6 Simple Web Design Tips That Will Greatly Improve Your Online Store

These days, having an online business is the in-thing. With the ever-increasing number of internet users and online shoppers, you don’t want to be left behind as an entrepreneur. Creating a commanding online presence is your ticket to making the most out of your venture. But then again, this is only possible if you have a creatively designed website with user experience and customer satisfaction.

From the appearance to loading speed, and ranking on the search engine result pages, how you design your online store website will have an impact on several crucial factors. These factors will determine the overall user experience, which will, in turn, have an impact on sales and profitability. With that having been said, here are 6 simple web design tips that will greatly improve your online store.

1. Work With a Professional Web Designer 

When it comes to web design for eCommerce sites, one thing is for sure. You may have to deal with a lot of technicalities to ensure that your online store website has an edge over your competition in the market. As the folks from https://envisagedigital.co.uk/  iterate, working with an experienced web marketing agency will help ensure an attractive and functional website 24/7/365. Whether your site is built on Magento or you run a WordPress eCommerce store, professional web design services will help maximize your site’s performance on and off the search engines. They’ll also ensure that your site maintains a responsive design, which is crucial in this mobile-dominated internet age.

2. The Power of the Landing Page

A landing page is a web page specifically dedicated to a specific product or service. It is there to ensure that the product or service is promoted in the best way possible, while also making it accessible to willing buyers. These days, most online stores are focusing on creating several landing pages dedicated to specific target audiences. When the audience searches for a product, the web page takes them to what they need according to their preferences. This also means that they are critical in boosting sales. Good landing pages possess qualities such as:

  • Explain how the product solves the customer problem
  • Describe specific benefits of the product  
  • Convince the user why they should purchase the product here and not elsewhere
  • A clear explanation of the product details, which is more likely to influence a purchase

3. Offer Flexible Payment Options and Returns 

This is among the most sensitive parts when it comes to transacting online. What if I pay and the products don’t get delivered? What if I send the goods and the client does not pay? These are just some of the questions that both clients and entrepreneurs have in mind. Well, as an e-commerce entrepreneur, offering several flexible payment options for your clients to choose from is a huge plus. As a business, you should have an array of payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet. Indicate all your forms of payments on the page during web design and development.

4. Win Clients With Testimonials, Reviews, and Case Studies 

An online store is not something to give your 100% benefit of the doubt. If you haven’t encountered any online shopping experience in the past, you are likely to have issues. Social proof goes a long way in promoting a business online. The reviews and testimonials provide an open platform for the clients to narrate their experience about the products and services. This is an excellent way to win the trust of your target audience as long as you’re delivering.

5. Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing is among the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to e-commerce businesses. It involves collecting contacts from your first-time visitors and using their email addresses to invite them back to your website with offers, discounts, and compelling deals.

It is easier to sell to existing clients compared to getting new ones, and this can help boost your sales big-time. However, you can as well ask your new visitors to leave their emails so that you can make a follow up of their experience in your store. That will create a stable platform for frequent communication.

6. Develop Your Online Store for Mobile Access

With the internet available literally everywhere, most people access using their smartphones and tablets to shop online even on the go. For this reason, you will want to invest in an eCommerce store designed for easy access using mobile devices. Most importantly, invest in a responsive website design, which is created to adjust to the size and shape of the screen visually as users navigate the site and shop.

Finally, it is important to keep it simple by all means. When designing your website, it is entirely for the benefit of the business in terms of sales. Give your clients a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to navigating your page.

On that note, consider optimizing your loading speed so that your clients do not lose interest in digging deeper into the store. Also, remember to invest in SEO so you can boost your store’s visibility on search engines. Remember, most clients judge an online store by its looks and how easy it is for them to navigate through the various pages.