Do You Need to Use a Pinterest Bot?

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The traffic of social media, like in any other site with a tremendous number of users, is jammed with bots. That’s not a coincidence. The more people are using some platform, the more useful it is for marketing or advertising. Pinterest is exactly like that.

The more popularity the site gains, the more cases of using bots it usually entails. Not just because a bigger number of users raises the probability that one of them will use it. It’s the other way around. They constitute a good base for becoming either new customers of some brand or fans of someone who wants to popularize their content. And using bots is a better way to make use of such a base.

Now you are set for good guesswork about whether you need to use a bot on Pinterest. Well, what you need depends on what you want.

When to use a Pinterest bot?

If social media marketing is what you are planning to do on Pinterest, then you will not be as successful if you are not using bots. The same can be said about advertising your brand or any kind of product or service.

Bots are also helpful when you just want to put some ideas on notice irrespective of whether they are trade-related or about something entirely else.

Pinterest is an image-based social media. Considering that people soak up visual information faster than a textual one, it’s easier to attract attention with it, and it stays in the memory for a longer while, you must work fast to get through all this constant flow of different boards and pictures that are stealing the attention of your potential followers.

In other words, using a Pinterest bot is mostly useful when you seek more users’ attention. It’s particularly helpful when you have these goals:

  • Gathering and analyzing data from different users,
  • Building multiple business accounts,
  • Rapidly attracting more followers.

A Pinterest bot can both do tasks that correspond to these aims and help you improve your daily activities that are focused on achieving these goals.

What do Pinterest bots exactly do?

A Pinterest automation software can be invoked for social scraping and do all the tiresome work for you. You only need to analyze the data that your bots provide.

Using a bot for this purpose is like having a supplier for different parts and elements while having only to deal with constructing the final product that will be sold. In this case, you are constructing useful inferences about users’ buying decisions, behavioral patterns, and what trends will get them involved.

After some analysis, you can use these findings for the more purposeful improvement of your work on what you are selling.

Without bots, you would have to supply yourself with all the details that only then could be used to construct any meaningful information. That would take lots of time and require a significant effort to attentively collect all this data.

If you are not only scraping Pinterest, but you want to attract more followers and introduce them to your content, bots can partially do this for you. They can find your target audience and invite them to check and follow your boards. That might encourage the growth of your followers.

On the other hand, bots can help you improve your content by optimizing it for search engines and inserting certain keywords in your messages, comments, and any kind of textual input.

Adding automated moderation of your interactions with your followers, scheduled automatic pinning, following, and unfollowing, which bots can also maintain, your advertising can be improved and result in substantial growth of your success on Pinterest.

When Pinterest bots are useless?

If you are not interested in all aforementioned activities, that is, in using Pinterest for raising your fans’ base or for scraping, marketing, and advertising, you are in no need to use bots. Yet, even if you are doing things that are better done with bots, careless usage can end up making your bots useless, nonetheless.

One of the main things to consider before deciding to use a bot is to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to bypass all the restrictions and potential blocks that are used against users of this software.

Pinterest considers using bots an unauthorized advantage for their users that can also slow down the server for other users. These are the main reasons why bots are blocked on Pinterest, along with the fact that many users don’t want to deal with bots and wish to have more authentic interactions with other users and not with automated lifeless tools.

Proxies are the solution that can help here. They are intermediary servers that are used to work around such blocks by changing your IP address and masking the link between your different actions. That includes different deeds of your bots that normally share your IP address.

When your bots do different tasks and change their IP addresses from time to time, their enormous speed or otherwise suspicious activity can’t be identified, since there is no IP address under which all this activity is counted and seen as too extensive or too fast.

That also means that you can’t be thrown under the bus by your bots in the case of being caught. If one of your bots would still somehow be identified or blocked, you would not receive the same penalty because your IP address would differ and there would be no identifiable connection between you and your bots.


You need to use a Pinterest bot if you are willing to improve your marketing strategy and use it for your business success by automating your textual inputs, data gathering, and targeting certain audiences. It also is irreplaceable if you are building your accounts and wish to achieve greater amounts of followers. If none of that is among your priorities and you just use Pinterest for your personal matters without any further agenda, then there is no need for you to use a Pinterest bot.

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