15 Best Free Cartoon Avatar Makers (2024)

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Cartoon Avatar is an interesting thing to make life so easier no matter what profile you have on social platforms you can change your photo as many times as you want. The cartoon Avatar sites are born that allow you to customize the photo that you want. On the avatar sites, you can make all those things that your mind, moreover, the site offers many fantastic features as follows

  • It offers a variety of inbuilt characters.
  • It offers an add image, remove image, remove background, color, etc
  • It is a simple and easy-to-use website.
  • The registration is not necessary to access the website

With these features you can make an adorable avatar, we know that there are many software that offer paid services to create an avatar but we have listed the best free cartoon avatar websites that help you create your avatar quickly.

Best Free Cartoon Avatar Makers


Kusocartoon is another good website for cartoon avatar makers that allows you to customize your photo using various transitions and filters. You can change your hair color, and add effects, hue, saturation, and brightness to your anime avatar without paying any fees. The site is completely free to use even though you can unblock many features for free, there is no restriction to making avatars online. It lets you export your cartoon avatar in JPG to PNG formats this is one of the features you will get easily. Keep in mind there is a limit for unloading photos you can upload photos up to 5MB. Overall this is a spectacles platform if you want to change the image to a cartoon avatar.

Available for : Website

Face Avatar Maker Creator

Face Avatar Maker is the tool that allows you to create a real cartoon avatar profile picture of yourself and your friends. It has some unique features and a simple interface. It offers 10,000+ cartoon character options. Also, the tons of customization options that allow you to change your appearance. Here you will get both male and female avatars, edits, text styles, filter, color, and many more options. Both female and male characters apart from this, can set your avatar photo on your profile if you are bored of ordinary pics.

Available for: Android


Bitmoji is another avatar-maker software that you can use on your Android phone. Millions of users use this app to create fun cartoon avatars. Here you can make the avatars using the emotions option. It has a large library of different types of stickers. It helps you customize your avatar according to your needs and various versions. With emoji you can create your cartoon face, and express yourself that includes, including love, laughing, crying, happiness, and others.

Available for:

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker allows you to customize an avatar for your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This is the best free and unique avatar app on this list that has some additional editing features mouth style, face style, sunglasses, hair colors, etc that make your avatar so beautiful and creative. You can customize your avatar without any knowledge and also it gives you the all-sorted option to make your picture so terrific.

Available for:


Supreme is one of the most popular cartoon avatar maker apps out there that allows you to make a comic cartoon avatar for free. The app lets you create different types of styles, faces, hairstyles, and unique cartoon expressions. You can share the avatar via Email, SMS, Bluetooth, and social networks. The Avatar app for Android highly focuses on the Japanese anime concept. The website is simple to use, you can access all the options very easily also it’s free to use. 

Available for:

Mirror Avatar Maker

Mirror Avatar Maker is one of the finest face-maker tool that you can use on your Android smartphone. You can customize your avatar very easily without any hassle. With mirror avatar maker you can create an avatar to add 1500+ elements to your photo. Just pick and choose the characteristics of your Avatar manually and create your own avatar with a few clicks. You can use your own anime face to show your reactions and celebrity packs creator. 

Available for:


With the Avatoon you can customize your powerful avatar. These photo editing tools help to create a personalized avatar. It has a wide range of options to create the avatar easily like hairstyles, face, nose shape, and so on. The best feature is that the app automatically detects your face and creates the best avatar for you.

Available for: WebsiteWebsite


Cartoonize allows you to create a perfect cartoon version of yourself. It offers plenty of fantastic customization options, that make your avatar so beautiful. Addionally, the website offers a vast array of effects, filters, text styles, fonts, and other clip art. It’s the best destination if you want to create a unique avatar for social sites. The site allows you to change your image background, effect, crop and resize, adjust or replace color, and other transitions you can add very easily. You can choose from the most extensive library of high-resolution stock photography, premium vector graphics, and diverse icon sets.

Available for: Website


Unlike other photo editing apps this is a very different tool for cartoon avatar makers. Mojipop lets you create an avatar with just two steps, you can access the animated stickers like emotion. Here you will find a lot of stickers and emojis for free. The app uses advanced facial recognition algorithms to make stickers look alive. You can access all your stickers directly from your keyboard and Camera and use stickers to send messages through text as well. The best thing is that the stickers collection is updated every day so you can enjoy the stickers. The app has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface on the Play Store.

Available for: website


MomentCam is a unique cartoon-maker tool that allows you to create funny Cartoons and Emoticons from your photos or social platforms. You just select a picture from your Album and instantly create your personalized avatar. The app has some unique features you can change the background from thousands available, and customize it with the help of occasion, region, cultural and pop reference options. If you’re looking for a funny cartoons and Emoticons app then this is the right place for you.

Available for: Android


Dollify is an easy-to-use avatar maker app, that lets you create a cartoon avatar from 14 different categories. There are various colors, stylish hair, and clothes options you can choose from, and stickers also. You can make thousands of unique combinations with the help of Dollify. Its straightforward interface looks great to create an avatar instantly. If you’re bored using another avatar app then you must have to check this app.

Available for: Android

Oblik AI

The app lets you create the coolest and funniest cartoon avatar and communicate with friends using emojis on any Android phone. Just take a selfie or upload your photo and your avatar will be ready for you. You can edit your avatar with the help of some cool elements like Glasses, hairstyle, hair color, beard, tattoo, earrings, lipstick, sloop, Apple’s air pods, cosmetics, and clothes. It’s a simple step-by-step process to create an avatar, then it applies it to various emojis and characters also there are more options for a premium.

Available for: Android

Factory for Avatar

This app makes it easier to create avatar photos for you, you can edit the profile photos or pictures within the minutes. It provides lots of stickers, such as skin and hair color, facial expression, etc. To make the avatar beautiful you can customize the background that you want without any hassle. With this cartoon avatar maker app, you can create a cool, decent, and attractive avatar with your creativity.

Available for: Android and iOS


With DoppelMe you can create a cool graphical Avatar in just a few steps. You can create an avatar for yourself, your friends, family, or any group of people also use avatars in forums, instant messenger, blogs, email signatures, and almost anywhere else on the web. Doppelme is free to use also you do not need any extra software or tools to install.

Available for: Website


Zmoji is another anime avatar creator website that allows you to make an avatar for your phone and other websites. There are various features that you can access right away, to create an avatar just select the photo from your gallery or use the image from an available clip or photo after adding the effect, edit images like lip color, nose, eyes, haircut, and more. In this way, you can easily modify your avatar without extra knowledge. Zmoji is available on both Android and iPhone, that is convenient to use and access from any location.

Available for: Website


Q1) What is the Avatar app?

Avatar app is a graphical representation in the form of cartoons. You can create images, videos, and GIFs and share them on your social profiles.

Q2) Are Avatar Maker apps free to use?

Yes, the listed Avatar apps are free to use they do not charge also the subscription is free. Just you need to click on the site or app and enjoy it right away.

Q3) What are the best avatar apps?

Here are some best avatar apps

  • Bitmoji
  • Oblik AI
  • SuperMii
  • Avatoon
  • MojiPop

Well, listed ten best cartoon avatar maker apps that are very useful for you to create your own avatar. If you’re looking for an avatar creator then check out the free avatar creator sites online.

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