Digital marketing trends in 2019 & Features of a Lead Magnet

We are about to bid farewell to 2018, and if you have not already done so, it is time to catch up with digital marketing trends in 2019.

It’s time to start thinking about budgets, strategies and objectives for the new year. And to do it in an effective way what better than being informed of the last thing that is being cooked in the field of digital marketing, a sector that never stops renewing itself and changing.

At Pixel & Roi we want to help you plan your digital marketing strategy next year explaining what the most cutting-edge trends will be that will help you achieve more leads, more conversions, better engagement, and therefore, more ROI – return on investment.

You are ready? We start with British essay writers!

1.- Micro-Moments

Google refers to the micro moments like those moments in which a person consults his mobile phone to look for some type of information, to solve a doubt or to look for a service. Precisely that moment of search is what the technological giant calls micro moment and, as they point out are “critical and allow us to evaluate the points where customers expect brands to meet their needs with relevant information, regardless of time or location.”

Taking into account that more than 80% of consumers use our smartphone to consult information, it is logical to think that if brands anticipate the micro moment to offer response to the user’s search in the second precise, it will be gaining not only visibility but also the consumer confidence with what will be easier to build a long-term relationship.

To succeed with the micro-moments of Google you have to take into account these three premises:

It has to be present.

It must be useful

It must be fast.

 2.-  The visual prevails

Every time we become more lazy and what counts is immediacy. In this sense, videos with striking and striking images will have much more impact like assignment box. If you have not considered it, think seriously about including a video marketing strategy in your marketing plan next year.

Currently there are many brands that take advantage of social networks to upload news and video news. Videos that do not need to be very sophisticated or need a super production but whose images are consistent with what you want to convey, and with striking subtitles that allow, with headlines, to know what is happening.

It is important that videos can always be understood without having the speaker activated. Think that many times we see those videos on the mobile, and in public places (subways, buses, in the supermarket queue) and we will not always have a headset on hand to listen to them in privacy.

If your budget is more adjusted you can choose designs adapted to your corporate image or your visual identity to generate impact on the user / consumer.

The use of visual and interactive elements will favor that our message has greater scope and that our community wants to participate by commenting, giving like or sharing. In short, we will be much more likely to create viral content when the visual prevails.

I can assure you that the tendency to promote video content, provided it is of quality, will go in crescendo.

3.- Native ads

Currently there are many means by which we consume information: mobile phones, websites, computers, apps. This variety offers a wide range of possibilities for advertisers. On the other hand, advertising techniques to reach this viewer, many times over informed are also many, but not always effective.

In fact, by way of example, until relatively recently, banners were one of the main advertising formats online … But how effective are they? The reality is that most of them have a CTR less than 1%. These data, a bit catastrophic, have made brands look for other advertising formulas. One of them, are the native ads.

Native ads are those that are perfectly integrated into the content of the support that hosts it, avoiding annoying intrusive pop up, for example.

If the native ads are made by specialists, they should blend so well with the environment that consumers may not even detect it as advertising. Once again, the key is to show the information at the precise moment that a user is looking for it.

Why should we join the car of native ads … Well here are some reasons:

53% of people see more native ads than traditional ones.

Native ads are more than 50% higher in clicks than traditional ads

Native advertising can increase branding or brand image by 82%

There are different types of native ads but we’ll leave that for an upcoming blog post.

Do you still lack reasons to include native ads in your digital marketing strategy?

 4.-  Real-time answers

That’s the end of sending e-mails that, in many cases, are longer than the account to have an answer. Now online support through chat and social networks is almost a must of any brand.

The users value very much having a support in real time that can solve their doubts at the right moment in which they arise.

5.- Content remains the king

Without a doubt, we must continue to generate content, but not any type of content. It is important to be smart and personalized in the client. If we get consumers to associate the messages we send to brands, a personal link will be created that will encourage loyalty and, therefore, conversions maintained over time.

Therefore, you should consider as a goal to consider a content marketing strategy that offers a personalized experience in the consumer if you want to be successful with your brand.

It is important to keep in mind that creating content is not easy. And that this content is easy to remember, unique and personalized, complicates much more the task of creating that content. If you do not have time, no idea how to face a blank screen, do not hesitate and entrust this task to writing professionals.

What is a lead magnet and what is it used for?

Let’s start with the easy … define what a lead magnet is . A lead magnet is an attractive content that we make available to users in exchange for giving us their contact.

Using lead magnet is a very good formula when it comes to increasing our database and our list of subscribers.

To give you an idea, we are going to give data. Only 5% of the new visitors that come to our website will be prepared for the purchase, that is, they will execute it. Which means that 95% of visitors are not prepared to buy, but are in the research phase.

How to get sales, then? Generating trust and building a close relationship with prospects or potential clients.

And, precisely, to build that trust we use value content that gives the user the necessary push to convince him to execute the purchase.

It is here when the game comes into play the role of the lead magnet, with which we will try to capture the contact data of potential customers offering them in exchange a content that will add value and create a relationship of trust.

Lead magnet: a gift in exchange for your contact

Therefore, yes … in a nutshell, a lead magnet is a gift that we give to our blog, web or ecommerce visitors in exchange for their email or contact information.

Types of Lead Magnet

Well, now that we know that it is a lead magnet, we are going to see what options exist and what we can offer to the users of our website.

In principle, the gift of attraction can be anything you can think of that is related to your brand and that you are aware that your users demand.

Some lead magnet ideas that, depending on your products or services will be better or worse for your business, are:

  • Free coupons
  • Ebooks
  • Discount coupon
  • Online tools, type: calculators, budgets …
  • Webinars
  • Guides
  • Free trial or trial
  • Editable templates
  • Free courses
  • Exclusive content for subscribers
  • Check list
  • Exclusive offers

As you see the possibilities are many, you just have to think and come to the conclusion of what your client needs and get down to work.

Tip: If you want your lead magnet to report a significant sum of subscribers, it is important that what you offer resolves a specific problem and, of course, once the record of the lead the “gift” comes to your tray as soon as possible input or can be downloaded directly.

Essential features of a good lead magnet

There are several things that we must have clear when creating our first lead magnet, and that is:

Solve a real problem  What is our client looking for? Let’s give it Otherwise, there will be nothing to do. In other words … our “gift” has to offer a solution or help to our visitor. And besides, it has to be something easy.

Concrete . The more specific it is, the better our conversion will be since we will address our target audience.

Easy to assimilate . If you are going to offer guides or ebooks do not fall into the error of making them eternal and without concretion. Better go to something that is digestible, without going into a lot of detail, and that is visual.

Lead magnet = value . Take time to think about what is the best content.

Immediately . It must be accessible immediately once the conversion is made. It is the way to generate trust and satisfaction.

If in addition to a good lead magnet, the registration form is simple, that is, we ask for little data, you will see that your database will grow by leaps and bounds.

My advice is that whenever you can ask for the minimum, that is, name and email. From there each one must know what their specific needs are for their marketing strategies and which fields of the form are indispensable for them or not. But remember, do not be abusive.

Examples of Lead Magnet

Pop up

This is an example of lead magnet using content offered by pop up. In exchange for a simple registration, subscribers get a free class.

Banner on your website, blog or e-commerce.

In the sidebar, in the footer or in the header of your web you place a banner that when you click it redirects you to a registration form.

Lead magnet hidden in a blog article

This is very usual to find him. You enter quietly to read an article on X subject and you find yourself with a banner of something related …

In this specific case that I am going to exemplify, the article I was reading was about errors when designing the buyer people and suddenly, after the first paragraph you find this banner …

Almost in all probability you’re going to click … You’re interested in your reading … And this is what you find once you give it to LA QUIERO.

Types of lead magnet by content

There are several types of lead magnet but we are going to focus on three that are the most used:

Practical and useful. Without a doubt, they are the ones that are used the most and those that generate the best results. Within this epigraph are the editable templates, checklist, tips, work guides … That is, something that resolves the need of the visitor of our site.

Educational . The ebooks, the infographics, the webinars, the explanatory videos and the guides are clear examples of educational content. It is about offering more information about a specific topic. If you know how to handle it, it can be very valuable to make a potential client understand why you need your product or service.

Of entertainment. I refer to raffles, contests or games that have no purpose for the user rather than entertain him and generate the illusion of being able to win something.

In this case, the user participates with the illusion of winning an Iphone7 and the company keeps its data for future commercial actions.

Author bio: Eddie is a digital-media marketer and a content strategist at Essay Writing Service UK.

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