10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2022 (Modded Server)

There are many Minecraft service providers in the market that offers Minecraft game hosting at an affordable price over the world. The following is the list of Best Minecraft hosting servers with their top features, price, and Why Should I choose Hosting.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which players create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds.

1) Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is Minecraft hosting service provider. It has some dedicated hardware features such as high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives. It provides high TPS and lag-free servers for all customers.


  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • DDoS Protection
  • Free Sub-Domain
  • Automatic Backups
  • Supports modpacks
  • FTP Access
  • MySQL database
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

Apex Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice $
2 GBUnlimited$7.49/m
3 GBUnlimited$11.24/m
4 GBUnlimited$14.99/m
5 GBUnlimited$18.74/m
6 GBUnlimited$22.49/m
8 GBUnlimited$29.99/m
10 GBUnlimited$37.49/m
512mb Only for ProxyUnlimited$2.99/m

Why Should I choose Apex Hosting

Apex hosting has a 99.99 uptime with 100,000 users and counting. There is various pricing option you can choose from. It is also very easy to install and extremely convenient to manage.

2) Shockbyte

Shockbyte is another Minecraft hosting service provider in the web. It starts at just $2.50. You can change your server at any time whenever you want. It also supported server versions are CraftBukkit, Spigot, Forge, BungeeCord, Sponge, Snapshots, and Vanilla. They offer Full FTP Access, instant setup, all modpacks, Custom JAR Support, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, and bandwidth.


  • Task Scheduling
  • Automatic updates, automatic nodding.
  • Full FTP access.
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Offers dedicated IP support.
  • MCPC & MCPE Compatible
  • Free Subdomain
  • It contacts information availability
  • 100% uptime
  • Automatic backups
  • Free MySQL Databases
  • Low latency
  • DDoS protection.
  • Multicraft CP.
  • Instant setup, server console, and free MySQL DB.

Shockbyte Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice
1GB RAM8$2.50/m
2GB RAM16$5/m
3GB RAM30$7.50/m
4GB RAM40$10/m
5GB RAM50$12.50/m
6GB RAM60$15/m
7GB RAM70$15.50/m
8GB RAM80$20/m
9GB RAM90$22.50/m

Why should I choose Shockbyte hosting?

Shockbyte has been providing Minecraft hosting services since 2013 with thousands of customers and more than 400K servers hosted. It has a strong reputation among the Minecraft server community. Also, it offers a full money-back guarantee to users. The best part is that you can cancel your order any time within 72 hours and get back you’re a full refund.

3) Bisect Hosting

BisectHosting is a Minecraft server hosting provider that offers affordable hosting at a low price. It provides dedicated servers and VPS for those who are looking for a big and fast server. They offer different types of server types such as plugins and mods.


  • Free Subdomain
  • Easy to Setup
  • MySQL Databases
  • Supports modpacks
  • Multiple Location
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Custom JAR Supports
  • No Overselling
  • FTP Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Lightning fast HDD and SSD
  • DDOs Protection
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

Bisect Hosting Plans

Players SlotsRAMPrice $
Up To 12 Slots1 GB$7.99/m
Up To 24 Slots2 GB$9.98/m
Up To 36 Slots3 GB$14.97/m
Up To 48 Slots4 GB$19.96/m
Up To 36 Slots5 GB$24.95/m
Up To 60 Slots6 GB$29.94/m
Up To 72 Slots7 GB$34.93/m
Up To 84 Slots8 GB$39.92/m
Up To 96 Slots9 GB$49.90 /m
Up To 160 Slots10 GB$59.88/m
Up To 160 Slots13 GB$69.86/m
Up To 160 Slots14 GB$79.84/m
Up To 160 Slots16 GB$89.82/m
Unlimited Slots18GB$99.80/m
Unlimited Slots20 GB$109.78/m

Why Should I choose BisectHosting

There are many Minecraft hosting providers available on the web. There are multiple pricing options you can choose from which hosting plan suits you. It is a budget-friendly hosting. It provides an unlimited number of slots. Also, you can change game settings, and save and schedule multiple different backups as needed. The best part is that you can set the server location for free. It is easy to install and extremely convenient to manage cpanel without any issue.

4) Zap hosting

Since 2010, ZAP-hosting has been providing the German game server also it is one of the largest game server providers in Europe. It offers 100 games that include Minecraft. The ZAP Hosting provider has offered servers at worldwide locations in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, and Australia. It offers a game server that is set up fully automatically and is directly accessible after setup. They provide more than 200 Minecraft modpack servers available, where the selected modpack is pre-installed on the server.


  • FTP access
  • DDoS protection
  • Powerful root servers
  • User friendly interface
  • Highspeed SSDs
  • Automatic setup
  • Switch games
RAMPrice $
2048 MB$3/m
4096 MB$27/m
8192 MB$120/m

Why Should I choose ZAPHosting

ZAPhosting provides a variety of games that includes vanilla, Bukkit, spigot, Forge, Cauldron, Bedrock and much more.  Apart from this game server cloud, allows users to install additional game servers for free and then switch between games.

5) ScalaCube

ScalaCube provides Minecraft Server Hosting at an affordable price. Just one click install for over 1000 unique modpacks and instant setup. They support Pocketmine, Snapshots, PaperMC, Spigot, Bukkit, etc. It offers a free subdomain to make accessing your server easier. With the help of the Control Panel, you set up an unlimited number of game servers and the unlimited number of slots with a single VPS server.


  • Full Access to Files
  • Mod & Plugin support
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 Servers & Support
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • Automated Backups
  • Free Subdomain
  • MySQL databases, and FTP file access.

ScalaCube Hosting Plans

Players SlotsRAMPrice $
10768 MB RAM$2.50/m 
201.5 GB RAM$5/m
403 GB RAM$10/m
704.5 GB RAM$13/m
1006 GB RAM$18/m
1508 GB RAM$24/m
22512 GB RAM$36/m
30016 GB RAM$48/m
60032 GB RAM$96/m

Why Should I choose ScalaCube

There is a special Minecraft server hosting control panel, you can make your own Minecraft server and choose which version of the game you want to run. You can install a number of different minigames that have all been preconfigured and are ready to play that includes KitPVP, McMMO, Skywars, etc. It allow you to access standard server features such as MySQL databases, and FTP file access.

6) RAMShard

Founded in 2017, RAMShard offers Minecraft hosting services. It empowers server owners, businesses, and developers by providing a high-quality service at an affordable price. It provides server locations in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, France, Singapore, and Australia.


  • Multicraft 2.0
  • DDoS Protection
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • NVMe SSDs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Full FTP Access
  • 1-Click Plugin Installer
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Free MySQL Database
  • Worldwide Locations
  • Custom JAR Support
  • Free Subdomain

RAMShard Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice $
1024 MB RAMUnlimited$3/m
2048 MB RAMUnlimited$6/m
3072 MB RAMUnlimited$9/m
4096 MB RAMUnlimited$12/m
5120 MB RAMUnlimited$15/m

Why Should I choose RAMShard

RAMShard is the best Minecraft Server Hosting provider that offers various plans at an affordable price. The very quick and efficient support from this hosting. It has a better performance without limitation. If you’re struggling with other providers, to find the Minecraft server hosting then RAMShard is best choice for you.


GPORTAL offers Minecraft servers at a low price, you can choose from 250 different modpacks and play your favouite game. No additional setting is required to installed modpacks. The instant setup and a Ram-based server model. GPORTAL also provides you with unlimited server slots. There are different Minecraft server locations.


  • Immediately online
  • DDoS Protection
  • FTP AND MYSQL Database
  • SSD server hardware and high performance
  • Live Support
  • Unlimited slots
  • Dynamic RAM Manager
  • Easy server administration via web interface

GPORTAL Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice $
2 GB RAMUnlimited$2/m
3 GB  RAMUnlimited$3/m
4 GB  RAMUnlimited$4/m
5 GB  RAMUnlimited$5/m
6 GB  RAMUnlimited$6/m
7 GB  RAMUnlimited$7/m
8 GB  RAMUnlimited$8/m

Why Should I choose GPORTAL

You can easily manage your Minecraft server and have more time to play Minecraft. You will get Control settings, modpacks and much more through their web interface, without any command line or code. It also has an unlimited slot available at GPORTAL, you can play Minecraft with all your friends at any time. GPORTAL is the right place for you. Choose your suitable Minecraft server RAM and you can start playing right away.

8) MCProhosting

MCProHosting is the world’s largest and leading game server hosting provider Founded in 2011. It supported both Java and Bedrock Edition for the mobile version. This Minecraft server hosting allows you to control their server from a browser that includes managing the console, installing different server types, and modifying and uploading files.


  • Unlimited storage space
  •  24/7 support
  •  Enterprise-grade hardware
  •  Unrestricted file access
  •  Worldwide locations
  •  Standard DDoS protection

MCProhosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice in $
1.5 GB RAM25$8.99/m
2 GB RAM35$11.99/m
4 GB RAM70$22.99/m
5GB RAM80$24.99/m
6 GB RAM100$33.99/m
8 GB RAMUnlimited$44.99/m

Why Should I choose MCProhosting

MCProhosting is a Minecraft hosting provider that offers multiple locations throughout North America, Europe, Asia and more. It provides the highest performing service no matter where you are around the world. With zero cost offers, automatically store daily server backups.

9) BeastNode

BeastNode is a leading Minecraft server hosting provider which provides unlimited storage and bandwidth. It only Mod Support (Tekkit, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, and more) but provides the Plugin Support also (CraftBukkit, Spigot, ValheimPlus etc. We are your one-stop shop to get your community up and running, no matter the size.


  • Free MySQL Database
  • Full FTP Access
  • 1Gbit Network Port for low pings
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Hardware DDoS Protection
  • Free Subdomain
  • Plugin Support (CraftBukkit, Spigot, ValheimPlus etc.)
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • Full SSD hard drives for lag free gaming
  • Selectable Player Slots
  • Mod Support (Tekkit, Feed the Beast, ATLauncher, and more)

BeastNode Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice $
1 GB15$2.99/m
2 GB30$5.99/m
3 GB45$8.99/m
4 GB60$11.99/m
6 GB75$17.99/m
8 GB90$23.99/m
10 GB100+$29.99/m
12 GB100+$35.99/m

Why Should I choose BeastNode

If you are looking for the best Minecraft server host then BeastNode is the best option for you. It has some advanced features like easy setup, Selectable Player Slots, Unlimited Bandwidth, and much more.

10) Nodecraft

Nodecraft is another Cheap Minecraft Hosting provider. You can Instantly create a game server for up to 31 games. It has an Instant setup and easy-to-use interface.  This allows your instance to access more CPU cores, disk IOs, and RAM. You can save and swap to host any of the supported games (vanilla and modded) and there are no limitations on player slots. It provides the hundreds of modpacks are available through their panel. 


  • One click installs for vanilla and modded installations
  • No lag
  • DDoS Protection and High Performance Network 
  • Free trial
  • No limits on player slots

Nodecraft Hosting Plans

RAMPlayers SlotsPrice $
2 GB RAMUnlimited$9.98/m
4 GB  RAMUnlimited$19.98/m
6 GB  RAMUnlimited$29.98/m
8GB  RAMUnlimited$39.98/m

Why Should I choose Nodecraft

Nodecraft is one of the best Minecraft server hosting providers which helps you to choose the server at the cheapest price. There are no player slots limits and no server overselling. With some advanced features, it works great in different locations. The range starts from $9.98 per month.

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