Check 10 Reasons to Have Mobile Friendly Website

A website is the goodwill of any business and having a mobile-friendly website is the icing on the cake for any business. Now, having a mobile-friendly website is very important because mobile usage is more in comparison to desktop usage.

A customer looks for an immediate solution and to fulfill the demand of customers, businesses are adopting various strategies. Likewise, having a mobile-friendly website is one of the powerful strategies to attract customers.

If you’re planning to have a mobile-friendly website then go through this article to know why it’s necessary to have a mobile-friendly website.

1.Website Becomes Highly Available

It’s very simple logic that the user doesn’t check the watch before arriving on your website. As I said before, they want an instant solution. Therefore, they first opt for mobile search instead of the desktop. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website is beneficial for both buyer and seller.

If you fail to update your website for mobile users then you’ll lose the potential customers of your business. Hence, creating a responsive website to be available at any time on any gadget is useful.

2. Elevates User Experience

Whenever a user browses your website from mobile or tablet, the design of the website gets changed and website content and pictures showcase differently.  However, a responsive website design manages the web pages in such a way that those get fit into the website into gadget properly.  Plus, gadget gets utilized properly and the contraction of the pictures and content sizes is done rightly. If you’re looking for SEO Professional Services then consider superior digital marketing agency.

3. Increases The Sale

If a user is considering the superior web-based platform for buying then this will surely be going to affect your sales count.  As per the stats of 2013, nearly 10% of buyers preferred buying from online instead of buying from physical stores.  If you keep yourself updated with the latest technologies such as opting for the mobile friendly website then your revenue will increase. So, it’s necessary to think differently and act differently for gaining the customers.

4. Cost – effective

In the past, website owners used to develop a few versions of a similar web page to learn about the different sizes. This became costly for the website owners and they had to bear the cost as content and source codes were done separately for a specific form. But now the mobile friendly feature is available in every CMS. It means every website owner gets the mobile friendly feature by default.

5. Improves Google Ranking

If you check the stats then you’ll come to know that 96% of users are using Google for searching something. However, all SEO professionals are implementing On Page SEO Service and Off Page SEO Service to bring their website on top in results. Apart from this, mobile friendly is also an important parameter that can’t be overlooked.  

If your website is mobile friendly then Google also considers your website for searches that are performed through mobile. This increases your mobile search execution and users experience a better view of the website from all devices.  In this tough competition, you can beat your competitor by offering the best mobile friendly website to your customers or searchers.

6. It builds your credibility

You can easily build credibility with your clients and influencers in your respected niche or industry with a mobile friendly website. Moreover, if you’re dealing in B2B or B2C sector then having a mobile friendly website will give customers a better experience and this will motivate them to browse further and suggest to others as well for buying.

7. Having a mobile friendly website is the best practice

Due to heavy searches on search engines, Google prefers those websites that are mobile – friendly and mobile optimized. Therefore, the number of mobile friendly websites is increasing every day. This indicates that users have started looking for best and standard functions. Their search has got shifted from desktop to mobile.

8. Your business becomes more modern and relevant

If you’re serving your customers via mobile friendly website then your business will be treated as modern and relevant. This again encourages your customers to stay on your website for a long time. Plus, the search engine also gives preferences to your website.

9. Decreases the bounce rate

If you are ready with several solutions for your customers then your customers will also appreciate your work and efforts taken. Likewise, if your website is mobile friendly then the user will also find it easy to perform a search through mobile. This decreases the bounce rate of your website as you’re targeting your audience from all the aspects.  

10. Customers will be happy

If your customer is happy then you can assume that everything is going on the right track and vice versa. If they are searching for something from mobile and your website is on the first three positions in search engine results then this gives them a delightful experience. However, a happy customer will surely get back on your website for next shopping.


These explained 10 pointers are enough for you to understand why you need a mobile friendly website. Since technology is getting augmented day – by – day, you as a business ownerneeds to concentrate on every aspect of the business to attract customers. Therefore, move ahead and opt for a mobile website.