Browser Extensions or How to Make SEO’s Life Better

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Every expert SEO needs to understand technology, psychology, public relations, marketing, and link building. Meaning they will have to be a jack-of-all-trades. However, you do not always have enough time to do what you like. Nevertheless, you might save your effort and time utilizing browser extensions.

 You might install them with just a few clicks and reach them easily. They will assist you in:

  • building links better;
  • saving time by mastering the task efficiency;
  • examination of the code behind websites;
  • fast analysis of the website performance.  

Which extension is good for SEO?

 Searching for the best experience for SEO, you might select between various SEO toolbars – FireFox and Chrome, for example. If you want to use a FireFox tool, you would better read this list of the best extensions for FireFox, in particular. However, we recommend you to use a VeePN VPN firefox add-on to protect your computer from any kind of hacker attacks. Because first of all, privacy and data protection are important in SEO.

  1. SEOquake.

This is a free SEO extension that will assist you in the acceleration of the SEO efforts fluently. With this kind of addons for firefox, you will have key SEO metrics for an exclusive page and other useful tools like External/Internal link analysis, the Keyword Density report, the Seo Audit tool, and social metrics. We recommend you use vpn extension firefox for safe and secure exploitation.  

With SEOquake, you will be able to:

  • Discover the SERP competitors’ weaknesses and strengths.
  • Get the SEO overview of each page at a glance.  
  • Get detailed data concerning the backlinks and more.
  • Analyze the webpage’s internal and external links.

2. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

 With this add-on, you will have the most necessary SEO metrics just right in the web browser. You will have instant access to keyword metrics and major pages with it, including the number of the backlinks, number of the referring domains, specific organic search traffic, URL rating (UR), and domain rating (DR). 

3. Mangools SEO Extension

 Using this extension, you will speed up the SEO right in the browser. You might also see all on-page SEO insights, backlinks, popularity trends, the key SEO metrics, or any URL or domain. 

4. SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank

This is a free Firefox extension, giving a review of any provided website. It gives several tips for the website to master the rankings in Yahoo, Bing, and Google. This is a powerful extension for bloggers, mobile developers, web developers, SEOs, and digital marketing professionals. 

5. Foxy SEO Tool

This is a unique FireFox add-on, giving easy and fast access to the multitude of web traffic analysis sites like Semrush, Compete, and Alexa, and search engine functions. Using this tool, you might check the website’s listing in necessary directories, references in Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and find the shortcuts to useful social media sites and network functions. 

Which Chrome extension is best for SEO?

There are a number of SEO tools by Google Chrome to assist you in just one click. If you want to use Chrome, you might use the VeePN extension too. Here we will mention the best SEO add-ons suitable for Chrome:

  1. GrowthBar

 With this Chrome extension, you will have instant access to the critical SEO information points concerning any website. It might unlock the keywords and growth channels that work for them. Using GrowthBar, you might do keyword and SEO research from your Google browser because this tool lets you explore any Facebook ads, page word count, backlink data, domain authority, best-performing words, and more.

2. FindThatLead

 This tool helps find the right emails on LinkedIn profiles or any website. With it, you will be aware of whether the email that was generated is correct. There is a must-have tool when you plan to send outreach emails. It offers a free plan giving fifty free credits per month. 

3. vidIQ Vision for YouTube

 This tool gives you insights on the way to get more subscribers and views on YouTube. It allows you to make a channel audit to demonstrate for you what is good regarding your content and what improvements you need to make. You might also check out what your competitors are doing to generate more views and rank higher. 

4. Google Mobile Friendly
This service checks any site. Just enter its address into the line and your screen will display how your page will look like on a smartphone. In addition, the service will give an overall assessment of its optimization. It is also important to keep in mind that the optimization of loading from the iPhone is better than Android. There are many more applications that perform this function, but we consider this one as the most convenient.

5. BuzzSumo Extension

This is a popular modern content marketing tool, letting you search for the most shared or popular online content for any provided topic. This extension gives you insight into the way a certain content piece performs with no need to leave the web browser. It displays the number of Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook engagements, and the links’ number as well as the article’s Evergreen score.

6. Ubersuggest’s Chrome Extension

 It represents for you necessary keyword data for both Amazon, YouTube, and Google search results. Additionally, with this extension, you will be provided with domain metrics, social share count, backlink data, and more in order to streamline the SEO efforts.     

Which browser is best for SEO?

 FireFox and Chrome are the two most utilized browsers in the world. The choice you make would depend on your expectations because FireFox cares more about privacy when Chrome is very convenient to use. FireFox might be beneficial for those who are looking for built-in anti-tracking. However, Chrome features a number of extensions, Chromecast, Translator, Reverse image search. Speaking about the features of FireFox that make this browser stand out in the crowd, it is possible to mention Night shift, QR reader for mobile, and capture. Both the browsers have the synchronization feature, so it is up to you which one to select. However, note that whatever browser you select, make sure you have the proper vpn addon.   

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