Examples of Actionable Data-Driven Marketing That You Can Apply

Every entrepreneur or marketer has probably experienced a surge in the amount of data they have to handle every day. Fortunately, the data can be used to the advantage of the company to make decisions in various departments, especially marketing. The use of appropriate tools and techniques to manage the data is needed.

Data-driven marketing has become very popular these days, but many organizations are yet to know real examples of actionable data-driven marketing. Fortunately, this article will highlight some of the important ones so that you can borrow them. Read on to learn more.

Google Analytics to Understand Web User Behavior

Google has always been at the forefront to help businesses in achieving their digital marketing goals either for free or affordably. Google analytics tool is used by both small and large businesses to gather web user data and understand their trends and habits.

Once you install it to track your website, you will get incredible results of the user activities. This is then used to make your website more user-friendly, improve the product, and target the right market segment in the right way. Eventually, your business becomes more profitable.

Data-Driven Email Marketing

People heavily use their emails on a daily basis. Businesses take advantage of this to advertise their products to customers. Data-driven email marketing takes everything to another level. Various data management tools collect customer data and this is used to learn their preferences, buying trends, concerns, and complaints.

Hence, marketers can send them personalized emails addressing these issues while also informing them of new products, improvements on existing products, discounts, and promotions that are available. Sometimes, it is as simple as saying ‘thank you’ for supporting the business.

Data-Driven Prospecting and Conversion

Every business that prospects correctly is headed in the direction of immense growth. Looking for prospects is not easy but data can lead you to the right ones. Big organizations even use external databases to look for potential customers and try to reach out to them in the right way. Data analytics tools categorize them depending on factors such as gender, age, preferences, and other factors so that different approaches are used.

On top of prospecting, conversion is crucial. Through data-driven marketing, converting as many prospects as possible is very easy. Just so you know, this step differentiates between businesses that are growing fast and those that stagnate in one place.

Boosting Online Business Through Customer Feedback

According to data driven marketing companies, collecting customer feedback through data management apps, website feedback forms, and social media platforms should be compulsory in modern business setups. This helps marketers and business owners to understand the concerns affecting the customers in relation to products and services, and thereby improve them.

Listening to customers should be a priority in any business. Any feedback platform should remain open and monitored. That is why many businesses even have someone on standby to respond to customers before the data can be collected, analyzed, and decisions made.

Using Social Media Insights to Understand Buyers Traits

Social media is different from any other online accounts that people have. The majority of web users are on social media and they regularly leave footprints of their traits. From these platforms, data-driven marketing companies can collect users’ preferences on products such as holiday destinations, fashion trends, sports, and foods and drinks. This information will help your business and others when trying to understand the current market trends and making marketing strategies.


Apart from these five examples of actionable data-driven marketing, there are many others and it is very important that you learn and implement one or few that suit you. The implementation is simple when you know the right tools to use.

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