Use These 20 Intro Videos Templates For An Easy-To-Make Yet Video Intro

The introduction of your video is the first impression on the viewers. To ensure that your target audiences watch your videos entirely, from the very first frame, you have to grab their attention.

Whether you embed a product marketing video on your business website or upload it to social networking platforms, you will drive more engagements only when the intro is captivating. You need to evoke interest and make your target audience feel that you are going to tell them a captivating story by using an eye-catching intro video.

In today’s time, you won’t even have to hire a graphics designer or an editor owing to the presence of YouTube Video Editor and fascinating intro videos template. It would help if you remembered that adding intro videos to all business promotional videos is imperative. You will be able to boost brand awareness and foster your business growth if you consider incorporating outstanding intro videos. Here are some exceptional intro video templates that you can utilize to create an intro for every new marketing video – 

  1. Brand Logo Prominence Intro Video Template

Want your logo to get the maximum attention from your target audience when the intro video begins? Use this intro video template to introduce your brand logo in an ultra-fine and prominent manner. Also, use contrasting colors in the background of the intro video to grab attention instantly. 

  1. Hand-painted Logo Intro Video Template

This intro video template is useful if you are involved in creating and selling a wide variety of creative products or renowned for providing innovative services. The hand-painted logo appears first and then the URL, which certainly leaves an excellent lasting impression and gives a glimpse of your artistic side.

  1. Logo Opener Intro Video Template

Do you want to create an instant connection with the Gen-Y audience? The use of the logo opener intro video template is guaranteed to hook them. Various gripping transition effects are used from the very first frame of the intro video, which holds the attention of the audience effectively before your brand logo gets revealed.

  1. Web Search Logo Unveiling Into Video Template

To ensure that everyone who uses the internet these days relates instantly to the intro video, you have to use this particular template. After an attractive animated web search activity, your brand logo and name will appear on the screen. Here are the best animation video production companies to grow up your business.

  1. Mix-and-match Designed Logo Intro Video Template

Give a hint to your target audience what your business deals with by uniquely creating the logo by mixing and matching modern and conventional styles. Choose the shape, adjust the size, and style the graphic elements to complement your brand perfectly when introduced.

  1. Loading Style Intro Video Template

Select this template to reveal your logo slowly; similarly, a digital file loads before getting played or opened. Choose colors for the circular element that blends perfectly with your logo and make sure that you choose a different color for the background.

  1. Logo & URL Unveil Intro Video Template

How about unveiling both your brand logo and URL in a way similar to flipping a book open? If you want your intro video to be subtle and contain minimal effect, you should try using this intro video template.

  1. Dynamic Opener Intro Video Template

Choose the dynamic opener template to introduce your brand logo and name impressively. Your target audiences will find this intro video extremely appealing if you consider using an effective intro maker for your marketing video. 

  1. Short Action Intro Video Template

To uplift the mood of your viewers, you should make use of this specific template. Your brand logo will reveal uniquely and energetically.

  1. Flat Logo Intro Video Template 

Choose colors that complement your brand perfectly and use this intro video template that gives great prominence to your brand logo.

  1. Fast Logo Opener Intro Video Template

This template comprises an exciting element that you can shape and adjust as per your choice before revealing your brand logo and name.

  1. Minimalistic Logo Intro Video Template

If you want to give a minimalistic look and feel to your intro video, choose this template. It’s subtle and introduces your brand logo from the middle portion of the frame.

  1. Color Mixing Logo Intro Video Template

Make a selection of all the appealing colors that suit your brand. This intro video template reveals your brand logo after an explosion of all colors in a striking way.

  1. Jumpy Logo Intro Video Template 

Use this unique and enticing logo intro video template that can enhance the appeal of your promotional videos. You will be able to catch the viewers’ attention easily if you consider using this interesting template. 

  1. Digital Logo Intro Video Template

If you are into the tech or gaming business, make use of this stylish and trendy logo intro video template. It is one of the best eye-catching intro video templates that most companies consider to be the ideal intro to their marketing videos. 

  1. Stomp Brand Logo Intro Video Template

Energetic sound accompanies when the brand logo gets revealed. You will be able to catch the attention of your target audience from the very first frame of the intro video.

  1. Call To Action intro video template

If you choose this intro video template, you can compel your potential customers to search your website. This template brilliantly shows the viewers the way they should search your business.

  1. Brand tagline reveal intro video template

Apart from your brand logo and URL, you can even introduce your brand tagline just the way you want in front of your target audience by choosing this logo.

  1. URL Unveil Intro Video Template

Draw the attention of your potential customers instantly by choosing this colorful intro video template. It allows you to reveal your business website URL in a captivating way.

  1. Circular Brand Logo Reveal Intro Video Template

Selecting this intro video template can help you to arouse the interest of your target audiences from the very first frame. The circular element rotates and reveals your brand logo creatively.


You will certainly be able to boost your brand image and entice your target group effectively if you consider using one of the interesting intro video templates that are mentioned above.