Adblock Not Working On Twitch: Fix Twitch error

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Twitch is a live-streaming gameplay platform where streamers play video games and interact with their viewers or audiences in a real-time. It’s a top video live-streaming site where millions of users come to the site and view the content creators who produce daily live-streaming. The best thing is that on Twitch viewers can chat with other viewers, which helps to grow a community of channels.

With fantastic tools and effective features, Twitch is growing day by day. According to Twitchtracker statistics & charts, Twitch has grown gradually, as of now it has a 2.56M users worldwide. This is a huge number that gained just 13 years. We expect in the coming years Twitch will stand out #1 on the internet.

On Twitch an average of 105k channels stream concurrently and Over 7.3M channels stream each month this is the biggest number that attracts many users.

On Twitch site, you can check the Top games that stream the most

No doubt Twitch is the biggest platform I am also a fan of Twitch because it is a great source to follow favorite streamers. but its an ad ad-supported so whenever I am watching my favorite streamers then I will interrupted with ads and popups, even if I have installed the adblocker on my browser. I think most of you also face the same issue as me if youre one of them and seeking to find the solution on how to fix the problem of adblocker not working on Twitch then let’s check the full guide.

What’s the Reasons AdBlock Not Working on Twitch?

There are various reasons why AdBlock not working on Twitch

  • Twitch is ad-supported: It constantly develops new ad formats and delivery methods to bypass ad blockers.
  • Using Old version of Twitch: If you use the Twitch old version then Adblock not working on your devices.
  • Use Private Incognito: If you use Incognito mode then sometime Adblock not working on that mode.
  • Twitch’s mobile app is not supported by Adblock: Sometimes, AdBlock on the Twitch mobile app not supported
  • AdBlock not properly configured: There is a chance AdBlock is not properly installed due to the slow internet connection sometime downloaded files are corrupted.

Best adblocker for Twitch

If you can not block ads on Twitch then you can check other adblock options from the below list.

AdBlock Plus: It’s a good Adblocker for Twitch it helps you to block all kinds of ads that interrupt you while you watching streamers.

TTV LOL:  It’s another free and reliable proxy-based Twitch ad-blocking extension that works with Windows and mobile phones.

Stream Cleaner: This is the best Adblocker for Twitch works very well and blocks the pop-ups, banners, and video ads while watching live streams.

Getadblock: Getadblocker is another option to stop annoying ads on Twitch it helps you to stream without any interruption.

CyberGhost: If you want ad-free streaming on Twitch then CyberGhost is the most reliable VPN and adblocker tool.

Why do You need an ad blocker for Twitch?

Twitch is a live streaming platform and one of the great sources to earn money through ads. But if you want to watch streamers then you need to use Ad Blocker.

Ad Blockers help you to reduce the ads on Twitch and you can easily watch your favorite streamers without any interruption. Using adblocker you can improve your viewing experience and page speed.

Most of the adblocker offers a filtering option that filters out unwanted ads that you want to remove.

Additionally, adblocker comes with security and privacy features called block trackers, if trackers try to collect data about your browsing activity then adblocker blocks trackers and you can easily browse the Twitch without any hassle.


Twitch ads are embedded, it is not possible to disable them, you have to pay for their subscription to stop these ads. No Adblocker is available which blocks ads on Twitch.

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