A List Of 4 Ways A Franking Machine Could Benefit Your Business

In order for a business to be successful, the owners must always work on its quality. A good business requires efficiency, productivity, and speed. So, if you are a business owner yourself, ask yourself whether you are in that constant state of improvement? Are you trying your best to refine processes and optimize operations? 

One of the simplest, and yet very effective ways to improve these things, is by using a franking machine. But, first of all, let’s address the question of what exactly is a franking machine, and what is it used for? This machine represents a metering device that is used to streamline the process of postage. It can weigh your post and automatically calculate the right postage for the service that you require. Basically, it allows you to avoid the process of going to the post office, waiting in line, and weighing your mail. Instead, you can affix postage by using this machine and simply drop it off at your local post box or even have it collected. But, what are the ways in which a franking machine could benefit your business?

  1. It saves you money

One of the biggest perks of using a franking machine is the fact that it can save your business money. When we talk about what is a franking machine and how it benefits you, the most prominent benefit would be for you to have the opportunity to use various postage discounts. And even though it might seem like a small amount for one post, it can add up to a significant amount over time. 

In fact, you can save up to 34% compared to the traditional way of sending your business mail. Moreover, as it has integrated scales, you will never pay more postage than is necessary. In other words, as your franking machine is the one that measures your post, you will always pay the exact amount. This is very important, as you oftentimes have to overpay for postage because the stamps do not add up to the exact amount of money you need to pay for your item. 

  1. It is really convenient

Another advantage that franking machine users really enjoy is that it is very convenient. When you send your mail the traditional way, you or one of your employees has to go to the post office, wait in line, send the package, and then possibly do the same thing again the same day. This means that a lot of valuable time has to be lost. Instead, you can simply use a franking machine and use that time to improve your business in some other ways as well. Moreover, your life will be so much easier if you do not have to run to the post office every day. Meaning, apart from the time that can be saved, you will also save a lot of nerves and energy. 

  1. It is very secure

Preparing and sending your post is, without a doubt, the most secure when you use a franking machine. You can say goodbye to those stamp books lying around your office. Additionally, you can actually re-credit your franking machine any time over the internet securely. You can protect your franking machine by creating pin codes. This means that access to download any funds to your franking machine will be only available to the people who know the pin.

Many of these machines can provide you with detailed reports which can allow you to track your monthly franking machine spend. And of course, allocations of costs connected to different departments within your company. And if you want to enhance this perk, you can also use one of the many reporting software that is offered. 

  1. It gives your business a more professional image

One of the ways to work on the success of your company is to work on its image. And one of the ways to do so is by using a franking machine. By using this machine, you can reinforce your brand by printing the logo of your business on every envelope that you send. This will not only look nice but will make your company look a lot more professional. Moreover, if you would like to add promotions or a certain customized message to your post, you can easily do that as well. Doing so by mail is a great choice anyhow, as it is a lot more personal than email, and will certainly have a higher reach. 

As you could see from this article, adding a franking machine to your business can provide you with various perks. It can save you money as well as lots of time. It can allow you to have more time for improving your business in other ways. It is very secure and can give your business a real boost when it comes to its professional image.

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