A guide to integrating SEO into your start-up in 2022

If you are in the process of creating a business, then there are a variety of different tasks to complete and systems to integrate into a cohesive structure.

There will be a natural pecking order of importance during this period. Developing a competitive product or service will inevitably be the most crucial box to tick, alongside the recruitment of necessary staff members. Furthermore, you will likely need to source premises, organize your legal and financial departments, and establish an efficient internal work structure before you can think about trading in any meaningful capacity. 

However, once these important tasks are handled, your attention must turn to how you are going to attract customers to your brand. In the modern age, this means creating an online presence that draws in traffic from the right places and converts it into cold, hard sales. 

One of the most powerful methods you can use to do this on a consistent basis is search engine optimization (SEO). While you may likely have heard of this term in the past, it is worth developing a detailed understanding of what SEO is, and how the most effective approach to maximizing it has changed over recent years. 

Here is a guide to integrating SEO into your start-up in 2022:

Have all your IT bases covered

If you want to integrate SEO properly, then you need to make sure that your start-up has a strong IT department. The reason for this is that, like all types of internet marketing, search engine optimization requires you to process vast pools of data, keep your website operational, and protect yourself against cyber threats.

However, if you don’t have anyone with the necessary expertise at hand, then you will be unable to maximize the incredible potential SEO offers your company. 

Naturally, given that you may only have a handful of employees (or even work alone), then hiring a full-time member of IT staff may not be an available option.

Instead, you could hire a freelancer or consultant, who can help you build functioning IT assets and unlock the power of SEO. 

Alternatively, if you have not yet founded your company – or you already have an interest in taking computer science seriously, then you could complete an online computer science masters. 

Ensure you have a steady supply of content ready to upload 

One of the best ways to integrate SEO into your start-up is to focus on content marketing. This is exactly what the name leads you to believe – the creation of content that is aimed at your target market. 

Your content should be peppered with finely researched keywords, which your target audience regularly searches for. These words or topics can often form the backbone of your content themes, but you should focus more on making the blog posts engaging and useful, rather than paragraphs filled with clumsily integrated keywords. 

Unfortunately, the mistake many businesses make is to upload a few articles onto their website blog, and then forget about it completely. Even if the content you do upload is perfectly written and orientated towards your customer base, it is unlikely to perform well.

The reason for this is that search engines only gradually reward top content creators. You will show up higher in rankings once the search engine provider recognizes you as a consistent content creator who provides genuine use to their readership.

Of course, creating high quality content on a regular basis is not easy, which is why it might be worth hiring a freelance copywriter to handle this for you. It may be expensive up front, but the results will likely be worth it. 

Make sure your website is working at its full potential

You can have the best content in the world, but without a functioning website that looks good and performs just as well, you will stand little chance of integrating search engine optimization into your start-up.

Take the time to set up your site correctly and incorporate a theme that matches your brand identity. It doesn’t need to be complicated or overly clever (in fact, where websites are concerned, the simpler the better), but you should at least think it through.

What’s more, your site should be able to handle growth. What this means is that while you may not have much going on as of yet (you are only a start-up, after all), this can quickly change. Once you have crammed numerous products, landing pages, blog posts, and forums onto a website, it can quickly become overloaded and suffer the slowdown, or even outright crashes.

It doesn’t need to be said that this can be disastrous for your company’s reputation, so invest more upfront to ensure your website is fit for growth. It will pay off in the long term. 

Develop a detailed understanding of your customer base

Mastering SEO is as much about understanding your target market as it is about being knowledgeable about online tech. 

After all, you are trying to appeal to a relatively small audience (in world terms), so the more targeted you can be in your approach the better. 

To ensure you know your target market well enough, you will need to undertake detailed research. This might involve creating customer avatars that represent your ‘average’ customer or observing the type of people who buy from your closest rivals, their backgrounds, and occupations.

The more information you have about your audience, the more engaging your content will become to them, and the more customers you are likely to create.

Focus on delivering a great customer experience

Talking of appealing to customers, it has never been more important to deliver top-quality customer service. SEO used to revolve around keywords, clickbait titles and throwing out content to see what sticks. The online consumer has come a long way since then, and your online customer experience must evolve with it.

Whether it is delivering top quality content, integrating chat bots into your site, making your website attractive and easy to use, or simply making it easy for site visitors to understand what it is your business does exactly – delivering a great customer experience is the best approach to integrating SEO into your start-up effectively in 2022. 

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