EHR Data Launches Social Media Campaign for Patient Data Ownership

On March 4, 2021, EHR Data announced the launch of EHR Data Wavemakers, an advocacy movement aiming to encourage, educate, support and empower individuals towards a future where patients can own their health data. The social media campaign invites people to share stories about their personal experiences in having a hard time retrieving, sharing and owning their medical records.

“We must get people fired up about owning their data so that they can be empowered to own their health. It’s going to take a groundswell of people demanding change—making waves—to change the tides on data ownership and access,” Tracy Hill, EHR Data EVP, said in a press release.

EHR Data believes that a global database wherein individuals can control their personal health information is key to better and healthier lives. At present, health records are stored in data silos of various institutions that makes it difficult for people outside to gain access to that data. For instance, a patient has to put in a formal request for medical history to be obtained when transferring hospitals.

EHR Data’s goal is to create a global and immutable healthcare database built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain that provides real-time access to all stakeholders in the healthcare industry—from clinics and hospitals to pharmacies and even insurance companies. By giving back ownership of health data to the patients, they are empowered to gain control of their personal medical records, while at the same time providing healthcare researchers and stakeholders real-time access to broader and more detailed data. Learn more about epic consultants

By making use of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, which offers an economically incentivized system that can handle massive amounts of data at a low cost—such as what is needed for a global healthcare database to be operational—EHR Data not only supports individual ownership of patient records but also provides a great opportunity for disparate healthcare systems to forge bonds and show that interoperability is possible.

“Times are changing, and a greater focus is being placed on interoperability and the patients’ absolute right to increased access to their health data. We will spearhead and shepherd this process; it’s high time that there was a centralized location for healthcare data, controlled and permissioned by the patient that they and their team of providers can access at any time,” Ron Austring, EHR Data’s Chief Scientist, explained.

This is why the EHR Data Wavemakers movement is creating awareness and driving the community and social media to put a spotlight on health data ownership through the digital campaign “My EHR Story.” Everyone is encouraged to share their stories about how their lives were affected due to a healthcare data failure or miscommunication using #myEHRstory on social media. Change is needed, especially in today’s world being hindered by a pandemic.

To learn more about EHR Data Wavemakers and how to share your story, visit

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