9 Cool Ways To Use VPN

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Browsing online has become the order of the day, but protecting yourself from unwarranted attacks on the internet is far more crucial. The simplest and easiest technology to protect your identity and other personal information when online is through a VPN. 

However, VPN does not stop here and is the secret weapon for exploiting the internet for your benefit and entertainment. Likewise, you can install a VPN on a firestick, play games without speed glitches, stream videos and OTT platforms without delays, protect your device from eavesdropping, and more. 

If you are after a comprehensive guide introducing you to fun ways to use VPN technology, you are at the right place! Read on for more details. 

What Is VPN?

A Virtual Protected Network alias VPN helps in forming a network connection that has excellent security and saves your identity while performing crucial tasks. VPNs work by hiding your IP address while browsing the internet and this makes way for reaching websites even outside your region. 

Besides, VPN avoids third-party attackers from accessing your information. One of the best examples of data protection is seen while shopping online. 

9 Cool Ways to Use VPN

Apart from the basic utility, VPN is now famous for various other tasks that provide unlimited entertainment. Let’s have a quick look at the different ways VPN is useful on the internet. 

  1. Access YouTube and Other Streaming Websites Without Any Delays

Your Internet Service Provider may have a check on the internet usage of specific websites like YouTube, Netflix, etc. Once the bandwidth used by these websites increases, your entertainment will take a hit. 

To avoid this, use VPN to migrate to other countries and watch your favorite videos without interruptions like buffering and outages. 

  1. Install VPN on Your Firestick

If your TV requires a Firestick to access OTT platforms, then it’s better to use VPN to have a direct link to OTT apps that may not stream in your region or country. 

Further, VPN will protect your details being shared with your ISP and keep your details intact. Sometimes, this scenario is misused for illegal use by hackers and others looking to watch illicit content. Also, some unsecured VPNs may cause more trouble than convenience. So, always look out for the best VPN for Firestick.

  1. Play Games Without Any Internet Speed Delays

Like YouTube, ISPs have the habit of bringing up buffering and interruptions while playing online games that take in a high amount of internet data. 

Online games in the current era have become notoriously competitive and fake IDs may utilize the internet to send out artificially created traffic to slow down your connection. To prevent this, mask your IP address using VPN and play to your heart’s content. 

  1. Stream Uninterrupted OTT Entertainment From All Over the World

If you find that your favorite web series is streaming only on an OTT platform, like Netflix, that is not available in your region, VPN is the solution for this. 

Login into your VPN app, travel to other countries through the internet and access different OTTs from across the world in your gadget easily. 

  1. Do Overseas Shopping

Do international brands excite you? Also, do you find your local websites conning you with fake or expensive products? Then, it’s time to use the VPN magic to access international brands’ official websites to shop for your preferred products. Also, this way your credit card details are secure and are not open to phishing attacks. 

  1. Use Any Wi-Fi Without Worries

Though you believe that Wi-Fi is secure, they are not so 100%. Sometimes, even using the Wi-Fi connection you are logged in, eavesdropping is possible. Hence, it is always wise to use a VPN connection to connect to Wi-Fi in public places to ensure all-around security. Your browsing activity stays to yourself with the help of a VPN. 

  1. VPN Is Useful As a Money Saving Hack 

When trying to book hotels, flight tickets, or car rentals, you may find the best price point outside your region and it will not be accessible via your regular internet. Hence, to avoid being scammed by higher prices, you can use VPN to access outside your access range and get the best rates possible to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. 

  1. Access Blocked Social Media 

Many countries have blocked some specific social media platforms for various reasons. However, you can use VPN to access such blocked websites by logging into countries that allow such social media platforms to function. 

  1. Preserve Anonymity 

Some situations may require your identity to be hidden while browsing. Besides, this situation is very useful for people looking to build their brand by gathering information about their competitors. Your IP address and other details are secured, and your details only get registered as a random user. 

Final Thoughts 

VPN or Virtual Private Network has multiple uses than just masking your identity when browsing the web. Using VPN, you can access blocked websites, save money by comparing prices all across the world, and keep your identity discreet while looking for competitors’ data. 

Using this guide, you can widen your use of VPN and make the most use of it in your daily life. The best part is, VPN is compatible with many gadgets including your phone, tablet, and PC. Thus, enjoy your browsing time without worrying about security concerns. 

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