy on your employees to keep your business information confidential with the help of their tools. 


Any task is easier when you have the right tools to do it. The methods that we have discussed in this article can help you get into the smartphone of the targeted person in a few minutes. 

You can try any of the platforms as all of them are safe and proven to work for millions of users. We hope that this guide of the best mobile spy software, such as Spyine, will help you solve the problems.