7 Best Sites To Get Anime App Icons For Free In 2021

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for anime app icons for your next project or to replace icons in an existing app. Most people looking for anime app icons and pay money to get icons, but they still can’t get the right one. Until you’ve mastered the art of using icon uploading websites.

It can be difficult to find the right icon for your project or any app. The icon of an Android or iOS app can be replaced with an anime app icon. You can send image messages on Instagram or any other social media app using anime app icons.

So for this we have complied with the list of best sites to get anime app icons for free. So let’s start.

7 Best sites to get anime app icons for free


We all know about Pinterest, which is a social media site as well as an image sharing platform where 500 million users monthly active. It is founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, and its headquartered in San Francisco and runs the site. On Pinterest, you can find animated GIFs and videos organised into pinboards.

Many users have uploaded many anime app icons to Pinterest. As a result, finding anime game icons for your Android or iPhone app would be much simpler. You can easily find anime icons such as among us, naruto, and many others. There are over a million anime icons uploaded on Pinterest. So to find the perfect pin, all you have to do is use Pinterest’s search bar.


FindIcons is a search engine for icons that helps you to find free icons. It has the world’s largest searchable free icon database, as well as a sophisticated search filtering and result matching system that ensures you can find an icon for any design project. Findicons is a similar service to Iconarchive that provides you with a number of free anime app icons that you can download as required.

Apart from this, you can filter your anime icons by relevance, big icons, 3D, and several other factors. You can also customize the history of the anime icon before downloading it. Feel free to use any of the icons found on Findicons. Any of the icons are free to use.


Next, Iconarchive is a place where you can find the best anime icon using the search bar. It has a wast collection of icons so you don’t need to go anywhere. Like iconfinder, this is an amazing site for anime icons.

Most free app icons are cartoonish, but if you check for them, you will find some that are more professional. If you’re looking for anime icons to use in an app or game for Android, iOS, or Windows, this website is a great place to start. These icons can also be used to make your own personalised WhatsApp stickers.


Iconfinder is another icon site where you can find free Anime app icons in SVG, PNG, and AI formats. Icons are categorized into many groups so you can easily find out your needs. You can use their search bar to find a particular anime app icon. Simply type Anime into the search bar and then click on the search button.

These anime app icons can be used for your brand, company, Avatar, Android app, iOS app, or any other project. Iconfinder has the best anime icon collection you can find a large number of anime icons to download for free.


Dribbble is a website where you can find various type of anime app icons that uploaded by designers. These icons are available for free to download and can be used for both personal and business gain. With the help of a search bar, users can search for anime app icons that will enjoy this website. Many icons about comics, anime art, naruto, chibi, fanart, manga art, and other topics can be found on Dribbble.

So, if you’re searching for anime icons, Dribbble is a great place to look for them. To get this you’ll need to sign up for a Dribbble account. After you create an account, you will have access to all of Dribbble’s icons.

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iconmonstr.com is a different website from others in a few ways. They have a large number of anime app icons, all of which are black and white. For a stronger visual effect, use them as icons on your screen, on your blogs, or as graphics in your presentations.

Second, all of their icons are available in.svg,.eps,.psd, and.png formats. If you want to use them as icons for files and directories on your Windows system, you’ll need to convert them to the.ico format.


Dryicons.com has one of the largest collections of professionally created icons on the internet. They have over 6700 icons and vector graphics available in a wide range of designs, themes, and color combinations, all with free, standard, or extended licences.

That’s all here at the end of the article, You can use above listed websites to add anime app icons to your project. We hope you will find the right choice that you want. So if you like the above post then please share it with your friends and social media.

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