Say No to Fishy SEO: Choose the Right SaaS SEO Expert

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If you’re not strictly looking at big companies that focus on SaaS SEO, anyone can present themselves as an expert. Any LinkedIn or Upwork profile can offer its SEO services since the barrier to entry has been removed. You’ll see what we’re talking about if you post a SaaS SEO job offer. So, how do you find the right SaaS SEO consultant?

We’ve got the answers right here. We’ll guide you through finding a SaaS SEO consultant that will fit your needs and help you avoid any fishy SEO wannabes. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

How to Find the Right Fit

Finding a SaaS SEO expert might not be that difficult, but finding the right fit is another story. So, you should know what questions to ask to avoid missing the mark. Here are some that we guarantee will help you.

Do You Have Experience With My Business Type and Market?

This is an important question, as not all SEO experts have experience with SaaS. SEO experience might not be enough for your SaaS needs, so checking whether these experts have something to show in the way of previous SaaS results is crucial.

Also, if you work in a particular field, you might be more comfortable hiring an SEO expert that has worked in that field before. For example, if your B2B company is in the fintech field, you might get better results if you hire someone with previous experience, as they’ll understand your business and needs.

Are You Familiar With My Site Technology?

When hiring a SaaS SEO consultant, you should find someone who understands the platform on which the site was built. SEO tactics are not the same between platforms. For instance, Wix and WordPress utilize completely different SEO tactics. So, you should focus on finding someone with at least a general knowledge of the platform you’re working with.

Can You Show Me Client Examples or Case Studies?

A good word is not enough when hiring a decorator, so why would it be enough for a SaaS SEO consultant? In both cases, you would like to see their previous work to decide whether they would be a good fit. And a good SaaS SEO expert will have prior case studies and examples ready to show you. The great ones will even have client testimonials.

Steer Clear From These Mistakes  

As with anything, you should note some red flags when hiring a SaaS SEO expert. It’s better to look out for them on time and avoid making huge mistakes. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Do Not Use Google as a Filter

Think about it — good SaaS SEO consultants will not be your first Google result. If you hire someone you’re pleased with, you’ll tell your friends and colleagues about them, and they’ll do the same. Word of mouth is everything.

So, maybe the first Google results will not have a long list of clients as they’ll spend more time tweaking their search results. Note that reviews are also not trustworthy sources. You can read more about that in this article to realize why a more hands-on approach is better.

Avoid Top SEO Lists

This might sound strange but avoid looking at top SEO companies’ lists that often come up as search results. You might be surprised, but most of them paid to end up on such lists. Don’t be fooled; legitimate and credible companies would not do such a thing. As we said, look for previous clients that are satisfied with the company’s work.

Do Not Believe in Secret Recipes

With today’s technology, transparency is a recipe for success. Companies that hide their business practices behind shady excuses should not be trusted. There is no secret recipe for SaaS SEO — it is all about understanding your business, the market, and what you need. 

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