A Complete Guide to Create Google-Friendly Backlinks for SEO

Online presence is highly important for any business so that more people can get to know about it. For that purpose, link building for SEO purposes is widely used to promote websites. Quality SEO backlinks are expected to come from credible online resources and be relevant to your website. It is also very important to build backlinks in accordance with Google policies and recommendations. Read this article to get the best tips on how to build backlinks and recognize their value.

What is link building for SEO?

To better comprehend the concept of link building for SEO, it is worth referring to establishing business connections and relationships in real life. Companies collaborate with each other for the sake of obtaining mutually beneficial outcomes. Businesses also interact with their consumers for enhancing brand awareness, trust, and user experience, which contributes to stronger customer loyalty. The core idea of link building for SEO is practically the same – building trustful relationships with other businesses and consumers but in the online environment.

In terms of search engine optimization, link building is a part of off-page SEO activities. While on-page SEO is concentrated on the improvement and elaboration of the on-page elements, off-page implies collaboration with external resources. Thus, link building is associated with activities that are aimed at improving the website rankings but do not directly refer to the website itself. It usually means that SEO specialists contact webmasters of other online resources to ask for the backlink placement there.

What are the characteristics of quality SEO backlinks?

Before starting to build backlinks, it is necessary to understand which of them would make value for your website. In any case, those should be quality references that you can get it here (white hat backlinks) for strengthening your backlink profile.

The are various examples of SEO backlinks, where some of them could be of high quality, while others not. It is considered that quality SEO backlinks come from reputable resources with high domain resources. For example, those could be links on the New York Times, Amazon, and other frequently visited websites of the world-known brands. Those bring much value to your website ranking as Google greatly appreciates such backlinks.

Obviously, it is not that easy to gain SEO backlinks from very popular online resources. Keep in mind that backlinks from other websites with a decent reputation are also considered of high quality. Anyway, make sure that SEO backlinks are relevant to your company and its sphere of operation.

There are also types of links that you should avoid in your SEO strategy. Those are so-called black hat backlinks that could be created much faster than white hat backlinks but conceal many risks. In case black hat backlinks are pointing out to your website, Google can easily detect that and apply penalties.

How to create backlinks in 2021?

Businesses take link building seriously because they acknowledge its potential. It certainly takes some time and effort to gain relevant SEO backlinks. Read tips and recommendations at techtricksworld.com that would help you to create backlinks in order to appear in Google top.

There are various methods to be used for building backlinks. Depending on your business goals, decide which ones should be included in your SEO strategy.

Make a list of websites to contact

The first thing you should do is determine which online resources you are interested in. If you want to gain a backlink from British Airways, for example, just put the company’s website on the list. Include other websites of your interest on the list and keep in mind that those should not be obligatory well-known brands. That way you will get an entire overview of the desired backlinks and could further develop your outreach strategy.

Ask for links

The origins of link building go back to the times when marketers created emails to reach out to other online resources. Thus, you can start implementing your plan by contacting webmasters after having completed the list of the website of interest. Note that it might not be easy but you need to be persuasive.

Pay attention to local SEO

In case your business operations are associated with a certain location, you should definitely consider local resources. When creating a list, you should also include the websites of companies in your area. Keep in mind that those resources should be relevant to your business activities. Otherwise, such backlinks won’t make much sense for improving your website ranking.

Create guest posts

Another popular method is guest blogging for backlinks that are highly preferred by marketers. Writing blog posts for other online resources is not only an effective way to tell more about your company but also build business relationships on the web. There are also dedicated services that help you to find the most relevant platforms that host guest posts.

Buy links

This approach is sometimes considered to be illicit, however, it is not really so. When getting white hat backlinks, websites do not take any risks at all. On the contrary, webmasters save a lot of time as they instantly access relevant resources that are ready to host backlinks.

Create business profiles on social media

The power of social media is literally limitless these days because a major part of the population uses it every day. Businesses have recently discovered the potential of social media platforms. Thus, it is highly recommended that you create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform of your choice.

Once you set up everything, you can create content for social media. When writing a post, include a link to your website or a blog article. That way, you will build backlinks and attract more visitors to your website.

Write comments and reviews

Feel free to write comments under posts of other businesses by including the link to your website. Also, creating reviews and submitting comments under the articles on the web is a part of link building. Even those do not have as much power as the backlinks from websites and blog posts, they ensure continuous strengthening of your backlink profile and website ranking.

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