DupliChecker: Best Free Plagiarism Detector Reviews 2022

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There are many online tools available on the internet that provides high-grade SEO and content tools but DupliChecker is a Plagiarism checker tool to find duplicate content. The article is scanned for duplicated content, sentences, phrases, or paragraphs that are similar to those on your website and directs you to external URLs that have the same information.

Why you need DupliChecker?

Duplichecker is one of the most famous and well-known free online plagiarism checkers. The tool works with all kinds of content no matter your content is short or long. There are hundreds of tools present on the internet that offer the same service within minutes. Duplichecker is totally free for checking the dupli content error, sentence check and more functions.

Features And Benefits Of Duplichecker.Com?

Billion of web page searches

This tool has the ability to check billions of web pages on the internet such as blogs, websites, short paragraph text existent. Once upload the content on this tool it will automatically scan the content and find out your content accuracy and how much plagiarism-free.

Different document formats

The tool allows you to upload different formats of documents including .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. It means that no matter what format you upload the content the tool works great.

Multiple Language

This feature allows you to check for plagiarism for free in many languages Like 日本語, Deutsche, 中文, Français, Português, Español, русский, Italiano, Indonesian, Turkish, Romanian, Malay, CZECH, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, Vietnamese.

Free to use

Other tools like Backlink checker, keyword position, website checker tool, image tool, password manager, grammar and punctuation checker, Backlink checker word counter, article rewrite tool, paraphrasing tool, image compressors, keyword research tool, SEO, and so many are free to use on this platform. If you create duplicate content then this tool checks the content with 100% accuracy.  

Compare Duplicate Content

If your content is duplicated found then you will see links to the URL of the websites that contain a similar passage anchored by “Compare”.

Accurate Results

It shows accurate results with percentages of the plagiarized and unique text so it’s a very good part of the tool.

Download and Share Reports

The tool gives the option to download PDF reports and Download Word reports for your content. Apart “Start New Search” to perform a plagiarism check free for new content.

Features of Dupli Checker

  • Easy to use and simple navigations
  • Supports multiple file formats like .tex, .txt, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf
  • There is no limitation of document formats
  • It allow to scan 50 plagiarism text in single day
  • It has a easiest process with a user-friendly interface.
  • Check domain age and statictsi checker.
  • It shows percentage of unique content and copied content
  • Tool is Developed using AI technology.
  • It Highlights grammar errors
  • It Provides deep scanning technology
  • Best plagiarism checker to catch the duplication.
  • It gives the 100% privacy
  • It Compares the content with millions of sources ;like article, blog, magazine etc.
  • Supported 7 different languages such as Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, and Arabic.
  • Download plagiarism report within few seconds.
  • It is Fully reliable plagiarism detection software.


  • The easiest process with a user-friendly interface. It is completely free to use
  • You will get the accurate report
  • You can upload the content any file format
  • It provides editing services to correct the phrase or sentence.


  • There are some ads so you can irritate.
  • With fewer words it not work well.
  • This tool not provide the exact results unless it is a pro account.

FAQ’s : Duplichecker

1) Is Duplichecker reliable?

Yes. It is one of the best plagiarism tools available online for free. You can use your content to check is it plagiarism free or not. You will get an accurate result.

2) How to use DupliChecker

  • Open duplichecker on your browser
  • Then you can see the box enter the text
  • You have the option to upload file in various format that includes the text upto 1000 words
  • Next, check in the box verifiying you’re a human not robot. 
  • After click on ‘Check Plagiarism’ and you will get the result with the percentage of unique content.

3) Can I use the Plagiarism for Multiple Times?

Yes, you can use online plagiarism checker free as many times as you want. There is no restriction for usage for any of the users.

4) Whar are the Duplichecker Alternatives

As we know that there are many plagiarisms tool available online but some of these are Grammarly, small SEO tool, plagiarism checker.co provides a good service to users with 100% accuracy and deep search report.

5) Is Duplichecker useful for students?

If you’re a student then, of course, you can use this tool without any problem. You can check your written assignment for plagirism

6) Is Duplichecker free?

Yes, Duplichecker is totally free of cost also if your content is more than 1000 words then you need to go for the pro version that starts from $10/m.

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