7 best Free fax apps for Android To send a fax

The technology is growing day by day, fax is one of the essential things for most the companies, financial, healthcare and government require the fax things from any time. So that’s why we are here to come up with the 7 best fax apps for your android device.

There are many android users over the world but they are unaware of the fax apps yes on the play store you can find many fax sending apps if you don’t know what’s exactly the fax then read the below.

Fax let you send documents via fax to anyone in the world and any location place. You can send multiple document formats as you wish also you can track the faxes that you have already sent to check whether your fax reached or not.

7 best fax apps for Android to Send/Receive Faxes

Easy Fax

Easy Fax is one of the best fax apps available for Android. It allows you to convert your documents, photos and receipts into a fax. You can send a fax at any time from anywhere. It supports PDF and image formats also. Apart from this, it supports Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and so others. The best function is that you can import the documents from any other app. This app received the notification and emails about the faxes that you have sent it. It has a lower price than anyone can afford. You received 15 free credits. Moreover, the cost per page depends on the location and it costs between $0.25 and $0.50 per page. This is great fax sending app if you only have a page or two to Fax Watch ads, get credits, and send a quick FAX.


FaxFile is yet another Fax sending app where you can send fax files or documents. It supports PDF, PNG, and JPEG files. It’s a very simple process, you need to store file on your android device, simply select the file that you want to send and enter the fax number and send the fax to any location. This app has easy to use interface, is intuitive, that offers a reasonable price. It enables you to save the fax images on your phone camera. To send a fax you will need to fax credit. Keep in mind once you buy a credit it’s not refundable or once you have started sent fax. Sending fax there is no monthly required. 

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Genius Fax

As the name suggests, Genius Fax is the simple and easiest way to send and receive faxes from your Android device. It’s an Easy, Fast, and Affordable fax app. You can send files from Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other app. Apart from this, you can receive documents as PDFs, and also if you wish you can preview them. It has a facility to export the received file to any other app. This app works great you have to pay some money to fax.

Simple Fax

Simple Fax is one of the few excellent fax apps. It has a simple user interface and low costs. If you signup for this app then you get the free 15 credit and you will be ready to send the first page but if you’re not signup then you can’t send the page for free. Just fill out the recipient and sender information, pay for your fax, then send it off. When you fax documents, you use the credits. There is also a monthly membership option for unlimited faxing. You can fax it to over 120 countries, US and Canadian numbers receive 10 credits per page and 15 credits per page for other countries and regions. 

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Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax is an extremely easy-to-use app for Android. The UI interface is simple and very convenient to manage your faxes. This app helps you to fax your documents to any location. After you’ve faxed a document, you can save it for future reference. You can fax documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and one drive. It supports PDF, TXT, HTML, PNG, and JPG formats. Faxing within the United States and Canada costs 10 credits per page, whereas international faxing costs 15.

Fax app

Fax App is an easy-to-use free scan & fax application that is available on the play store. You also get cloud storage support for Dropbox, Google Drive boxes are fully blended. You can send unlimited fax. It supports PDF files as well as JPEG files.  There is a scanner function in the app, before sending documents if you wish you can scan them. To send a fax no need for registration is required you can send and receive a fax just enter your personal information and business details. Moreover, you get the 7 days free trial but is valid for US, UK & CA Fax numbers.

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eFax is the best way to send & fax documents and receive faxes on your android phone no matter where you are. You are allowed to send a fax to over 200+ countries. Even though this app has some good features such as fax viewer, edit, save fax, scan fax with your phone camera, and many others. It supports files from Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. You can save the Save documents online with the help of the cloud in PDF format.


That’s it, We hope these fax apps are helpful for you to send fax online from your Android device. The fax app has more convenient to use, reliable and you get free credit. So you can choose the app according to your needs.

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