8 Best Proxy Sites To Keep your Surfing Private With a Proxy Server

 If you are looking to protect your privacy online? if yes then you’re in right place. A proxy server is one of the simplest ways to hide your identity. A proxy server serves as a gateway between you and the internet. This is an intermediate server that separates end users from the websites they are surfing. Depending on the use case, needs, or company policy, proxy servers offer varying degrees of flexibility, protection, and privacy. While there are many sites available on the internet that provides the best service for all internet users who like to surfing online. Here I listed some best 8 proxy sites.

Hotspot Shield

While Hotspot Shield is primarily a VPN rather than a proxy, it offers better security and it is also the best as a free VPN. Hotspot Shield provides a free VPN tier, in addition to competitors that usually have a simple proxy service. If you pay for Hotspot ‘s Elite version, you can choose to anchor yourself in one of 25 countries, and this should allow you to access just about anything you want; in the free version, you ‘re limited to places Hotspot Shield chooses for you and put up with ads. If you subscribe for the premium plan then you will get 3,200+ servers in more than 70+ countries


KProxy is distinctive in that it provides an extension to Chrome to make surfing simpler. It is a lightweight browser with KProxy Extension configured to Firefox. The KProxy Extension encrypts your browser’s link to your target server and makes it impossible to hack your information. KProxy Extension works for internet proxies built at work, at universities, in libraries etc. KProxy also says that it’s better than a VPN since it communicates via a standard HTTP protocol. The KProxy ‘s extension filters all internet traffic, rather than having to enter the address each time, and what it says is that it can transform the machine into a proxy server itself.


Hide.me is the fastest proxy server that provides a free proxy service, which allows users to select their country of choice from a list. You can use this directly via the app, or use the Firefox or Chrome browser plugins to use the service as an alternative. The proxy only offers three different countries the Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S. which may not be enough for location-dependent surfing, but if you’re in these countries then this is the best stop solution for you, so you no need to go any list. The one downside is the distracting pop-up ads but safe to use.


VPNBook offers a free SSL-encrypted web proxy for a spot of anonymous browsing, in addition to its own virtual private network. It has extremely fast in our tests, and their address bar/banner has been unobtrusive. Unlike all free web proxies, VPNBook maintains weblogs which it can use to report illegal activity, but after a week these are automatically removed. It’s not great but the speed, simplicity, and clear logging policy of VPNBook make it our option for the best free web proxy.


HideMyAss mainly (known as HMA) offers digital software and services to help users stay anonymous online and encrypt their internet traffic. The proxy site run by AVG provides a simple free tier of service, backed by a well-known antivirus company. HMA masks the IP address of the user and other identifying details by routing the internet traffic of the user via a remote server Premium user can opt for a higher streaming speed but for simple text-based pages, the standard version is perfect. You can access your blocked content with free HMA.


FilterBypass is one of the best web proxy services with additional one-click security features, such as URL encryption, page encryption. The ability to disable scripts and cookies-features that are often limited to premium proxies. FilterBypass is a free and fast web proxy that can unblock Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, as well as many other websites also you can easy to access videos that are blocked ij your country. It supports HTTPS but it blocks online stores and banking services. There is no mention of where the proxy servers are located on the site, but the data was routed via Germany in our tests.


Hidester Web Proxy is secure and allows you to access any website from anywhere, anywhere, and easy to use. Just open your browser, type in a website address, and instantly encrypt your connection. No need to install any software or app, so you can use this on your mobile device. You are secured by automated SSL technology against malicious scripts or hackers attempting to hide your identity. And on Wi-Fi connections in parks.

Proxy Site

ProxySite has a simple interface that offers speed and security. The site has several servers in both the US and the EU but it’s not free you have to pay costs $9.99/month for more specialized VPN services.


Above listed proxy sites are popular sites among the people so you can use these sites when you’re surfing the internet. These Proxy sites are very helpful for you if you are blocked in your country or blocked on any website. Using these sites you can unblocked in any website.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational and learning purposes only. We don’t promote privacy or illegal content.

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