8 Best Money Earning Apps That Work in 2023

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In this digital era everyone has a smart device if I told you you can earn money through your mobile devices then how’s your reaction yes you can hear right now earning money using the device it’s not difficult. There are many money-making applications available on the Play Store or apple store that give you a chance to earn money. Simply you can Download the app on your device, signup and fill in personal information and start right away.

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Best Money Earning Apps

Below are the best Money Earning Apps you can use on your device just simply download and


Meesho is one of the most popular fastest growing e-Commerce platforms where people can earn money. With this top-earning money app, you can sell different lifestyle and cosmetic products through social media such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

If you think about how Meesho is work then, once you start receiving queries about the product you can add information like the profit margin for example if the product cost is 500 INR and you want to earn a profit of 100 INR then you can enter a total price of 600 INR at the end of the final delivery cost. Once the product is sold your total profit and shipping expenses incurred by you are promptly deposited into your bank account. Additionally, Meesho sends the money within ten days of receiving the order if it is cash on delivery.

Meesho global ranking is Over the last three months, global ranking has increased from 1,556 to 1,306 over the last three months, and In India, it Ranked is 109. Apart from this Industry rank (E-commerce and Shopping) is 11.

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Google Opinion

Do you have general knowledge? then here are the chance to earn money. Google Opinion is one of the platforms where you can give answer questions and rewards through cash or credit. This app is created by the Google Surveys team. All the questions are very simple just you need to select the interest you like and have expertise in, you can choose to answer only them. One best thing is that the rewards don’t expire immediately, you can only redeem them for digital things like games, microtransactions, or YouTube movies.

The app always pays out to get started you need to download the app from the Google play store or Apple Store and enter your details like location, and surveys after you can participate and earn money.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money is another money-making application where you can earn money by doing tasks, watching videos, and playing Tombola. Moreover, you can earn money by recommending the app to friends and family. The app was founded in 2014, which allows you to find profitable and money-making options.

Additionally, they offer a free mobile recharge. With 10 million users already taken advantage. The app is free to use and simple to access no need for extra technical knowledge.


If are you looking for an app where you can play quizzes and earn money then here TaskBucks is available for you. On this app, you can earn coins by participating in games and quizzes. Moreover, on this app many ways to earn coins by participating in tasks, competitions, and free recharge. Even though you can invite your friends and family and earn coins after you can turn them into cash. You can earn 10,000 coins can be per day on this app.


OfferUp is the most popular customer-to-customer marketplace in the United States. You can earn money by selling used items. The website is simple and clean interface. OfferUp is similar to LetGo here you can directly sell your items locally or nationally just add the item by uploading a photo, writing a description, and adding the price. Also, viewers can communicate with the seller. If a buyer gives a positive response to seller, they arrange a meeting time and location to close the deal. Overall, OfferUp is the best app for making money online.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a money-making app that allows you to sell goods. There is a selling community where you can post your ads with images and descriptions.

You can sell various items like cars & vehicles, clothes & accessories, electronics & gadgets, etc. but you can sell things like animals, alcohol, event tickets, tobacco products, unsafe supplements, healthcare items like first-aid kits, and so on according to the Facebook Marketplace guidelines,

In addition, Facebook Marketplace prohibits before and after photos of products. For instance, a product depicting weight loss because such images could be derogatory or encourage unhealthy practices. Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell and ship to buyers internationally also.

Current Rewards

As a name, Current Rewards is an application where you can earn money by listening to music from your favorite singers or brands and radio stations. If you want to earn more then you can participate in surveys, free games & apps, and watch short videos.

Additionally, you can earn more using the referrals program if it successfully works then your account money will credit. You get cashback on shopping also. With this simple and easy-to-use app, you can earn $600 per year.

The Panel Station 

The Panel Station is another one of best India’s paid survey platforms. You can share your valuable opinion with the Panel Station and Earn Rewards, vouchers, and more. You can participate in the surveys which has time around 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

If you select the longer time you will get more paid. You can earn up to 7000 points or more according to The Panel Station.

Just you all need to do registration and set up your profile (name, email address, and so on) and a once the new survey is up, you will be notified via your registered email address.

Final Word

These money-earning app helps you to earn money without resenting physically just you need a good internet connection to complete the task that they ask you. Even though Registration is compulsory and you can safely earn money.

Keep in mind There are several fake money-earning applications available for Android and iOS that will not be paid you or steal your data like personal information.

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