Top 10 CRM Software for Small Business Owners In 2020

Indeed, managing a small business can be an incredibly challenging task, if you’re getting your business started from scratch. You always have to be prepared to fumble a lot at the initiating stage. There will be endless problems that your business will face, but you must not lose your heart.

That’s because we’ve brought you the ten best CRM software for small business owners, to help you select the right solutions. The software will not just help you organize your SMB but also be a path to your business growth. 

Small business statistics show: 

  • 80% of the small business are surviving well using CRM software
  • 70% of them are satisfied with CRM in their second year
  • 50% of them survived using the software in the fifth year

Now, we suppose you’re convinced enough that things are not that hard once you start using CRM. If you want your small business to thrive and succeed in these fast-growing markets, you will need to read through this best of the CRM software, to get the help you need. 

Let’s take a look at the top CRM companies that small business may opt for in 2020:

The top 10 CRM software for small business owners


Searching for a small business solution with a long sales cycle? Try Freshsales, it’s a good choice as a CRM. The features include sending of emails or making calls from within the dashboard, along with customisations capability.

Pricing: Freshsales offers three variations in paid plans including a free plan (Sprout), paid plan Blossom, which starts at $12 per month and Estate plan starting at $49 per month.

2. Zoho CRM

When it comes to the useful CRM software for small and medium-size business, you can count on Zoho. Their CRM solution can be utilised by both enterprise-level and small business, which indicates a lot about their scalability.

Price: If you’re looking for an enterprise-level paid plan then, it starts from $35 per month, with a range of features. 

3. Soffront CRM

Like most other business owners if you’re struggling against business up-down, and reduced sales percentage, it’s time you consider Soffront CRM software for small business. Soffront CRM offers the best small business solution and on-premise solution that effectively helps to enhance customer satisfaction and experience. It’s the right fit software solution not just for small business but for all business that are looking for an easy-going and well-organised system to manage their contact management system. 

Price: Soffront’s offers a free trial version and their paid plan starts at $35 per user per month. 

4. Pipedrive

A well-known CRM software for small business that we can introduce is the web-based CRM and a pipeline management system renounced as Pipedrive. That means you will have access to many tools to manage your pipeline integrating it with Google maps, Trello, Gmail and Mail Chimps. 

Pricing: Pipedrive’s pricing initiates at $12.50 per month for essentials that moves up at $49.90 per month for each user. 

5. Hubspot

Who doesn’t know about Hubspot CRM? It is one of the most trending CRM software, highly known for its free CRM. HubSpot provides a range of useful features such as tracking contact database, deals, management of data all of which is stored within a well-organised dashboard. 

Price: HubSpot’s price starts with a free version, their paid plans may vary. 

6. Salesforce Essentials

I think most of you have heard of Salesforce, as it is the most widely used CRM in the market. But do you know why do business choose Salesforce CRM? That’s because it offers scalability to small business of any size also offers 30-day free trial. For a small business, they have an exclusive plan named as Salesforce essential.

Price: The pricing of Salesforce Essentials starts at $25 per month per user. 

7. Insightly

Where Pipedrive is a CRM solution that offers strong pipeline management, Insightly takes the highlight when it comes to effortless project management. If you are seeking for a CRM solution that helps you to seamlessly organise the projects and sales, hop on to Insightly. 

Price: Insightly Pricing plan starts with a free version for two users, followed by a paid plan that starts at $29 per user per month. 

8. Bitrix24 

A small business that is looking for an inexpensive all in one CRM platform, Bitrix24 can be a good match for them. Features of Bitrix24 includes a free plan with contact and project management as well billing system. Their paid plans include features like email and text marketing. 

Price: Bitrix24 offers a free trial version for 30 days and their paid plan starts at $55 per month.

9. Capsule CRM

Are you looking for something that you can run both on a mobile device and desktop? Then Capsule CRM is the right fit for you. Additionally, the software offers, dashboard features to organise calendars, tasks and manage sales pipelines easily. 

Price: Capsule CRM is free for two contacts. For a paid version you need to request for a professional plan that starts at $18 per user. 

10. Base CRM

The name of the CRM may fool you, but don’t get diverted with that. Because Base CRM is a useful CRM software for small business designed to personalise sales pipeline. Along with it comes many other features such as tracking of sales, adding sales deal in the pipeline. 

Price: Base CRM’s pricing plan begins at $45 each user per month. 

Final thoughts

Choosing the right fit CRM software for your small business may not be an easy task, but with the list given in this article, you may not have gone around peek strolling every provider.

There may be dozens of others that we might have missed to add in our list, and of course not including custom software developers, but if you are dreadfully in need of a solution, this remote employee management software is the best suited to your particular business needs. Try them all for the best results.

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