6 Best Web Browser For Roku You Should Know

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Best Web Browser For Roku You Should Know

Roku is one of the hardware digital media players that was founded in May 2008 that offers access to streaming media content from various online services. One downside is that Roku has a very limited set of functions for browsing but it’s not mean that Roku not entertaining to users.

Roku is a full package of entrainment you just need to connect to your computer. Here is the list of some of the best web browsers for Roku that will help to increase the quality of your browsing. So let’s go


Best Browsers for Roku


Opera is a multi-platform web browser developed by its namesake company Opera. It is the most popular web browser for Roku, it gives a smooth and hassle-free experience to the user. If youre new to opera then it gives you the fastest and easiest navigation. Like another web browser, opera needs to connect to any streaming device such as phone, computer, or tablet.

You can use any standard keyboard to do the searches. This is the lightweight browser that response as soon as possible. It provides a VPN service to unblock the various entertainment content and protects your identity while surfing.

2. Web Browser X

Web browser X is one of the best web browsers for Roku, it is simple to use and easy to navigate through the browser. The interface of Web Browser X is not so attractive it looks old. But it works great compared to other web browsers. Here you can easily move left and right, up and down buttons from the Roku remote. The best part is that in some countries you can access the Roku browser for free without any hassle. Although it works well when it comes to high-quality content then it buffers overall the makes web surfing hassle-free. 


On our list next, POPRISM is one of the good web browsers for Roku that let you access the web. If youre looking for a website on Roku then PROPRISM does not fulfill your requirement. It is totally text-based, there is no Graphical UI and Images.  Apart from this, you can’t run JavaScript here. When you visit the website and browse you’ll get a mostly-unformatted text.

There are few websites that support the POPRISM browser, so if you browse for any other web page then you’re disappointed to reading the text. You can easily navigate the web pages via up, down, left and right keys from the Roku remote, if you want to go back tap the ‘Return’ key.

4.  Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster is the best web browser for casting videos to your Roku. You can browse your favourite TV shows, movies, sports channel, live streams. Web Video Caster offers very good support compared to other Roku web browsers. It gives an excellent viewing experience to the users without any issue. Apart from Roku, it supports Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA receivers & more. It allows you to Cast videos, images, and audio from the web browser on your device like Android, tablets etc.

Photos and audio files are also supported. Subtitles are detected on the web page and you can also use your own subtitles. In addition, you can use the integrated search of OpenSubtitles.org. It is paid service, the cost 4.99$/month but at this price, you will get seamless entrainment.

5. Media Browser for Roku

Media Browser is another web browser for Roku that allows you to stream media from your computer to your Roku-connected TV or another device through your local network. For this, you need to download the Media Browser Server and just one click install it on your local computer. The web browser updated on time such as Live TV, Photo Slideshows, Remote Control from other Media Browser Apps & so on.The neat and clean interface and easy-to-navigate keys. 

6. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is the best web browser that allows you to stream a large number of content on its platform. You can watch your favourite content such as listening to music, watching movies, and streaming other content.

The Roku Channel offers free-to-watch, ad-supported movies, TV shows, and live news. The web browsers for Roku, upload the latest content from Yahoo and keep users entertained by providing them with the most recent content.

Use Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring is one of the best options even though you can cast a browser directly from your smartphones, computer, and tablets.

Can I get Browse the Internet on Roku?

Roku is one of the best web browsers it offers a large variety of entrainment stuff that includes movies, tv shows, series, live sports and so on. If you don’t know then yes, Roku does not have a built-in option to access the internet. If you want to access the internet on Your television set via Roku, then you need to install a third-party web browser on your device.

Does there a free web browser for Roku?

Yes, As we mentioned above these are Roku web Browser alternatives, you can use Web Browser X, POPRISM, and so on without taking any subscription.

How To get Google Chrome on my Roku?

If you want to use Google Chrome on Roku then you can try screen mirroring for this you need to install the Google Chrome App on your smartPhone and then connect your smartphone to the television to browse the Internet on a screen.

How do I mirror Internet on Roku?

  • Go to Roku Device,
  • Open, the “Settings” menu,
  • select “System”
  • Click on “Screen mirroring”, and make sure “Enable screen mirroring” is checked.
  • After you will see the list of the devices that appears and request a connection then select the appropriate device and click to “connect”

 Can I Cast my browser to Roku?

Roku doesn’t have its own browser, for alternative you can use the screen mirroring to cast the browser. On other hand, you can use the above-listed web browsers these browsers from third-party


Well, at the end of this article the listed best web browsers for Roku allow browsing the web on your Roku Tv. Let us know if you find the other web browser.

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