21 Best Couchtuner Alternatives [2020 Selective]

CouchTuner Alternatives

Are you liked to watch movies on couchtuner? Is it your primary source to watch movies, TV shows, series and other videos?

Looking for the best couchtuner alternatives? If so then this article for you. I know that while watching movies you have a question in mind about Is Couchtuner safe or not?

Don’t worry you ‘re right in the right place here I will solve your all issues about couchtuner.

Couchtuner is infamous platforms to watching online TV Shows with full episodes, series and movies without spending any penny. Now, to get premium streaming, most people tend to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu. Sadly, this is not the change of pocket for everybody. Fortunately, Couchtuner has long been a blessing for binge-watchers. The platform is the greatest dependency on watching a wide variety of films and TV shows that are available for download.

*This article has been just updated: July 6, 2020*

Couchtuner boasts a pretty large library as far as the streaming material goes on. It simply provides an easy interface that allows you to access content hosted on servers like Cartoon Network, CNN, Comics, Empire, Game of Thrones and more. The website contains every latest released TV show and movie. And the best part is that this streaming continues for free and doesn’t even include installing clients or plugins from the app.

Being one of the streaming television platforms you can watch any TV shows just enter your title in the search box and you can see that you are looking. The website is built to deliver both the latest and very recent shows.

However, one downside is that it shows advertisements so make sure an excellent ad blocker is enabled.

Top 21 CouchTuner Alternatives and Sites Like CouchTuner

Prime Wire 

Website: http://www.primewire.ag

Prime Wire is a fantastic streaming application for your entertainment needs in first in my list of alternatives. This streaming client has various movies in their library, so you can feel free to watch free of charge any movie available on the website.

The best part is you don’t have to register for an account to watch your favorite movie. You can simply visit the website, pick the title you want, and start watching it from the website itself.

When I talk about its collection and features a large number of titles from all over the world. The titles can even be found in different languages and genres. You can also search for your favorite film, or category.


Website: https://www.moviesjoy.net/

Another couch tuner alternative with a free interface for ads & popups to watch movies & TV series online without having to download and create an account. Categories clearly show that you can find out very easily about any form of the film here. The new, most famous, most like, genre, country, Top IMDB and TV series are the primary categories. The best Top IMDB, because most films are in HD.

You have 5 + streaming servers which include Mega, Oenload, Rapid, Alphabet, Vidcloud, and Openload to play any video.

It gives you all the possible filters that work great. If talk about the movies and TV series set, that’s quite huge. You’ll get most of your favorite films and TV servers


Website: https://flixtor.life/

FlixTor is the next pick for the best couch websites to watch the new movies and TV shows for free without registration and without ads. It has a structured interface and also offers you several options like the latest released dates, best-rated, most watched, genre, language, votes, and ratings, etc. to find out in seconds about your choice of TV shows or films. It gives you experience streaming, including premium video streaming services.

FlixTor app now includes less advertisements but luckily no popups. This functions fantastically even though your browser does not have an ad blocker feature built in it. They keep updating their media content database every hour to provide the latest in the material.

Without a doubt, it has a very broad film and TV series database which you can stream free online without registration. One thing you’ll be disappointed by is that it has no alternative streaming sites. If the server is blocked in your region, you need to use a VPN or next couchtuner alternative. This is known for collecting famous movies and television shows, now showing in theatre, and most-watched.


Website: https://watch-free.me/

WatchFree is one of the best websites like couchtuner to watch free online full movies and TV series in good quality video, no registration required (do not press with green colored registration button). It includes all-time new movies, famous movies, HD movies and the top 100 Great movies. It offers excellent navigation. This also has a bigger collection with a wide range of movies and TV Shows. You can easily figure out what you want to watch. Tap on any movie thumbnail to watch your favorite movie, and then press the play button.

It highlights HD movies, Latest Movies, Top 100 all-time great movies and TV shows on its homepage. Some films you can watch without registration and some show registration notifications that you can not see after registration.

It is involved on the Internet for a long time. So, you can rely on it for high speed and decent quality free streaming. It has a user friendly & clean interface.

Project Free TV 

Website: https://projectfreetv.fun/

Project Free TV is a free online streaming destination, specializing in all types of TV shows. If you love binge-watching TV shows for several hours on end in your spare time, we guarantee you’ll feel right at home on Project Free TV. If it comes to free entertainment with an incredibly user-friendly interface too, nothing can top project-free tv’s competence. Although you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Project Free TV doesn’t host any episodes on its servers. This couchtuner alternative also lets you sort movies based on their release year. All available here is completely free on top of that.

 It is a fantastic couchtuner alternative that offers tons of fun movies and television shows without costing you anything. The website numerously categorizes movies it includes the latest movies, for example, and episodes for all of the top web series and tv shows. In addition, there’s also a calendar where you can pick your preferred episode date.

The Project Free TV is ad-supported, so visitors are encouraged to turn off their ad-blocking browser extensions to help keep the site floating.


Website URL: https://solarmovies.co/

SolarMovie is amongst CouchTuner most common alternatives it is quite popular with those who love to stream the film in HD online. You can watch any movie or television show without having to build an account.

They also allow you to filter movies according to the IMDB rating of Genre, Country and Top.  The platform has a wide collection of free movies and TV shows, series, Hollywood, Bollywood and other content.

Some video streaming services are demanding to enter an account to view any video, but I don’t want to sign up to watch movies with an account. The site has a simple user friendly interface. Here you can find fresh and trendy content very easily. If you want to watch movies online just go to SolarMovie or enjoy your movie of choice without wasting any minute of time.


Website: https://www.xfinity.com/stream/

For binge-watchers, this website is just like a paradise. It has various categories of family-to-action films, you can choose from over 20 genres of films on this site.

The best thing is that you don’t need to register on this website for an account to download your favorite movie from this website to your computer. This couchtuner alternative website has a very limited number of advertisements in its user interface. So, when watching movies on this website for free, you don’t have to think about irritating pop-ups and ads covering software.

It also has a special section for music-related news where you can get insights into the latest movie world happenings. The section is updated regularly so you’ll keep up with all the latest news.


Website: https://www.freeflix.to/

Freeflix is undoubtedly one of the best movie streaming sites like couchtuner for watching free online movies with high-definition standard subtitles. And if you don’t have to bother creating an account.

At the movie thumbnail, you’ll learn all the information about films with one mouse movement. There is no IMDB ranking here. It does screen user preferences, however, from which you get an idea to watch or not.

When you’re trying to stream TV shows on a platform like couchtuner, then move to next. Because at the time of writing it is not offering TV series. FreeFlix app has fewer ads. If you click on tiny advertising thumbnails, it won’t bother you though.


Website: http://w1.cmovieshd.bz/

Cmovies is another leading platform for streaming videos that provides you with a streamlined gui, a large range of movies and TV shows, various filters, alternative streaming sites, search bar, request service, top IMDB movies list and more. If you like Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Corian movies and so on, you ‘re going to get. If you love watching a Top IMDB rating film, go through the list and enjoy it.

 You’ll face one or two popups at a time when you’re watching a video like other alternatives to couchtuner. But Adblocker extension works best. Without an extension to the ad blocker, you’ll face advertisements, popups, and advertising.

 If couchtuner isn’t working or blocked in your region, Cmovies can be considered free to watch full movies online without registration and download.


Website: https://www2.cinebloom.net/

CineBloom is very different from other film websites such as Couchtuner to watching online TV shows and videos, even without registering. It provides you with streaming connections for watching OpenLoad and Streamango movies, TV shows, and TV shows. This has a wide selection of films old to newly released films. Unless you’re not an adblocker user you’ll face advertisements and popups like other free movie streaming sites.

You can also use the search bar on the left side that you can find at the end. It features the most recent movies and television shows on its homepage.

You have 4 + video service options for watching a film online here. But when we talk about filters like genre, year, country and IMDB ranking, etc., it’s missing. In general, watching free movies online without signing up in HD quality is a decent place like couchtuner.

TV Muse

Website : http://www.tvmuse.com/

TVMuse is a free movie and TV shows database, watch your favorite tv show, movies, documentaries, anime and cartoons for free. This website has incredibly diverse content that guarantees satisfaction for all its users. It has an enormous library of free content. In addition, all the titles and material posted on this website are also for completely free download. The site has a wide selection of movie news, Tv shows, and other content.

 Talking about its navigation and user interface, you can never find any difficulties in browsing the website. User interface is incredibly simple and easy.

You don’t even have to register on the web for an account to watch your favorite movie from the web. Users can easily find their needs on this platform.


Website: https://noxx.to/

NOXX is a nice website dedicated to streaming HD quality TV shows. You can pick all of the TV shows featured from the homepage, or use its menu to scroll through the timeline page and view shows in order of their release dates. You can select the option to browse the menu, and then filter their genre to show options.

Another site for watching a large range of movies and television shows online for free without making an account and in high definition quality too. One thing I don’t like about NOXX is its popups that you’ll face even if you’re using an extension to the ad blocker.

It features on homepage suggestions, latest movies and latest TV series. Another impressive aspect of Noxx is that it marks video-quality thumbnails like one of the best alternatives for couchtuner.

Watch series

Website: https://www3.watchserieshd.tv/

If you’re love of watching drama, anime, and tv shows then this place is a perfect couchtuner alternative. The WatchSeries features endless series and episodes from some of the most popular television series and anime shows. In addition, the website provides you with a high definition stream of all the tv shows and anime listed on this alternative couchtuner. Therefore, at an unprecedented price, you can watch your favorite shows in order not to miss even one single element.

The website also gives you free movies. You may also register for a website account, or simply sign in to your Facebook account to become a member of the group. You can also use a search bar available on the website to search for your favorite show or film.

Finally, the website is for you an unrivaled source of entertainment. You can also subscribe to your favorite streams on top of that, and never miss an episode in the future. So, make sure you give this website a definite shot.


Website: https://cafemovie.info/

Cafémovie offers you countless hours of entertainment through its unparalleled offerings from the greatest hits to the new blockbusters. It is one of most popular Couchtuner alternatives and is used by many people looking for their favorite movies.

This website has a highly competitive library of films and content, with numerous titles from around the world. In addition, all the titles are grouped in such a way that a consumer never finds it difficult to find his favorite title among the slew.

If you’re a fan of classic hits, you will find this website has a lot of classic content. So you can watch all of your old content in one place is gold.

Dare Tv

Website: http://thedaretv.com/

The Dare Tv is one of the most famous websites for highest quality streaming of the latest TV series and films. In fact, you’ll never have to spend a single penny to access digital media on this platform. They has large collection of tv shows, movies, latest release boxoffice and so on. Best part is that you can send movie request that movie you want.

It’s a sweet spot to satisfy all of your desired entertainment on the go. So you can watch all of the movies and shows that you want to be completely free. You need only a good connection to the internet, and you are good to go. This website is an immense selection of digital films and TV shows, in basic terms.

In the forum section, you can talk about content diversity, you’ll probably find the missed episode of your favorite serial on this website by simply searching for it.


Website: https://www.popcornflix.com/

A multiplatform streaming client is next up on the list. PopcornFlix is far more sophisticated than any other alternative couchtuner. This awesome streaming client is not only available as a web application but you can download its application as well.

The program is available both for computers running Android and IOS. So you can just download it and start watching your favorite movies and television shows on your mobile devices. Hence, at any moment you can keep yourself amused anywhere.

PopcornFlix sort the titles by genre. So you can just pick your favorite genre to watch movies and it will show you all the movies that come under


Website: https://afdah.info/

Afdah isn’t identical to couchtuner but certainly a decent streaming video website to watch movies and TV shows without commercial intervention, no registration required. The homepage of the site features a jumbled list of some of the newest blockbusters mixed in with previous decades’ good oldies and cult classics.

It has a large range of movies and TV shows from the action, adventure, animation, history, comedy, crime, drama to fantasy, etc. You can watch films from 30 + countries here and also browse movies by their titles by year, country, or language.

You can also arrange your collection by a comprehensive list of genres or in alphabetical order. Afdah lists movies with all the details like IMDB ranking, genres, runtime, director, etc.

Daily TV Fix

Website : http://www.dailytvfix.com/

Next, we all know very popular and famous by its name Daily TV Fix this is a streaming web platform that is sure to get daily fix for you. This platform provides you with the latest entertainment news and offers a large library of TV shows and movies alike. Daily Tv Fix has a great collection of newly released movies from old to the new one.

 It shows all the latest uploads for its viewers to grab on on its homepage and it also lists a number of mirrors for each show or movie. In addition, it also has an active forum section where users can socialize and put upload requests.

There are many users active on this platform to stream their favorite movies or television shows.

XMovies 8

Website: https://xmovies8.work/

The XMovies 8 website, another worthy alternative to couchtuner, is one of the best places to watch movies online for free. It offers free viewing of Hollywood movies online without signing up and downloading.  Unlike many others, the one advantage of this streaming service is the interface, how clean it looks, and how seamlessly it operates. The main menu on the homepage allows you to pick only movies, TV shows or all of them from a list

 There is plenty of space for changes such as year, genre, and missing IMDB rating filters.If you want to watch movies then just tap on the Play button and you are redirecting to the new window and your video will start in few seconds.

Go with Adbocker extension in your browser as I still advise you to get rid of unwanted advertisements and popups.


Website:  https://soap2day.com/

Soap2day is a popular UK movie streaming site that is free and you can watch it without registration-because many of the latest movies such as Sonic, Frozen II and onward are illegally streamed, they often switch domains back to back. This is one of the best free online movie sites no need to sign up. Here you can watch high quality movies , TV series and sports. Another best thing is it has no ads and no popups.

Yeah, you can watch your favourite film without any obstacles.

This also offers all features such as MoviesJoy, and with just one click you can explore famous & recommended selection of movies. It provides you with everything you look at a best free film location.

Rainierland (No more)

Rainierland is a popular place to watch free online movies, no need to sign up. It has long been in streaming industry. It also offers a wide range of TV shows & TV Episodes. In addition, the intuitive layout of the platform also helps you to filter by various criteria, such as movie releases, new releases, most viewed and best-rated choices.

Once you pick the movie you ‘re interested in, it’s super easy to get into the streaming section. The main film page gives you a short synopsis of the film as well as at least 20 working links to view the film. Furthermore, the movie series ranges from old classics to new releases.

Its interface is clean and easy to use, with no unnecessary pop-ups. And you can still easily find your favorite films on this page.

Couch Tuner Hub (No more)

The next another Couchtuner alternative that you can use to browse through your favorite movies and television shows. Another one is strongly focused on the original version, in case your beloved friend is absent to watch movies.

Having that said, this website features are very similar to Couchtuner. Therefore, when using it, you won’t feel weird in the event you ‘re a long-standing past customer. This website has a great selection of TV shows as well as films for you. They keep updating their media content database in everyday.

In addition, you can check your desired film from the list of titles available. You may also categorize the film according to its genre or simply go with the categories of films available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Couchtuner?

Couchtuner is a cost-free service providing free streaming of movies as well as TV shows like Netflix and Prime Video. Like these paid services, this website provides you with all of these at absolutely free of cost. This is because the website does not currently host any content on its servers.

  • What are the new Couchtuner Websites ?

If you’re not satisfied with the above couchtuner alternatives, then you can check out the list of couchtuner new website links below to watch your favorite free online movies and TV shows without downloading and registering.

  1. icouchtuner.club
  2. Couchtuner123.com
  3. Couchtuner.eu
  4. Mycouchtuner.one
  • Is couchtuner safe?

 No, they ‘re not safe. There are some fake or cloned sites available on the Internet, such as couchtuner Some websites send viruses and malware via Java script to your computer. If your computer / laptop doesn’t have the best antivirus and firewall, never visit these website. Otherwise you’ll be faced with serious problems.

  • Is Couchtuner legal?

    All you know that watching TV shows and movies on the streaming platform it’s not legal all over the     world. Although CouchTuner is not responsible for any copyrighted content.  When you can’t access CouchTuner, your internet service provider will very likely block access to the site. So in this situation, you can use VPN to access CouchTuner or we provide 21 best alternatives to couchtuner which helps to watch Tv shows so let’s start.

  • Is there any Couchtuner Alternative App

Yeah, Show Box is a streaming video app that offers a huge range of movies and TV shows. This app will take steaming into a new free online film experience as it has a very basic and user-friendly website design. Display Box TV app can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iOS store though. But you can download it free of charge as an APK file onto your Android Smartphone.

  • How to Unblock Couchtuner?

If you blocked from the main site http://couchtuner.eu then don’t worry here you can unblock couchtuner in your device. There is various method to access couchtuner.

ToR browser

TOR is a private network where individual networks which help us communicate anonymously. You can use this browser to unblock any restricted website.

With VPN

With VPN you can access any blocked website. These proxy sites have less security and slows down your internet connection. They also often have malicious scripts which can be very harmful to your device. There are some best VPNs available which I recommend you like Nord VPN, Express VPN, Cyber Ghost, Tor Guard, and Pure VPN etc. Using a VPN you can stream above all Sites.


That’s it, I hope you liked the above article. In this post, I have to try to put the top 21 best alternatives to couchtuner that you can use to watch movies and TV shows for free in 2020 and, hopefully, beyond. These sites are active and work great. If you want to watch movies or shows on any of these sites then I highly recommend you must use VPN to stream these platforms.

Also, you can check Below video for free websites to watch movies online

Disclaimer: This information is only for educational and learning purposes. We don’t promote piracy.

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