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Click-through rate or the CTR has a crucial role on websites, and it also plays a main role within the search engines. CTR is capable of ranking your website on Google based on its rate and user engagement. Moreover, search engine optimization authorities insist that having an organic CTR is the first priority you should consider for website ranking. When the CTR rate is good, you can archive a better result in search engine optimization.

But the real problem is many people don’t know how they can increase this CTR rate naturally. And all the criteria considered by the search engines to rank a web is constantly also changing. So to adjust to these changes and be a top from all, you should have a great team that gives you the best support for your site’s SEO.

And for this case, the SearchSEO Website Traffic tool will give you great strength with help.

What is Known as SearchSEO?

SearchSEO CTR tool can be identified as a solution with automated results. It can drive some organic traffic towards your website, and this tool is really capable of increasing the CTR by using organic website traffic.

SearchSEO ‘s service aims to generate clicks, and it will be done on Google towards your website. If a website appears on the third or fourth pages on search engine results, it cannot have much traffic.

But when it comes to automated organic traffic, it will click the website after researching for a keyword related to your site. As a return, it will increase the ranking of this site within the search engines. So your target website will have the first pages from search results.

CTR is a Must for SEO

It is believed that the CTR of a website plays an important role within its SERP ranking. But this belief is not the knowing. So Rand Fishkin, who comes from Moz, which does the inbound marketing, has set research to know if this CTR rate plays a crucial role in the Google algorithm or not.

He had one test to ask his Twitter followers to have web research. This tweet provided specific keywords for the searching and the sites for visiting. It only took a few hours, and those given sites ranked top from all the search results.

So this whole test proved that click-through rate actually works towards ranking, and it shows that it has a huge impact on the ranking than just creating links to have traffic. But there is one issue in here. Not all of us own a tweeter account with million followers, so we need to have a SERP service. Those services can actually manipulate our CTR to improve the ranking.

Overview of the Search SEO

So now we know that CTR manipulation can actually boost the position of our websites from search results. There are so many ways to have this boost, but the CTR manipulation from SearchSEO will be the best choice you can have.

So here we are describing why SearchSEO will be the best to reach a high rank from search engine results, and for more information, you can check our videos as well.

Search SEO is Very Easy to Get In

There are many CTR services in the market, but they are so hard to handle because they come with complicated theories. But when it comes to SearchSEO, you will be able to have your campaign within minutes. It will work for you very easily.

Users are only required to create their custom campaign and then list their site or if there are many, list them all to improve the ranking. You should remember to list your keywords intended to have traffic in here. Once your part is done with the custom campaign, the rest will be cared for by the service. It will search your listed keywords and have a visit to your website. So gradually, your CTR will be increased and will improve the ranking that you take from search engines.

The results you will get from SearchSEO will last, and once it makes your website ranked, it will also bring you organic traffic. Through this traffic, your website will be remained highly ranked even after your campaign ends.

Views from Any Place

Sometimes, you might have a specific location set to increase the search engine ranking. This concept is suitable for the people who maintain online stores or local shops selling their products only for a specific area. With SearchSEO, you will be able to gain traffic from all over the world, including with certain states, countries, and cities.

Suppose you have chosen a company and they are using real people to increase this CTR. This comes with the issue of tracking geo-targeted results. And most importantly, those people will have to be in your targeted location as well. So it is really hard to use real people to increase the click-through rate. But when it comes to automated traffic, it will appear from anywhere within the world, and it will be a lot of easy to get the results you want.

Traffic is Affordable Here

When we are using automated traffic rather than real people, the first thing that we need to be concerned about is the price. Some websites use real people for their CTR, and they have to pay each one for every click. It means that every click has to be paid in here.

But when it comes to Search SEO, each dollar you spend will return you with 50 to 100 clicks. This amount is 20 times more than the rate that we get from real people, and because of this, you will have the opportunity to expand your budget to have more and more best results.

There is a basic Mini package with Search SEO, and it allows you to choose twelve keywords. And in there, geo-targeting for one country will cost only $29 per month. This package will make sure to give you 25 searches within a day, and every visit that manages to find your website will stay at least for one minute on the site. Most websites that use real people to gain clicks will not come with a time requirement. As a result, every visitor will not stay for longer, and they leave very soon. So it will affect badly for your ranking.

If you are searching for more and more views for your website within a day, you have plenty of options with SearchSEO. Multiple packages come with this service that includes 300, 1000, and up to 2000 searches for a day. And all the packages will come with a monthly service.

Guaranteed Traffic with Analytics and Google Search Console

When a service is offered to increase CTR, usually, we just have to trust what the company says about increasing the traffic on our sites. Not every company’s words can be trusted, and especially when there is a service with automated visits, they will not be shown in the website analytics.

But when it comes to SearchSEO, all the traffic you generate on your website will be shown in any analytics system. It will even be shown in the Google Search consoles as well. So the success can be measured in real-time with the Search SEO campaign, and you will know your results because they are literally shown up to you.

Unlimited Capacity

When a service uses real people for their traffic generating, there will always be a limit for their campaigns to generate traffic on websites. This is because all these services have a limit for the people who are doing searches. They might have thousands of members with them to search the sites. But the traffic that they can deliver will always be based on the number of other clients they hold.

This issue will not happen with SearchSEO because it has automated traffic. So it will have an unlimited capacity to offer to their users. It doesn’t care whether your campaign is small or big, and their service will always be delivered. So you can use the Search SEO service continuously, month by month, without any issue.

Excellent Customer Support

Most people think that SERP services with automated traffic are hard to catch in real person, and they think that it will not provide the help they want when they need it. This is not an issue with Search SEO because they use real people to answer your inquiries. There is an expert staff available for you 24 hours a day for every day of the week.

If you still doubt the SearchSEO with its service, know that there is nothing to lose here because if SearchSEO fails to deliver the promised traffic on your site, your money will be guaranteed to return 100%. No question will be asked in fail attempts, and you will have your money back.

There is No Penalty

Most of the time, people are away from sending automated traffic to their websites because some search engines are putting penalties on their websites. If a search engine doubts your traffic by thinking those are artificial ones that increase your site, it will out your site downgraded by ranking.

The main goal for these penalties is to keep large websites number one by buying millions of visits for a day. Suppose a website can be penalized for having automated traffic. In that case, sending a bunch of automated traffic to a specific website will also be enough to make that entire site into trouble.

So this is not a real case, and there is no proven risk for having automated traffics for a website visiting.

Furthermore, SearchSEO uses real networks to generate traffic from residential IPs, the highest quality.


No service is 100% perfect, and this review is done to understand both good and bad associated with Search SEO. Although this service has a high success rate, it will not guarantee 100% proper results. It has all the tools for increasing the traffic, but sometimes, there will be chances of not seeing the results you want.

This service is affordable for companies who want to increase their traffic, and $29 for a basic package will be very affordable for a small website or a blog.

Tests of Search SEO

There is no point in reviewing without talking about how it works in testing. We have run several tests with Search SEO, and we could see a significant boost in the traffic on our websites. The number of traffic we earned was varied by the package we chose.

And also, there was one site that had a decent ranking, and we wanted to see if SearchSEO could increase its ranking even better or not. In the beginning, this site was in the 13th position from most of the searching results with the specified keywords.

After using Search SEO for a month, we have noticed that this site ranked up to 6th place, and this result was better than many other services that claim to boost the ranking. Better results were obtained with the continuous use of the service. We tested with multiple sites, and after six weeks of spending, we saw some of the best results. After spending six weeks with the service, the website also jumped to 3rd 

All these results we obtained may differ from one to another, and our testing was done from multiple sites with varied popularity and contents. After spending four more weeks with SearchSEO, we became the 1st place in search engines with 5200 search terms per month only from CTR manipulation.

It took only ten weeks to become 1st from 13, and those are the proven results for this amazing service.

Give a Try Today – 3 days Free Trial

I am not forcing another to purchase a tool or convince you to get them by so many case studies. Even if you believe me or not, try to take this tool and have a test on your own. SearchSEO offers a 3-day free trial! 


If you are a person who wants to increase the traffic on your website, it only takes some minutes to sign up. Then create your own campaign and start the journey to improve the click-through rate. This tool is great because you are allowed to see results for free, and you don’t need to enter the information on your credit card.

To know how it works, SearchSEO will offer you a free test drive, and you just have to visit and type the Gmail. From then, the tool will increase the website’s CTR with a given keyword, so you will see how the service works in action. Although this free trial will offer a lot to see, there are not enough results shown here. So you might need to have an upgrade in a few days.

Things to Remember

If any of you are having tests with this tool on your money miming sites, then make sure to don’t go beyond the limits. Sending 1000 clicks for a term that only have 50 searches and ranking on the 3rd page actually has a clear footprint.

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