Complete SEO Audit Guide – Definition, Importance, Process and More

SEO is important and it’s not a secret anymore! Everyone’s jumping into the search marketing game in order to enjoy the benefits in the form of countless traffic, increased branding and a lot more! However, despite all the consciousness and awareness of the benefits of SEO, most of the businesses and marketers cannot successfully pursue their marketing journey because often they make the mistake in the very preliminary stage – auditing!

Website auditing is one of the aspects that cannot be ignored if you are looking for a positive result from your SEO campaign. You need to understand one simple fact – if a doctor doesn’t run tests in your body, how can he/she detect the disease and cure you? The same thing applies to SEO as well! If you don’t run an SEO audit on your website, you’d never understand the exact glitches on your website that need to be improved and fixed!

According to a Kolkata-based SEO agency, Intlum, SEO audit is as important as creating good content or high-quality backlinks for a website. So, you can assume how important it is to audit your website before you finally step foot into the core SEO job.

Here, we will discuss the ins and outs of SEO audit, its types, importance, and the areas of a website that primarily needs your attention while auditing a website.

What is SEO Audit?

SEO Audit, in simple words, is the procedure of assessing a number of areas of a website for search engine friendliness. SEO Audit serves the main purpose of helping you in website optimization in order to let your website achieve greater rankings in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

A number of tools (both paid and free) are available online (like Screaming Frog SEO Spider) that can help you run an SEO audit successfully on a website. Nevertheless, the best approach for the audit is to either hire an SEO auditor or performing the audit by going through an SEO audit guide like this one!

In the case of an SEO auditor or an SEO agency, they will review your website and provide you a set of recommendations including some points that need to be fixed and can be improved in order to boost the performance of the website in the search ranking.

Importance of SEO Audit

Those who have the least understanding or acquaintance with SEO know the fact very well that this industry is highly variable and things may change before you realize. This means something that works today may not work after 6 months! And coping with the rapid change in trends can be a little difficult for someone who has the other business works. Thousands of unofficial ranking algorithm updates made by google every year make auditing a website immensely important before moving to the core part of SEO. If you want to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your precious website, neglecting SEO audit is something you will regret for a lifetime!

Running the SEO audit at least twice every year is safe for staying on the right track with Search Marketing.

Types of SEO Audit

SEO Audit is not a simple task, which is why people look for a reliable company for the auditing job for their website. It takes a lot of skills and expertise to assess a website and come up with the issues to be fixed. Also, there is a range of Audit Types to take care of. Let’s discover the SEO Audit Types!

SEO Technical Audit

SEO Technical Audit would be the first thing that you should opt for when it comes to auditing. This detects the technical issues of your site that may be restricting the comprehensibility and crawlability of your website. With the technical audit, you can get every technical issue of your website jotted down together to take action immediately.

Competitive Website Audit

Know about your competitors and their activities as well as compare your SEO activities with theirs through the competitive website audit. You can discover a lot of important data and information that can help you detect what can work in your favor in the market and understand the marketing strategies that would help you build your business.

Content and Link Audit

The content and website links should be audited with the utmost priority. Auditing your website’s content and links make sure that there is no negative effect in your search ranking. While the link audit brings out the issues with broken links, bad links and inbound links, the content audit evaluates the contents of your website to assess the relevancy and uniqueness.

Local SEO Audit

With this type of SEO Audit, you can get the actionable and accurate data on the important areas of your local optimization. This audit analyzes a lot of data and information including local activities (on-site and off-site), local citations, local listings, local review and search ranking. With local SEO audit, you would be able to recognize the issues with your local SEO and fix them to improve your website’s local search ranking.

SEO Audit Checklist – Key Areas to Audit

Like everything else in the world, your website also has some important areas and some not-so-important areas. When you are opting for the SEO audit, make sure you are following the hierarchy and auditing the areas that need to be prioritized at first. So, let’s explore the areas of your website that need to be audited first.

  • Audit Your Website to Find Any Google Penalties
  • Find the Domain Search Appearance of Your Website
  • Run the Technical SEO Audit to Find Any Technical Issues
  • Run the On-Page SEO Audit for Detecting the On-Page Errors
  • Run the Off-Page SEO Audit for Detecting the Off-Page Errors
  • Run the Social Media Audit to Find Out the Issues

In order to start a successful SEO campaign and have good results, the SEO audit cannot be neglected. As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, you need to know the issues in order to fix it. Without having any idea of the problem, you are throwing rocks in the dark.

However, we feel this article has helped you understand all about the SEO audit, its important and how to perform it on your website. Still, we would recommend consulting an experienced SEO firm that can run the audit professionally without leaving a single issue behind.

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