Five Great Ways to Enjoy a Digital Downtime

The mind cannot actually work for a series of continuous hours. Machines will always have that power over us because our strength is not inconsistent, longstanding work but instead in creative genius. It is probably for this reason that experts left, right, and center all agree that to promote productive work, you need to take regular breaks. The brain needs time to not just rest, but to be actively exciting about something else to just put a wrench in cognitive fatigue.

Reward yourself with an actual break, and you can get back to work refreshed and ready to problem solve. It can be hard to properly transport your mind away at the office, but with a phone or tablet, you have five great choices at your disposal:

1.    Enjoy Some Heart-Thumping Action

Online games are a great way to capture your attention and get your mind off of your work for a few minutes. You have plenty of free arcade games you can enjoy on your break, or if you want to up the stakes and are responsible in the process, you can check out live casino games for a great alternative that will be sure to capture your attention and thrill you throughout the experience.

2.    Read a Book

With eBooks and audiobooks, you have your pick of options without the bulk of a book in your bag—the type of book you choose, however, matters a lot. Ideally, you will want that is fast-paced and, most importantly, has short chapters so you can make progress and stop at a natural pause in the story. This way, you can get sucked in without having your mind distracted by the what-ifs and what happens next. Those books can actually prove to be distracting, so be careful with the type of novel you choose. If you are unsure, try a book of short stories instead.

3.    Create a Playlist of Break-Friendly Videos

YouTube and other video content sites have plenty of great content, but they are also designed to suck you in, so you watch more than you intend to. You can beat this vortex by creating a playlist of your own videos that are five minutes or less just so you can enjoy a short breather that ends before your break does.

4.    Do Something with Your Hands (and Enjoy Meditative Music)

If you type a lot in the day, then a good idea is to do something else with your hands. This could be as simple as doodling all the way to knitting, depending on what you enjoy and what you are comfortable with. Though not digital focus, you will want to have a great, relaxing playlist of relaxing music to accompany your hobby. Adding relaxing music to the process allows you to enjoy this hands-on activity like a form of meditation. 

5.    Get a Meditation App

If you really enjoy the meditative process, there are a variety of calming apps available that help encourage you to do a series of relaxing activities to give your body the time to calm down and flush out the stress hormones from your body. You will be surprised how powerful just deep breathing exercises can be, and with your choice of a meditation app, you can enjoy that power at your desk and on your breaks.

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