Effective WordPress SEO Plugins For 2021

by admin

Is your business website developed on the WordPress platform? If yes, then you might know that a good quality WordPress plugin is crucial for your website. With the WordPress framework, you may find SEO settings built-in to help your business site ranking on Google search engine result pages. 

However, it would be best to use plugins instead of built-in theme SEO features as you may lose those SEO settings while changing the theme. Here are the top effective WordPress SEO plugins to consider while implementing search engine optimisation strategies for business growth. Take a look. 

1. Premium SEO Pack

It is the best plugin that can handle SEO elements that other plugins don’t. It includes some strong foundational features like Google Analytics monitoring, sitemap generation, rich snippets, 404 checking, CSS, monitoring page speed, link building, and javascript minifying. Also, it provides you with details about your internal linking and images. 

2. WP Meta SEO

This plugin provides you meta information bulk editor, making it easy for you to perform optimisation across your business site at once. It results in saving you time. Here you can refer to the Adaptify website for in-depth information about website optimisation. Also, the WP Meta SEO plugin incorporates Google Search Console to make the keyword suggestion feature more reliable, and you can make informed decisions about keywords. 

3. W3 Total Cache

If the website has a good loading speed, then the chances of getting it ranked on Google search pages increases. W3 Total Cache WordPress SEO plugin is a must-have for improving website speed through minifying, caching, and CDN integrations. Also, it helps you decrease download times. 

4. Rankie

With Rankie plugin, you get more data to make correct SEO decisions. It also helps you track your Google rankings and creating powerful reports. Rankie is the plugin that provides data-driven information to help you make changes in your web pages. Even you can track your target keywords to analyse your SEO ongoing performance. 

5. Redirection

If you want to delete a not needed page, but Google prefers to be useful because of many backlinks and don’t want to lose, how will you delete your page? This question arises in everyone’s mind who has a WordPress website. With 301 redirection plugins, you can do that as it informs Google to look at another page. It is the most trusted plugin for WordPress. 

6. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Having a rich snippet allow your Google display search results to appear most attractively while increasing click-through rate. You can stand uniquely among your competitors with a rich snippet plugin. It implements schema coding like Events, Review, Article, more to compete for more of these snippets. 

7. MonsterInsights

Any SEO strategy is incomplete without tracking analytics and performance. Here a MonsterInsights WordPress SEO plugin comes into action. It brings Google Analytics to your WordPress dashboard while offering details on how to make corrections. Here you don’t have to use any code to install Google Analytics tracking script. Also, it provides you content report that shows which web pages on your website are visited maximum times by users. Overall, it makes Google Analytics process easy for you. 

8. SEOPress

After gaining knowledge about so many WordPress SEO plugins if you are confused about using all of them for your website, SEOPress offers an all-in-one package. From schemas, breadcrumbs, redirections, to sitemaps, all are included in this plugin. Even you can optimise your meta titles and descriptions. Also, you can submit your sitemap to Google’s index and check broken links. SEOPress allows all these features from your WordPress dashboard. 


Having a website, you hope that maximum customers will visit it. However, it is a bit challenging. To get organic website traffic, SEO is the best strategy to opt. And if your business site is based on the WordPress framework, then the plugins mentioned above can help you gain traffic to your site. Therefore, look at it and implement it in the best way. Here you can also take the help of a marketing agency or developer to install the WordPress SEO plugins. 

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