Best Writing Apps Every Student Should Use in 2020

Writing dozens of different types of academic papers is an inevitable part of the life of every student. However, this process is full of challenges: you need to keep the main facts and arguments in mind, constantly check your paper for grammar and punctuation mistakes, as well as stay focused on the best structure of your assignment. 

There is nothing new that thousands of students prefer choosing a top rated essay writing service to get their papers done. In case you don’t know which one to pick up, you can easily read the freshest speedy paper reviews and discover all the benefits and drawbacks of each writing platform from your list. However, there are still many young learners, who prefer completing their tasks without any assistance. In case you are one of them, this article is right for you. Learn more about the best writing apps for students right here below. 

Libre Office 

This word processor is considered to be among the most popular programs for easy writing. Being an excellent alternative to the well-known Word, Libre Office is available to all its users for free. The number of functions and options available at the popular app is outstanding. Moreover, it also supports dozens of file formats. With the help of this editor, you can easily create a document with any structure, formatting, and style. Libre Office is a perfect solution for creating brilliant essays from scratch.

Google Docs 

This service is a handy option for those who want to get access to their documents from various devices. Google Docs allows creating various types of academic papers, choosing different formatting, adding headers, and using various tools and add-ons. Feel free to add diverse images, tables, charts, drawings, links, and other elements to your paper. Moreover, the app supports voice typing, so you can create your essays on the fly with no need to stick to the screen of your laptop or computer. 


This service is ready to give you a helping hand with checking your papers for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It also can assist you with removing typos. The fact is when you are creating your paper, you usually stay focused on its content but not on top-notch writing. Grammarly helps young learners to craft polished and error-free essays with minimum efforts. In other words, the process of writing is likely to become two times easier with this fantastic writing solution.


This service is known for its easy and understandable interface. The main goal of Milanote is to make your research faster and more effective. This tool is an organizing utility that has tons of amazing functions. For example, you can make countless notes, add links, images, and files, as well as create visual boards for the more productive learning process. 

Hemingway app 

This service continues to be one of the most popular writing apps for crowds of students. It is a free online tool that is developed to make your writing better. Although the program will not help you to fix mistakes and misprints, it is still a convenient option to improve your writing. It can provide you with lots of prompts on how to bring your paper to a higher level of proficiency. For example, it can highlight the words that should be changed and show which sentences are too wordy. Hemingway has both mobile and desktop versions.


This application is one of the greatest solutions for busy students. It often happens that you have lots of important events in the same week. For example, you might have a difficult exam and your friend’s birthday the same day. MyStudyLife will remind you about both events when certain key dates are coming. With this amazing app, you will be able to remember all the necessary dates and events with no effort. 


The service is a great alternative for arranging all your assignments and important things in a single place. Create practical to-do-lists and benefit from completing all your tasks on time. In case the scheduling is not your greatest skill, you will surely enjoy using Todoist. 

Writing is not easy. However, with these top tools, you will be able to complete all your assignments within the shortest terms. 

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