7 Best Adblockers For 9Anime [Windows, Phone & Mac]

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Nowadays, most users face issues with ads and popups while streaming on 9Anime. It’s a common issue while youre streaming Anime on free websites like 9Anime, Crunchyroll, Mangabuddy, and so on.

As every problem has a solution on the internet, Adblocker is a solution to block ads on 9Anime. Several adblockers offer adblocking services. Mainly they used content filtering methods to block ads on webpages. Adblocker checks the webpages itself, like keywords, phrases, and other elements. Once detected, these elements are blocked by the adblocker. This process Adblocker is done again and again whenever you visit a website. If you’re using the Chrome browser then there are the best adblocker for Chrome available for you.

In this article, we will compile the best Adblocker for 9Anime to stream your favorite anime without ads. This guide help you with your Windows, Phone, and Mac.

7 Best adblocker for 9Anime

uBlock Origin- Ad content blocker

uBlock Origin is the perfect ad blocker for 9Anime. It can block ads from the website. There is a zapper mode that blocks the elements on your website and you can not see the ads. It’s an incredible, perfect, and operational ad blocker that you can use. Whether you want to enable or disable ads on the website you can easily do. It’s the best adblocker extension that works well in all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, safari, and so on. Just you need to click on the below link and click on add extension within seconds it will be added on youre browser.

AdBlock- Block pop-ups, ads, and annoying banners

If you want to block ads on 9Anime then Adblock is another most pleasing adblocker it works flawlessly on most browsers also it comes with customizable options. It blocks the variety of ads that you don’t want on the website. It has safety and security features that help you to prevent malicious attacks. The process is very simple just you need to install the extension on you’re browser that you use for streaming 9Anime and stream your favorite anime episodes without any interruption.

AdGuard – Fastest Adblocker

AdGuard is another popular adblocking service that you can use for the 9Anime website. Besides adblocker, it has a tracker function that safeguards your computer, preventing malicious scripts and trojans. AdGuard is an easy-to-use, lightweight, fast-loading webpages and easy-to-install tool. This is a completely free tool without any worrying you can access 9Anime on youre web browser.

Ghostery – Blocks Trackers and Ads

Ghostery is another privacy-based ad blocker that helps the user to block ads on 9Anime. It not only blocks the ads but also helps you block trackers if anyone can try to track your online activity. It mainly focuses on user privacy, most people don’t want to disclose their online activity so this is a great tool. Ghostery has an extension available for browsers, that blocks third-party cookies.

Disconnect- Blocks Invisible Trackers

Disconnect is another great ad blocker that works on all devices. It blocks video ads, pop-ups, banner ads, and text ads. AdGuard helps you reduce data usage and loads web pages quickly. This extension is easy to install and adds on your browser very quickly. No matter what browser you’re using it supports many browsers and devices. 

Adblock Plus- Block annoying Cookie banners

Adblock Plus is the old guard of ad blockers, it’s an easy-to-use, more effective, and reliable protection that blocks ads on 9Anime. It has a block tracker feature that blocks youre trackers and you can stream websites without any worry. With this extension, you can easily block ads that you want. However, you can seamlessly stream 9anime and download the episodes without any disturbance.

Privacy Badger- Block invisible trackers

Looking for an easy adblocker to stop ads from 9Anime then look at Privacy Badger. It’s an easy tool to block third-party trackers and you can privately visit the website and access their pages. The best part is that if advertisers are monitoring your online activity then this extension immediately stops loading more content in your browser.

Block ads on 9Anime using Chrome Browser

Here are the other methods to block ads on 9anime using Chrome browser

On the 9Anime homepage, you will see the ads and popups.

Look at the ‘Three vertical dots” in the top-right corner of the browser and click on it.

Next, Click on “Settings”.

On the left menu bar you can see the Privacy and Security tab click on it.

Next, click on “Site settings”. After clicking on “Additional content settings” bottom of the menu and scrolling down

Click on “Intrusive ads” under Default behavior you can see two options

  • Any site you visit can show any ad to you
  • Ads are blocked on sites known to show intrusive or misleading ads

Click on the second option “Ads are blocked on sites known to show intrusive or misleading ads

Once you reload the 9Anime website. You can not see ads and popups.


These are some working adblockers that help you to block ads on 9Anime and you can safely watch youre favorite cartoon without ads and banners. Moreover, we have mentioned other tricks to block ads using the Chrome browser.

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