Combin Review: To Grow an Audience with the Best Instagram Marketing Tool

What is Combin Growth?

Combin Growth is one of the best Instagram marketing tool to attract your targeted Instagram audience. It provides a great solution to their customers. An Instagram marketing platform full of powerful features for targeting, analysing, managing, and engaging users. Attract new followers to your Instagram and build a loyal community for your account.

The application enables multiple queries to scan profiles and posts of potential followers and to perform single and mass acts. If you just start marketing on Instagram and grow your follower or audience, then you can start with Combin Growth.

How does Combin Growth work?

Combin Growth is a great software that you download and easily install on your devices such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. After installing the app first open the app, it asks you to log into your Instagram account for this you can use different accounts depending on your subscription that you want to promote. The application allows you to search by hashtag, location and users for people who are interested in your content. It is easy to use interface, quick, reliable, and looks like attractive.

Combin Growth Features

Statistics and track audience growth

You can Track Instagram account regularly like how many new followers you have gained, how many Likes, comments and Tagging you have got. You can update these statistics on a regular, weekly, monthly basis thus giving you a lot of flexibility. Keep in mind Combin Growth only track Instagram data does not collect information about likes, tweets, follow and unfollows from other third-party applications except directly from Instagram.

Find Target Audience

You find related posts and content through both methods of location, hashtags, followers, likes, comments, etc. This feature helps you to identify the most appropriate content from potential customers to ensure that you connect with the target audiences. This Advanced Instagram Search function also empowers you to track, comment, like, or send a direct message from inside the desktop app to your target audience. This will ensure you reach out to users who are interested in similar stuff you promote.


Combin Growth lets you find people, location and content that are relevant to your own business. Another best feature is that you can follow and unfollow the any user or account that you want. Often, the device notifies you when someone is unfollowing you or someone has not followed you back.

Automate Repetitive Actions

Different repetitive actions, such as comments, can be bunched together. Engage multiple Instagram accounts and posts at once, instead of interacting with each separate user’s content manually. Bulk-follow, like, unfollow also comment templates for different topics and purposes.

Post Sorting & Filtering

You can also sort the posts and preview them using Combin Growth’s desktop software. You may sort the posts and accounts of the followers to determine if they are relevant and engaging enough.


There are 3 plans: starter, personal and business.

There are various option you can pay via PayPal, VISA card, credit and debit card.

What is the Combin Scheduler?

It is an Instagram marketing free tool which can helpSchedule Insta Stories and posts and publish automatically. You can schedule your Instagram posts & stories in advance easily even though upload unlimited stories. When you acquire this app, creating inspiring and appealing Instagram feeds is no longer hard. That’s why we recommended you to download this app in your devices completely free of cost.

Download Link

Combin Scheduler Features


Combin Scheduler has fully automated the task of posting images on your Instagram feed. You just need to collect a bunch of images you would like to post and schedule a date. There’ll be no annoying reminders to post it over and over again. The post is automatically made.

Schedule Instagram Posts

Lets start with Instagram Scheduling Instagram Posts. Login into application, Combin Scheduler automatically directs you to the scheduling page for posts. Click ‘Add New Post’ at the bottom of the application screen. After simply you can be added caption to the input field. Also enter the link to bio that you want. If you want then you can add your location by typing the place name in the Location input field.

Select the exact date and time when you want your post to go live. You would notice it even allows tagging users in the bottom-right corner of the screen and then click on create button to schedule the post.

Schedule Instagram Stories

The scheduling process for Instagram stories is similar to scheduling posts. Login into application, then Click on Stories at the upper left corner of the screen and then select “+ Add new story” at the bottom of the application of the screen. Select image from your computer or simply drag and drop images, want to upload as a story.

You can select the date & time, link to bio of posting then click on ‘create’.

Schedule Instagram Reposts

Like Scheduling Instagram posts and stories you can reposts on Instagram very easily. Open the Combin Scheduler application, and click either on ‘Posts’ or ‘Stories’. It depends on your choice, wants to click on ‘Add new post’ or ‘Add new story’. After click on ‘Repost’ button on the next screen from the top bar. Paste the post link you’d like to repost. From the previous post, your caption is auto-captured with (# hashtags) and it can be fully edited. After fill the location, Date & time and a bio then next click on the ‘create’ button you are done.

Why Combin Scheduler?

Combin Scheduler will make your life simple by managing your published Instagram posts and uploading the stories like a pro. If you want to schedule your Instagram posts and stories then use Combin Scheduler.

  • Key Features of Combin Scheduler
  • Completely free
  • Easy to use
  • Fully Automated Publishing
  • Tagging feature.
  • Location feature
  • Upload stories in Bulk
  • Great proxy features
  • Hashtags and Accounts Mentioning
  • Excellent image editing features
  • Decent and Simple Interface
  • Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

Is Combin safe to use?

Yeah Absolutely, Combin does not store or exchange any personal information with third parties. They have a safe login process with two-factor authentication. The application sends requests for information gathering and action results in strict compliance with each linked account’s individual hourly and daily activity limits. Combin offers its users a lot of freedom, unlike other Instagram marketing tools that automate all users.

While Combin is designed to perform actions safely, the user can change the time intervals between actions by changing the strength of the settings.

Combin Pros and cons


  • Easy to use and one-click to download
  • You are not even going to need to log in to Instagram itself.
  • Pricing is quite good compared to other marketing tools.
  • Great User Interface and 24/7 customer support
  • It is a timesaving
  • Attract a targeted Instagram audience easily


  • No cons at all for now.


We all know that there are many social media marketing tools available on the market, but among those tools Combin Growth is a great Instagram marketing tool. You can build your brand and grow up your Instagram followers in very limited time.

With the help of Combin Scheduler you can scheduling your Instagram posts and stories for automated publishing absolutely for free. Try it now

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