The 7 Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads

Google Play store is a very large marketplace to install any free/paid app easily. Sometimes no android app is available on the play store that you want it can happen for a variety of reasons like It may be geo-blocked, it may contain adult content, or it may have been deleted by the owner. For this situation, you can use Apk files to install any app for your android devices. Yeah, if you hear the first time about Android apk file then no worry today we will share with you the best Android Apk Download sites.

This Apk File you can not only use in your android phones even can be used in your pcs too. Only you will need to download a device in .APK format in this situation.

we’ll talk about what an APK file is, and what the safest, secure APK sites are. It’s easy to download APK files from these sites to install any android app you ‘d like for free.

What is APK File?

APK refers for Android Package Kit and it’s the file format that Android uses for its apps just like EXE files in Windows.

The main way of delivering and installing Android apps is from an APK file. When you download an app from Google Play, you download and run an APK file in the background, but the APK itself is not accessible to you.

The 7 Best Safe APK Download Sites for Android Apps

APK sites have lots of choices out there but not all of them are safe and reliable. A little bit of research that we have picked up out 7 different safe APK sites that we recommend for APK downloading.


Website link:

APKMirror is one of the famous and a secure APK site as well. This site has the APK of virtually every app you ‘d be looking for and constantly adds new releases. Every APK on the web is downloadable completely free and safe.

The collection on APKMirror is very huge and therefore the categorization is a sort of mess. We would recommend that you use the search feature instead of sifting through the endless categories to find what you’re searching for.

You may also want to check out the list of most common APKs to start. The platform has millions of views and downloads every day, is easy to use and navigate, and guarantees you have the most up-to-date APKs. When an APKMirror app you are downloading receives an update from Google Play after you have installed it on your computer, it will automatically upgrade to the latest version.


Website link:

Aptoide is another APK downloading site it has over 200 million users and six billion downloads. Unlike APKPure, the site provides an Android app that allows you to directly access the store and download APK files from your Android device.

The company was also among the first to adopt the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The token on the site — called AppCoins — lets developers, among other uses, raise their revenue share.

What isn’t Aptoide closer to the top of the list? Since, in short, it allows users to run their own stores and thus allows modded APKs to access the site. These are well signaled but you could download one by mistake if you don’t pay attention.


Website link:

Another safe APK site is APKPure, with an abundance of different APK files. The homepage has a wide range of options to find your desired apps from. Updates are given regularly, as noted in the site’s daily update.

APK Pure lets you pre-register for the future installation of the app. That means that any new app that you have an eye on can be downloaded to your smartphone instantly once it is released. You can also allow APK Pure notifications so you are always aware of updates available.

Apps locked from the area are no longer an issue with APK Pure. Americans playing Japanese RPGs on their Android devices won’t have a problem buying them here. The methods of uploading and updating are extremely dynamic. The Google Play Store is even more so.


Website link:

APK4Fun is just as stable and user-friendly as APKMirror, but happens to be structured even better. Which makes it easier to find your APK option in a quicker, trouble-free manner. The categories are called more clearly like Game, Puzzle, Racing, Social etc.

They also have a top download category similar to the common downloads provided by APKMirror. APK4Fun lets you enjoy the best of its services, finding the most needed and secure APK files you need.

There’s no subscription or registration required, which means you can access the whole site free of charge. Also, the site and its contents are safe from malware, so anything you download won’t come with a little intrusive stowaway.

BlackMart Alpha

Website link:

The interface of BlackMart Alpha is very similar to the one of the Google Play Store. The biggest difference is the easiness of everything you see. The black market provides many apps for downloading on a platform which is very easy to use.

Every open program comes with no restrictions so you can download and install anything you want without any hassle.

To access its large library of APKs, BlackMart Alpha does not need Google Account Access or any kind of site registration. It is a great, safe alternative for any Android operating device to go to the Google Play Store.


Website link:

No longer in the production settings, Android APK is the place to go to find those hard to get. The platform will help you discover both stable and usable older APKs software. In addition to offering lots of trending and newly launched applications as well.

Safe APK download database is very impressive, with some of their most popular downloads being VidMate, Pokemon TV, YouTube video downloader and more.

The download process is quick and painless, and it’s a totally secure APK site, as mentioned previously. Check out their incredible selection of APKs, especially if you can’t find the one you’re looking for on any other site.


Website link:

We love APKMirror and APKPure truly. In truth, you never really should have a reason to go to another site. Yet let’s err on the cautionary side, and introduce you to a few other choices quickly.

APK Store is first up. Former name of the app was the downloader of APK.

All APKs are pulled from the Google Play Store, so you can be sure about their availability and safety. There is also plenty of metadata, as with the other pages on this list, meaning you can skip Google Play completely if you wish.


That’s all these are our top picks for the best android apk download site but they’re certainly not the only ones that are available. These sites are very popular among the worldwide also listed in top Modded apk sites so you can visit once and install apk file with safely on your Android device.

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