Essential Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Creating your website on WordPress does not only assure about the speed and convenience but it helps users in getting access to some of the most beneficial WordPress plugins. From SEO to Content, the list of WordPress plugins goes on and on. Marketers spend hours searching for the best ones and bring optimum results by accelerating the overall performance of websites.

Where other marketing techniques are helpful, content enjoys a prime position being the most important branch of digital marketing. Content is a technique that influences almost every other branches of marketing. You cannot run a social media campaign without relying on the content, same goes for PPC and SEO campaigns. Its content that regulates revolves and formulates the strategies making the campaign work and produce desired outcomes.

Hence, confessing about the great benefits and role of content marketing in bringing your website among the top searches, here is a list of some of the most promising WordPress plugins that you must have in 2019.

Edit Flow

Edit Flow provides users with custom status, editorial comments, calendar, and many more features to add efficiency in collaborating with other team members. It’s not a plugin just to add a mere meta tag on your website but you can do a lot more than that. It helps in optimizing content for your website and in managing posts and other content related activities skillfully. The best part is that a comprehensive tutorial and guide is provided on WordPress to help you out with using the plugin.


MonsterInsights is basically a plugin that helps its users in keeping a track about their website and its online performance. It is regarded as by far the best Google Analytics plugin. It provides you latest insights about how your website is performing including data related to content. You can get to which post is gaining much attention and what is needed more to optimize. The effectiveness of its features makes it easier for marketers to create a professional content strategy that can provide result driven approaches.


SEMRush is one of the top choices of expert SEO professional due to its flexibility and level of efficiency. It helps users to accumulate appropriate analytics and in carrying out extensive competitor research. You can utilize the tool to get hands of highly efficient keywords to craft a leading marketing strategy. The SEMRush plugins are beneficial for helping users in backlink creation, advertising strategy, and keyword planning.


Canva is the most creative WordPress plugin. It lets a user create a fascinating Facebook post, Instagram pictures, covers, edit images, business proposal, and even infographics. It is the best tool to unleash your creative side and fill brilliance and appeal in your marketing campaign. You do not have to go anywhere, you just simply sign up and start making. From accessing huge galleries of icons to utilizing editing brushes and options, the tool is interactive for users who want to create an engaging post.


Grammarly is the right tool for those crazy writers who do not have time to take a look back at the word they just typed. It is an utterly professional tool that helps its users in fixing every grammatical and writing issue. You can form engaging sentence structures, enhance the effectiveness and can make a content sound utterly professional. The premium version of the tool can guide you about even greater aspects of your content. It can tell you about how much readable your content is or not. Moreover, in the Wikipedia Page writing services a user refer to first checking his content on this tool before forwarding it to get reviewed by the official editors.

The biggest problem that many marketers have been facing for years is the poor loading speed of their website that creates a negative impact on the overall performance and Google ranking. The major reason is the use of huge images as they take the longest time to get fully viewed. Therefore, the plugin is here to help you out with the problem. You can easily get your images reduced in sizes and being SEO optimized to get uploaded effectively. Now there will no longer be any delays and the image will show in its best form.


Do you want to peek into other’s performance to see how they are performing and to keep an eye on their performance? Well, for all those curious minds who are always on the watch out for better tricks and more insights of their rivals, here is the perfect tool for you. This WordPress plugin will let you have proper and deep insights of your competitors to plan a potential come back.

The plugin is equipped with a keyword explorer and a content research tool. These two aspects fill you up with the required information to take a leap to a huge success. You can turn into a powerful crawler for best techniques just by having the plugin in your armor.


IFTTT is a renowned web tool that provides a medium to upload your WordPress post on any social media platform. It is easy to use and provide assistance in uploading your creativity to anywhere you like without wasting any time. Many marketers create a strategy to upload a post on all of the profiles to form a sense of uniformity. So, if you want to do the same you can try it easily using this efficient tool.

Wrapping Up

The list of WordPress plugins is pretty huge as the platform is equipped with the most amazing tools and plugins. Moreover, you can find assistance for any task you want, you just need to keep looking for better and more advanced plugins for your website. In each of the one list above, you will get satisfied to find positive feedback from users. You will be able to bring your company to the limelight and enjoy outbound success.

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