Fix: error code i2501 on Final Fantasy XIV

Are you a game lover? If so then you’re familiar with error code i2501 when processing a payment on the gaming platform Square Enix. This error is an indication of wrong payment information or a suspicious transaction from an unknown source being identified by the issuer of credit cards.

The error message ‘i2501’ has been around for a long time and the moderators will move the message to the ‘separate support’ tab when they approach the respective forums, since the case for each user differs in payment forms. There are also reports that the support team has not been responding to this problem for weeks.

Turn off VPN or Proxy

  • Got to Start 
  • Then click on Settings 
  • Select Network &  Internet.

The use of a VPN or proxy provides additional functionality, security or confidentiality layers. However, certain service providers, in particular banking institutions, for reasons of transparency reject private connections requiring full access to the Internet.

Turn off ad blockers

In general ad blockers do not interfere with payment platforms. Nevertheless, some users said that their ad blocking extension was switched on and waited for a few hours before making another payment attempt.

Make payment via a mobile device

The browser on your mobile phone is another solution for successful payment without error code ‘i2501.’ This makes no sense, but in some cases, since the payment and IP details are the same.

Contact support

If above solution not working for you then last you can contact support

The dedicated support of Square Enix is the final step, as its answer time is not as fast as expected. For weeks, customers complained of not receiving a reply. Some tried using the chat option to contact the support team, This is an alternative way of paying for the web the success rate is not very high but worth trying.

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