7 Best Tips To Shoot Up Your TikTok Engagement Rate

If you are new to TikTok, it is natural that the TikTok algorithm may seem a little mysterious and slightly tough to crack open. But there are so many ways to solve this mystery and increase the engagement rate on TikTok. Some of the sure-shot ways are: be interesting, think like a Gen-Z, or simply buy TikTok followers. But there are so many other ways that can increase your engagement rate on TikTok, read this article to find out the 7 best tips to shoot up TikTok engagement rate. 


The first impression is everything and while it’s easy to make people land up on your account, you can only make them stay by intriguing some interest. Here, you need to keep in mind that the initial seconds of your video can be a gamechanger. If you are interested during the first few seconds of your video, viewers are more likely to convert into loyal followers, fans, and even friends. Try to make your short and precise, so people don’t lose interest unless you have something spicy, or inspirational to share. 


You will find various types of creators and influencers on Tiktok, each of them having their own specialties. Not everyone can dance like Charli D’Amelio or not everyone can do comedy sketches like Manjul Khattar. But the one thing that all these influencers have in common is that they figured out their calling, and mastered their art by sticking to a niche. Similarly, you can experiment initially to find out what you enjoy the most, and what your audience enjoys watching. Find a common ground and post frequently in that genre. You could always surprise your audience with something new, fun and experimental every once in a while, to increase engagement on Tiktok. 


Since personal touch is crucial to increase engagement on Tiktok, telling your story or generally a story that you can relate to/has inspired you can really help to make people be interested in you. You can select any simple yet aesthetic format and intriguing. Make sure that your narrative is compelling and as authentic as possible. People normally have a curious nature and you can go a long way on TikTok if you have an interesting life that you can share with your audience. If you want to maintain your privacy, you can simply post some fun behind the scenes. 


Creativity is what sets you apart. Following hashtag trends are not the only way to be recognized, creating hashtags is what can help a large population on this platform to check your space and increase engagement rate on Tiktok. So, if you 0on display. Edit your videos well and be a trend-setter. 


One of the most effective ways to shoot up engagement rate on TikTok is to make people connect with you and see you for who you are, beyond what your videos display. Live videos are a great way to create a bond with your followers, add some personal touch, and also get some instant engagement boost. You can also buy TikTok followers so they can be alerted about your live and tune in to increase engagement rate on TikTok faster. 


This is one of the most underrated factors that can help to increase engagement rate on TikTok. There are certain time durations when people are most active, depending on your audience. It may be after-school timings or sometime during the night before people go to bed. You can use apps, trackers to figure that out or upgrade to TikTok pro. Another way is to check that when are other similar accounts posting content with maximum engagement rate. This may take some experimentation but keep trying until you find out your ideal time when you can get maximum engagement. 


When it comes to the social media ecosystem, influencers are usually on top of the food chain. So, if you want to shoot up your engagement rate on Tiktok, you should try getting the attention of some famous personality. If you manage to get into an influencer’s space, it will help in redirecting their followers to your account. You can do so by consistently commenting on influencer posts, sending them personal DMs with interesting ideas, and ensuring that your own content is amazing enough to capture their interest. So, choose an influencer in the niche you’re best at and try to connect with them not only on TikTok but also on other platforms like Instagram. Make sure to not get too clingy or seem desperate. If you don’t get to create content physically with influencers, you can simply take on duet challenges and create duets as this is another feature that gets a lot of attention. 


 TikTok is a booming platform and even though that helps in creating various opportunities for content creators, but it can also be quite tiresome and challenging considering how saturated it has become lately. But staying patient and continuing to master your skill will help you reach your target. If you want to make the process faster, check out platforms where you can buy Tiktok followers. We hope these tips work for you as we’re rooting for you!

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